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2 thoughts on “Cleveland Clinic: State of the Clinic 2019

  1. watch out for the cleveland clinic ripping you off,,i went to cleveland clinic urgent care center in bainbridge ohio,which would have cost me about 200.00 dollars, they told me that i had to go to the emergency room in twinsburgh hospital right away to get surgery right away.but the emergency room did not treat me and said it was not an emergency and told me to make a appointment with my regular doctor and see a specialist,so instead of paying 200.00 dollars ,i ended up paying over 1500.00 dollars ,because the the urgent care center con me into going to the emergency room so they could make more money off me.i called cleveland clinic in cleveland and told them what happened and they said they dont give a dam and still have to pay the 1500.00 even though their urgent care center error by sending me to the emergency room and if i didnt pay they would sue me for the money,nothing but a con game to make more money

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