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ChooseVA – Mental Health

– I started coming to
the VA nine years ago. I was really in a bad way. I was angry. I was suicidal. I was even abusive. Through their program, I’ve become a much
better person. – We’ve certainly seen,
really mental health take, a kind of a primary
mission point for the VA. – We offer the highest
quality of care here. We have made leaps and bounds
in terms of open access, walk-in clinics,
treatment on demand. The VA is unparalleled
in terms of the services that it can provide to veterans. – Telehealth is one of the VA’s major transformational
initiatives. A lot of our patients are living in rural areas, remote areas. I have lots of veterans
who were truck drivers and so driving is a big
part of their trigger. So now they don’t have to travel and we can connect
virtually anywhere. – A civilian facility,
you’re more of a number. You’re more of a dollar sign. In here, where they
focus on veterans, It almost feels like home. – People who’ve
suffered a great deal, they sometimes feel
like they’ve reached their suffering quota and they’d like to not
have any more pain. That’s not really what being
a human being is all about. We seem to be designed to
endure a great deal of pain, otherwise we still
wouldn’t exist. We’re just not designed
to endure it alone. – I’m a mental
health provider now and I don’t know
what I would say if I had a patient like me. It took a long
time, but I think, actually, the first
inkling of trust was when Doctor
Mick pulled me in for our very first
individual session. She was willing to just sit
back and hear what I had to say. That’s all I needed right then. – The first thing
to do as a clinician is just to be with that
person, in that place, and acknowledge their pain. That kind of presence
sends a message. I am here for you and I’m here
for you even if we’re going to sit here an hour and
you’re not gonna say a thing. That’s just fine. Come back and see me again
and we’ll do the same thing. – The people with
PTSD aren’t crazy. They’re having a normal
reaction to a crazy experience. VA providers are some
of the best trained PTSD and trauma providers
is the world. And I think the more
we kind of have learned and understood PTSD,
it’s really become one of the most treatable conditions
we have in mental health. – So, Mr. Quinones
is a Vietnam veteran. When we first met, I
did think to myself, this is probably one
of the most challenging PTSD veterans I have
ever come across. But I also knew that the
therapies we were offering could work for him. – Dr. Galan’s helped me so much that I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that
there’s a human being alive that can do for me what she did. If she wouldn’t have intervened, I believe I would’ve
committed suicide. I know I would’ve. – We have approximately
20 veterans a day who are dying by suicide Of that 20, six of
them are connected with mental health services
here at the VA, 14 are not. We want to be able
to find the veterans who are not connected, so we
can help reduce that number, because any number
over zero is too high. – We always talk about
our staff being dedicated, right, you hear that everywhere, but these folks are
dedicated in a different way. A lot of them come
from veteran families, they are veterans, their
grandfather was a veteran. It’s more than
dedication, it’s family. – So, now I currently
work for the VA. Everyone I work
with is a veteran. I love that, because
I think so much of what most service members
miss, is that camaraderie, that sense of family, that
brotherhood and sisterhood that you can’t
find anywhere else. – We want to take
care of everybody and we want our veterans to
know we’re proud of them. The VA is a place where they
can be a part of a family and I say this to them, things can be better than you
can even imagine right now. There’s no reason for
you to believe that, you don’t have to believe
it, I’ll believe it for you, but you wait and see. (calming triumphant music)

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