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California Proposition 8, dialysis clinic profit pruning, explained in less than 1 minute

The number of Californians suffering
from kidney failure has soared in the past decade—and so has the number of
kidney dialysis clinics. Which brings us to Proposition 8 one of the most bitter
ballot battles in years. Hi, I’m Elizabeth Aguilera, health reporter at CALmatters
and this is Proposition 8 in under a minute. When their kidneys shut down, most
patients stay alive by receiving dialysis treatment. Essentially, machines
do the kidneys’ work by purging toxins from the blood. Now these patients are in
the middle of a standoff between the companies that run the centers and the
labor union that put Prop. 8 on the ballot. The proposition would require
dialysis clinics to pay back profits that are 15 percent over qualifying business
costs. Supporters say that while these centers are ringing up billions in
profits, they are dangerously understaffed. Some patients report rushed
care and unsanitary conditions. This initiative would provide incentives to
improve hygiene and boost staffing. The companies say Prop. 8 is a ploy to
unionize their workers. They say that if California limits their profits, more
clinics will shut down stranding patients far from the life-saving
procedure they need. So vote yes if you want to limit the profits of dialysis
clinics and vote no if you think that’s a bad idea. For more on this proposition
and others, see our election guide at CALmatters-dot-O-R-G

30 thoughts on “California Proposition 8, dialysis clinic profit pruning, explained in less than 1 minute

  1. 8: Dialysis Clinic Profit Pruning

  2. The 115% limit, explained in the Prop 8 ballot materials, means clinics could get more profit only by paying the nurses and technicians more salary. We would give clinics an incentive to maximize their labor costs. We would pay for this, via higher insurance premiums.

    This measure is supported by the labor union that wants to represent those same dialysis workers. So we're being asked to spend time researching this measure, and micro-manage one industry, for one union's benefit?

  3. Vote YES on pop 8. The two major corporations who are making billions in profits want to have complete control of their dialysis centers and their technicians. By voting No the employees will have no voice and will be worked to death which translates to poor patient care and increased rate of injury to the patients. and not allow their employees to become unionized through the SEIU. By voting Yes will place a profit cap of only 15%. protect employees and improve patient safety. Otherwise, the corporate moguls will be making 19% or greater profits at the patient's expense. In addition, both dialysis companies discourage any Medicare recipient to sign up for Medicare which will take the patient out the loop for a possible kidney transplant thus making it more profitable for these monster dialysis companies. At the end of the day, dialysis companies are lying in their commercials since they have spent over 20 million in false advertising

  4. Both of my parents work in dialysis (20+ yrs) and they are saying no to this. They say that as it is they make relatively close to minimum wage, getting a yearly raise of I think 1 or 2 percent, or around 25cents (if the company/boss feel they deserve it based on their preformance). What they say would happen is that they would lower the patient to tech ratio to 3:1, so they would hire more techs and and cut down employee work hours. If they do become unionized then another chunk of their check would go to the union.

    As for the clinics hygein issues, I can't say anything for certain. I know my parents talk about how OSHA goes every year to inspect how everything is done and disinfected and protocol and procedures that have to be followed. If OSHA does find any issues they close down the clinics indefinitely until those issues are fixed and the clinics can prove they meet all requirements.

    As for rushed care, what I hear from my parents is that the majority of patients ask to be taken off early before their treatment cycle is done. Or that they sometimes come late to treatment.

    Take from this what you will, but be informed.

  5. Say…no….!!!! this is bad for the patians or people that are starting dialysis….let me tell you some reasons….
    1. They will stop looking for donor kidneys….
    2. Since they stop looking for donor kidneys ….you will be forgotten in the system…
    3. Hundreds of dialysis clinic will pop up like dicks on
    viagra….or like smoke shops in every low income neighborhoods…
    4. These doctors from India will find a way to get a license to open clinics like Arco gas sations…
    5. These clinics will be filthy and run poorly and become unsanitary places …just like Western Dental Clinics who abuses Medical monies…
    6.Only one doctor with credentials will be able to open hundreds of clinics without his presence being there and leaving uneducated and poorly train personal and hire undocumented workers… will be another Quest Diagnostics where you be in and out…
    7. There will be only one. inspector for hundres of clinics to manage their wrong doings…and since it will become a big revenue for some cities…your complains will be lost in the paper work…
    8 Hospitals will not lose or gain anything because hostpitals are never understaff and are very sanitary and first of all…you have to go through them doctors before they say you a candit for dialysis…so it possible you might falsely diagnosed…😷

  6. why has it risen so much…???? has any politician check why….??? off course there money to be made and revenue in peoples misery…They need to check why…!!!! not who and what…

  7. "The number of Californians suffering from kidney failure has soared in the past decade and so has the number of kidney dialysis clinics." I think I know why. I had to take a medication for my Ulcerative Colitis that is known to cause kidney disease. I'm in my mid-50s and now have kidney disease. The problem isn't whether or not the dialysis clinics are making or not making a profit. The problem is the increase in diseases–such as diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions–that either harm the kidneys or require medications that harm the kidneys. I have to go to a renal clinic every six months to get my kidneys checked. The patients on dialysis are in wheel chairs. It's scary and very sad at the same time. I will be voting NO to limiting profits. If dialysis clinics are making substantial profits, then others will open dialysis clinics, competition will increase, and profits will decline. The cycle will continue until dialysis clinics are making normal profits. Vote No on Prop 8.

  8. I will vote Yes on Prop 8. Unless you worked or have been a patient at a dialysis center, you will understand the whole picture. These companies are ran by multi millionaires. These millionaire don’t care about employees none the less patients. Your just another number at the clinic, specifically “DaVita Dialysis.”

  9. DaVita Dialysis hires anyone with a Bachelors in Business, no Medical background as Facility Administrators and makes over 120k yearly. One FA I work with, uses business credit cards for personal matters. If I notify HR, this issue will backfire and I need my job. That is why unions need to be involved. I will vote yes on prop 8.

  10. Please help
    current dialysis patients and me, vote YES on PROP 8.  Why? My Mother Rim Bin lost her life on
    12-27-2017 at #Fresenius kidney care located in Vista, CA. My mother's death was
    100% preventable but #Fresenius and their staff from Regional VP Jason Bauer to
    Director of operation Rachel Tothill down to #Fresenius Clinic Manager
    Shaw'Marie Clayburn and charge nurse Blythe Cutllar, "all" lied,
    conspired and still conspire to not tell the TRUTH or let the TRUTH be known. I
    have the sheriffs report with pictures, response from #Fresenius themselves
    denying any and all liability. #Fresenius placed my mother on a slow path to
    death through suffocation by the use of oxygen. My mother had pneumonia that
    had gone without being properly diagnosed and caused my mother to wheeze when
    she breathed. #Fresenius charge nurse Blythe Cutllar left my mother unattended
    for longer than 30 minutes, with the vitals machine alarm off, in a small room
    in the back with the door closed. I have an overwhelming amount of evidence
    that shows #Fresenius refused to sign to release my mothers remains to
    Greenwood Mortuary. #Fresenius clinic manager Shaw'Marie Clayburn called the
    San Diego medical examiner’s office and stated I abandoned my mother's body at
    the #Fresenius clinic located in Vista, CA. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE MY MOTHER RIM

  11. I will vote yes. Watch John Oliver's explanation of the issue, in particular DaVita's role in this mess. These corporations shouldn't be allowed to abuse the system, and they are trying to avoid the consequences of their poor philosophy. Healthcare should be patient based, not profit based.

  12. That 's true they don't care for there employee or the wages , yet! Companies are getting richer and richer. "Yes to prop 8"

  13. How does limiting profits of Dialysis clinics improve care? Sure I believe that people are overcharged for heathcare and something needs to be done but if clinics profits are cut they wont take money away from ceos or owners to improve care.

  14. This is a link to John Olivers investigative report on dialysis and dialysis clinics. It is way more informative than this silly summary

  15. The proposition talks about 2 (TWO) major companies. Certainly, most people only hear rumors and watch TVs, they did not read the proposition itself. Go to college, people!

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