ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Changing Care Exchange Workshop: A photo essay

(upbeat instrumental music) – [Michael] I was honoured
to work with a number of the members of the Change
Foundation back in the fall, and they heard me speak a little bit about what it’s like to make
change and make improvements, and also what it’s like to sustain change in large health systems. They thought it might be
valuable for me to share some of the experiences
that we’ve had with our team with the teams here in Toronto. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Christine] I think culture change obviously takes a long time. When we first developed our strategic initiatives back in 2016, we talked about improving
the patient experience. Corporately, we’re at a point right now where we would not leave it at that. Where we would say improving the patient and the caregiver experience. – [Anne] I think we’ve
always struggled with having all the processes
in place to make sure that the patient has a
successful transition. We were leaving out the
component of the caregiver, so now when we include the caregiver in those discussions, it’s
a whole different plan. So the culture of the
organization is our physicians, and our staff are learning that they can be more successful
in helping patients transition home because they’re having more intentional conversations. – [Roy] The co-designed events have certainly been a highlight. We see the power and the
value of the family caregiver voice along with the
providers there together, and what that product then becomes. – [Marilyn] The biggest highlight has been the co-design method. I didn’t know anything about it, and it’s just been amazing
to bring the providers and the caregivers together to design solutions that work for everyone. – [Anne] Caregivers feel
that they’ve been forgotten and they’re lost out there. When we spread this Time to Talk tool, they’re gonna realize that
they’re part of the team, and that’s what I’m hoping for, that that’s just the way we do business. – [Roy] It’s been great to have the Change Foundation investment to help us accelerate this
work in the organization. But we need and will have this become just part of the fabric
of how we do our work now. – [Mike] The big, hairy,
audacious goal that I have, right, is that every health care provider, whether it’s a hospital,
primary care, secondary care, or community care, that
this is the way they treat and involve not only patients, but their caregivers involved. And in a perfect world,
everywhere across the country, not just Ontario, this becomes
the way of doing things. – [Leisa] It’s improving
just based on the fact that now caregivers are involved. They’re involved; they
feel a part of the process. We’re part of the change. But we’re also part of
the decision-making. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Mike] We are now, you know,
collectively, as a group, we’re constantly being
considered in the process. To me, that wasn’t the
case five years ago, but I have a lot of
faith and a lot of trust and a lot of belief that, going forward, it will be the case.

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