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Changing Waistlines, Changing Lives | LifeShape Clinic

Here at LifeShape Clinic our
world-class weight loss model has helped over ten thousand Australians achieve
happier healthier lives. Our highly experienced medical team provides every
client with the best possible help to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
for life. Our clinic is a warm welcoming environment where our clients feel
comfortable talking with our friendly and supportive staff. Our expert team of
dietitians exercise physiologists psychologists and doctors work together
to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Weekly, face-to-face consultations
keep you on track, accountable, and help you feel supported throughout your
entire journey. Our programs achieve fantastic long-term results because we
develop effective strategies one on one to ensure you have all the pieces you
need to complete your weight-loss puzzle. Your exercise physiologist shows you the
right exercise intensity to lose body fat and improve your overall health and
fitness. Going beyond the scales, we utilize the
best available technology to precisely map clients body composition changes to
accurately guide them to a healthy weight. We have pulled together some of
the best resources in the country to help you achieve success and greatly
improve your health and quality of life. The best way to find out how a LifeShape program could change your life is to book a no-obligation assessment on
1800 567 348.

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