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100 thoughts on “Clinic of Horrors [ Comic Dub ]

  1. Follow the awesome VA's that
    helped out with this project!

  2. What's happening
    What's going on
    Why is she so cute
    Is everything okay?

  3. This is my first time on this kind of things and I love thiss oneee!! I think cosplaying Bianca will be great for cosplayers like her details are just amazing!!! Love this one 💕

  4. < The doctor is hot. The nurse is too. I like both, how 'bout you?
    \ The doctor doesn't work, and the nurse scares me. I rather live in FNAF, at the bite of '83.
    < Don't be that way, after all it's a comic video. Besides, I'd rather you be, my tsundere Romeo~
    \ Says you, a yandere in disguise. Why should I think they're cool, when that's believing your lies?

    [ the heck? an argument on whether the doctor and/or nurse are hot? ]

  5. These two look so nice together, alone they would just be ‘meh’ but together they are ‘hell yeah im watching this!’

  6. This is what happens when the scp foundation gets absorbed into the world. Speaking of
    Dr. BRIGHT
    I THINK NOT!!!

  7. 0:42 nice leggings, shame they’re being worn by what looks like a possibly psychotic nurse who’s dead inside.

  8. Well most of the medicines they give are extremely expensive. In my country everybody under 18 gets healthcare for free and people over 18 pays very little for their medicines but in exchange every body has to pay higher taxes

  9. Guy in pain: 'screames his lungs out'
    Me: 'horrorfied'
    Doc: 'i think he wants us to remove his pain'
    Me: 'OBVIOUSLY!! No s+#+8 sherlock'

  10. Would you rather live in a world with scary diseases and scary reasons to go to the doctor that has good cures?

    Or would you rather live in a world with normal diseases and normal reason to go to the doctor, but the doctor most likely will turn you into a monster to fix the problem?

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