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Curvy girl fitness routine | A fun core workout for beginner women at home with no equipment

hey guys did you miss me Chantsy here
thanks for joining me today I have not forgotten about you I have been on
holidays and just taking it easy but finally I have some time to prepare
a video so I’m so glad that you can join me on today’s video I’m gonna talk about
a new core /ab workout that I’ve been doing it’s a full body workout and it
needs no equipment you don’t have to do it at the gym although I did record the
segments at the gym I do them with my personal trainer and they’re super fun
and challenging you can also tailor it to your capabilities and then just keep
pushing harder as you get better and better at it so I have two little
workouts that I’m doing it’s like a little 15-minute workout I’m focusing
right now on my core and you’ll see it in my videos I am struggling to get up
there I hope you guys like this it is a very vulnerable video for me you can see
all my Chubby’s thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this I just hope that
it inspires you to get out there and to get fit I do see a personal trainer so
everything that I’m doing is adjusted to me so of course if you have back pain or
any kind of abdominal issues you know do your own due diligence and get the right
experts to help you but I just wanted to share part of my workout journey with
you guys so I hope this helps enjoy and we’ll see you later so what did you guys think is it
something that you would do some of the moves are pretty tough I have to say by
the end of it as you saw is getting harder and harder for me to keep going
or to like come back up and all that kind of stuff but it was a full body
workout I assure you again what’s really
interesting with all these moves is that it’s that fluidity and moving from one
position to the next without sort of having those choppy moments so the more
fluid you can beat while doing those movements I feel like that’s what’s
gonna get you stronger and tighter you want to be tighter that’s my goal
anyways so anyways let me know is this something that you guys can do do you
have the space at home does it seem feasible and what are your
favorite workouts something that I should be trying please leave your
comments down below and make sure to subscribe like the video and of course
share it with your friends I am growing my channel and I appreciate every single
thing that happens to this video because YouTube is making it really really hard
to grow and to get anywhere not blaming them I just really really need to count
on my people who are watching these videos and also thank you to Tina from
health style consulting she has been the best I have seen her for the last three
years and she has gotten me to the fittest that I’ve ever been I’m not
skinny but I’m super fit and strong so thank you so much and Tina namaste you
are the best thanks guys for watching bye

4 thoughts on “Curvy girl fitness routine | A fun core workout for beginner women at home with no equipment

  1. Great video Chantsy! Thanks for keeping it real for all of us who aren’t a size 2. This definitely looks like something we can all do at home or while traveling .

  2. Thank you for sharing! I can completely relate to you as I am just starting my fitness journey and motivating myself to workout has been quite hard! So I've actually found videos on Youtube (PopSugar Fitness) and will add yours to the mix 🙂

  3. You are amazing and love!  When you are most vulnerable and raw, change is possible.  First step is your mindset and quieting our inner critic who will always keep us stuck in the past or thinking about the future.  Be in the moment, be the best version of U!

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