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Classical Homeopathy Can rescue a CKD patient from Dialysis

Yes, but depends on several factors Doc: how long has without Dialysis Patient: nearly 2 and 3/4 months Doc: you mean, not going to dialysis for 2 and 3/4 months? Patient: yes His temporary dialysis has been done from neck vein. AV fistula has been made in his left arm for permanent dialysis but failed see his face – how he has been fed up from dialysis Patient: yesterday I went for dialysis Doc: two dialysis per week? Patient: yes He is requesting to stop the dialysis procedure, he has been exhausted Patient: please try to save me anyhow wife: he is in trouble, he became more sick yesterday after dialysis he is saying that his S.creatinine was 4 in last days Doc: it come down to 3.3. And he has not been going to dialysis for last 2 months he was scheduled two dialysis per week, now he is not going for dialysis since last 2 months .. still he is getting better reports. He got his Jugular (catheter in the neck) out. Doc: After removing Jugular last week … he got better reports last day. He is not going to dialysis for 2 1/2 months because he is getting better reports day by day. his last visit surprised me and my subordinate doctors
he was looking absolutly fit and healthy Again he comes with some good reports His U/S had already reported very good Improvement in his kidneys even when his creatinine was 5.62 we don’t want to take any risk, he had seen creatinine level 12 even during dialysis so he is advised to remain under observations of his nephrologist.

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  1. Despicable con-man! A dialysis patient cannot survive without dialysis.You should be locked up for the safety of the public!

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