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100 thoughts on “Clinic of Horrors! Cure for Happiness.

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  2. And within the first week of being open they were shut down because there were better ways of curing constant happiness

  3. Merry, where does this stuff even come from?

    Whatever you're on when you write this stuff, I want a share of the supply.

  4. Clinic of Horrors kind of gives Melanie Martinez vibes. All pastel and light colored while creepy and disturbing at the same time. I like it!

  5. Just chug every bottle of medicine in the medicine cabinet and chase it with a bottle of whisky, you’ll get rid of your happiness real fast

  6. its actually the opposite, depression and suicidal thoughts are actually more common among the middle class and the rich. crime on the other hand is more common among the poor.

  7. Finally a cure for that terrible disease dude I wish depression plan Square it really we're a thing !!!!! No seriously a science needs to freaking make those I hate that happy s*** !!

  8. 1:39 so the injection is more expensive than the stop-brain-screaming pills, as those pills are at the same price but had tax included

  9. Why was the doctor was so happy when he said “those plants grow on depress people live” on the last video after the beach one

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