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Convertible Top Care and Cleaning | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Your vehicle may be equipped with a
convertible top that requires special care to keep it looking great all year long. Let me explain. First, keep in mind that
convertible top fabric does not promote mildew growth itself. Mildew may develop on dirt or
other foreign substances if not removed. So keeping the fabric clean through
regular washings will enhance the life and beauty of the top material. When washing vehicles
with cloth top roofs. Start by vacuuming with a soft
bristle brush attachment and be sure to use a non detergent soap. Scrub gently in a circular pattern using
a terrycloth towel or soft bristle brush. More specifically horse hair or
soft nylon. Do not use stiff bristle brushes or any abrasive materials or
cleaners as they can damage the fabric. When finished, rinse thoroughly
removing all soap residues. Allow the top to air dry completely
before folding it otherwise, mold or mildew may develop and
discolor the cloth material. To clean away lint debris like cottonwood,
use a standard clothes lint roller or a vacuum attachment with
a soft bristle brush. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

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