ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy


what's the most rewarding part so far well you know what's up what's up guess where I'm at right now Marbella be dead right now but it is closed for

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i have to give our saint bernard meds for his skin infection

that's me that's like their twenties old to Wednesday morning I gotta give these three pills to him these are his antibiotics and he's got prednisone in there as well

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T.i.d. (on prescription) – Medical Meaning and Pronunciation

PID on prescription tid on prescription seen on a prescription tid means three times a day it is an abbreviation for tear in dye which in Latin means three times

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Skeptical Journal Club: How To Read A Medical Study

we look at journal articles there's probably going to be a lot of overwhelming things in these articles so the goal is I want to sort of use this as

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Neeeee geen meds!!

[Muziek] joop roy goed jullie kijken naar een gloednieuwe video van pestkop wij vandaag lekker bordje voor net fairia ik zit nog een project holy shit maar gewoon een potje

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#Flu and #medications

which means pica for you to get to the house all right here buddy I need help with the cars with the help though with the help with the baby

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