ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Center for Nursing and Health Sciences

For the past 50 years, St. Louis
Community College has offered education and training to those seeking careers in
the health professions. The new Center for Nursing and Health Sciences is our
commitment to continue to meet the growing need for health care
professionals in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. One, two, three! [cheering and clapping] Students can come to
the best health care facility in the St. Louis area. I’ve never seen the level of
technology and equipment anywhere and health care educational setting like we
have right here in St. Louis at St. Louis Community College. This creates a
new front door to the Forest Park campus that we’re very, very excited about. It
also sets the stage for what the campus will look like in decades to come and
the types of buildings that we’ll put on this campus in the future. We’re really
excited about what this building means and have high hopes for what it’ll mean
for St. Louis Community College going forward. Good morning, everyone! We did it! [clapping and cheering] The building process went near
perfection. I’ve been involved in other building projects throughout my career; I
was stunned when I saw the project timetable that they would have this
building completed in 17 months. They stayed on schedule, they stayed in budget,
I think the building turned out absolutely gorgeous. We do not have one
structural issue or aesthetic issue that we have been able to find to date. Tarlton
and the contractors they used did an absolutely awesome job in putting this
building together. We have around ten programs at the Forest Park campus –
certainly our students in nursing may be the best known program that we have, but
we also have a lot of additional programs like surgical technology, dental
hygienists, dental assisting, paramedic, radiology, sonography – all the programs
that we have here are really high demand by the area health care providers. Nursing
has almost a 20% vacancy rate just in St. Louis County. So there’s just a
tremendous need for every student that’s in this program and preparing for career,
to get a job right away and get into a high-wage situation. Currently, the
building can hold about a thousand students. When the fourth floor’s completed,
it’ll be able to hold 1,300. Students are practicing in real-life operating rooms,
dental hygienist clinics; the simulation labs are just like the hospitals or the
spaces that they’ll be going to work in, in the health care industry. So,
the students cannot find a better experience than they can right here at St.
Louis Community College and the programs that we offer in this building. The
building is just incredibly needed by the St. Louis community. We have
workforce shortages in every program that we offer
in here. This is going to be a beacon of hope for a lot of our area hospitals and
health care providers going forward.

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