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27 thoughts on “Controlling Grubs in Your Lawn — Expert Lawn Care Tips

  1. I have a lawn i'm trying to diagnose like this, but it seems the damage is concentrated on the st Augustine, but avoids all other types of grass and weeds.

  2. I don't know if the yellow grass is from my dogs or from grub. I have tru green doing my lawn? Help!!!

  3. Do MOLES like to eat these grubs? I have seen mole burrows/tunnels in my yard in the last 2 weeks (started around the end of September). Can I still treat or is it too late? Thank you!

  4. FYI, if you ever use a chemical on grubs in your grass, be aware that this method will force the grubs up to the surface of the ground by the hundreds depending on the infestation. Here is the BE AWARE part. The GRUBS will attract SKUNKS, of course this will happen only at night when the skunks are feeding. So the TIP OF THE DAY is . . pick up the GRUBS before night fall if you don't want skunks roaming your property. I had this Grandpa of a skunk the size of a DOG munching on all the GRUBS until they were all gone and this took place several nights in a row.

  5. Love how to pull back the turf and show the grub. Then put it back in the ground and cover it up so it stays nice and warm. Very thoughtful of you.

  6. I made a 2 min video on How to Get Rid of Grubs. Basically you can use Milky Spores or Corn Meal. Here is the video, hope you like the video and subscribe if you do 🙂

  7. that's so cool, most videos do one thing in common. leave out what the title implies it's going to give. the title here could be how to find crubs and then figure out what you're going to do.

  8. my grass is really dead because of these grubs, i already applied insecticide, do you really think my grass will still grow back?btw great video.thanks

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