ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Avoiding Surprises in Your Medical Bill

welcome back to good day Atlanta time is 9:45 well sometimes expenses come up that we just don't expect medical bills in particular but what really makes it worse is

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Pharmacy Residency Program | Humana

Humana is such a special place, and thereare so many programs that I'm proud of as I look back on my career and what's happenedin our company. One of the

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Diabetes Drugs (Insulin vs. Oral Agents)

what's up all my dirty followers today's video is on diabetes drugs for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and this video is of course brought to you by

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Patient Assessment-Medical

my name is Josiah Northern I'm a firefighter/paramedic with the Castle Rock Fire Department this is my partner Adam guy Eggos he will be simulating the patient for the scenario

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Can I Do Keto (Ketogenic Diet) If I am on Medications?

so I recently had a question from someone that wanted to know can I do keto if I am on medications now it's kind of a broad question someone can

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How Medicines Are Absorbed — The Doctors

is it best to work out with or without underwear there are three conditions that are under the armpit that you can't ignore why don't you take some medications under

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