ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Customer Spotlight: Northside Family Pharmacy

there are so many things that keep me motivated to come in here and go to work me and my staff all love what we do we love pharmacy and we love our patients and I think when you enable your staff to make a change in somebody's life it's the essential of human happiness is to make somebody else happy you know I worked my whole life to be a pharmacist I knew this is what I wanted to do from eleventh grade on and what I discovered is that my passion was to work with the patient I can't tell you how many nights I came home after working a 12-hour shift as a pharmacist in a retail setting I came home in tears because it was all about the numbers I didn't have time to talk to my patients I was just filling prescriptions as hard as I can and nobody saw that there's things that I could really change it I could really help people if I didn't I wasn't so number pushed so Robby's the person that probably really pushed us into want to own our own independent retail pharmacy so we did it we started a business a pharmacy for home $150,000 we thought we were ready we could do all this and quick to find out six months later that we did it another hundred fifty thousand dollars so we got our local banks and we oh yeah they'd be glad to do it with some co-signers it happened and we open the second pharmacy and the whole time we feel like that we're doing everything right we listened and we were in our books we knew where we were and how much money I made each day and how much I lost each day and how many claims we're not getting paid when they should but I won't putting any money in the bank all sort after 12 years I figured out the problem along with lava helping me there were some things that had to be done personally and financially in my business that they made me aware that I need to take care of before greater things can happen and so we got those things done I listen and I get a call from all three that were involved with the project to let me know that I had been approved and it was a spiritual moment not everybody not knowing where I had been in my life and how long had it taken to get to that one phone call is beyond since we got the funding we felt like that we had been released from prison now we're doing in teams medication therapy management we're asking people what time of day they take their medicine we're making compliance packs that guide them every day so they take their medicine on time and we do that at no charge and we are just working the busting that seams with people who want some of that who want to make their lives better I would definitely recommend Live Oak if you you need a bank that understands pharmacy because a lot of banks don't they loan me the money and now they want to know what I'm doing every hundred days to six months not to keep their eyes on me but to be my partner so now I have a partner in business and that partners live you

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