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Comic Relief for Medicine | Art and Healing

[MUSIC] So when we think of comics, we often think of humorous
subject matter, but comics in medicine in
particular really investigates. Comics that involve very
personal perceptions of illness, personal illness stories. Because comics are such a unique
combination of words and sequential, still imagery,
they’re especially adept at portraying very serious hard
to talk about subject matter, that would be very
difficult to read about, or difficult to watch as
an animation or a movie. You can really get in to
the personal perceptions of illness in a very
meaningful way. A lot of these comics are made
by patients themselves and that’s why they do such an
incredible job of destigmatizing illness because we’re able
to bond with the patient’s experience and understand
what they went through. Often times you’ll
meet with a doctor and a lot of what they’ll say
will go right over your head. And that even happens to me when
I’m meeting with a physician even though I’m familiar with
the medical terminology. A comic can actually help fill
those gaps by offering something interesting to take home that’s
not simply just a block of text. It’s a story and a narrative to help you really
understand the information. Comics in medicine as a movement
really started around 2010, when doctor Ian Williams
decided to start putting together the first
conference of this kind that examines the intersection
between comics and medicine. And as part of this movement,
we decided to hold a conference this year, it’s the
fifth conference of its kind, called the Comics and
Medicine Conference. Our attendees came from
all over the world. We had people from India,
China, Singapore, the UK, and this really confirmed for us
that this is a global movement. Ultimately, it’s incredibly
important that patients understand the decisions
that they have to make for their own healthcare. And so anything that we can
add to the doctor patient communication process
to help with that, whether it be comics or videos
is incredibly important to me. [MUSIC]

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