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Can you win with no meds ?

hey guys in today's video I'm gonna be doing no meds can we not right now in today's video I'm gonna be doing no meds and uh so I'm gonna be seeing if you can win without meds so I'm gonna be going super trihard in this video because well if I get hit once well then that's probably the health that I'm gonna have to be in the next fight because I cannot pick up any medical supplies hopefully you guys enjoy this new torture video leave a like subscribe turn on my notifications if you haven't already hi how are you you caught me down to 44 health I freaking hate you watch me win this game did you get follow the image from that that's so boo I'm out what are you doing okay you know what I'm making a new rule one hundred two hundred health but um yeah that's the only rule that I have because that would not be fair if I just had a hunch dude this challenge is way too freakin hard when you're doing so bad if I don't get a kill next game I'm ending this and I'm not doing it again dude what did I tell you oh okay that was actually kind of cool Oh [Applause] [Applause] hey bud dang it Jonesy you got me freaking low let me go let me go dude how did I just not hit

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