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100 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Workout (INCLUDES DRAGON FLAG!)

  1. Starting my first day of Bruce Lee training tomorrow. I'm excited even though I know I'm gonna be sore as hell the next day.

  2. Thanks for this video. I've been watching your channel for a sketch about a year now. I can't do everything that you show because of my health. But you have helped me and helps my friends that have had problems. I'm in the martial arts I love this video

  3. Bruce Lee was unmatchable & invincible. Knowledge, strength, speed, agility, humbleness are the words that describe Bruce Lee.

  4. I feel like if mayweather had the determination will power and mental power as Bruce lee he would be beter mayweather is more genetically gifted then him (I think) but we all no he would never do that

  5. The way jeff holds the support in dragon flag is different from Bruce lee. The way Lee holds it from side is more challenging, rather then holding it from top like jeff did.

  6. Love your guidance. I don't follow everything you do (because frankly, you're way more advanced than I am, and I'm 20 years older than you). But I take what works for me and discard what does not. Maybe one day, I can re-incorporate what I've cast aside.

  7. Hey Jeff!

    Would you invent a complete Martial Arts Workout (Strength, Flexibility) like the new Beast Workout?

    Maybe specialized for Kicks 😉

  8. The main thing people need to accept is that a lot of things that apply to normal people don't apply Bruce Lee, and the other way around.

  9. Tx great tutorial, what would you recommend to take the rest? how many rest we should take, if we workout 4 x in a gym?? share tour thoughts pls

  10. thank you for that deep insight video of Bruce Lees Training Routine. What you need is only your body and your discipline.

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  12. from what im understand by comparing with other fitness website. its kind of 'mind-muscle' concentration during training, am i right?

  13. I Ben hoping some one did this kind of video thnks means a lot Bruce lee once said if u put water in a bottle it makes the bottle if u put water in the cup it makes the cup y not b water

  14. Bruce Lee is still impactful as someone to be inspired by to workout to achieve endurance, agility, strength, and confidence. But even he had to start from the bottom, it wasn't until his fight with Wong Jack Man he realized his wing chun skills weren't all that effective without working with weights. He said the fight went on longer than he wanted so then he started incorporating weights. You can tell from his movies from the Big Boss which he started his program until Enter The Dragon which he was at his apex.

  15. Man I understand that but when If I wouldn't only do the weight that my muscles can do I could only do 15 kg curl so that's why people use other methods

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