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Brit jailed over £1million cruise ship cocaine plot is rushed to hospital – Today News

 A British cruise pensioner jailed for trying to smuggle cocaine has been rushed to hospital for a heart scan  Roger Clarke, 72, and wife Susan, 71, are serving eight years in a Portuguese prison after they were busted by the police with £1 million worth of Class A drug on a luxury Caribbean liner  Retired chef Clarke has reportedly lost around six stone since his arrest a year ago and needed an electrocardiogram test  A source said the health scare meant he had to leave a meeting with wife Susan, who had not seen for nine weeks  The source added: “By the time he got back all he saw was his wife sobbing her heart out and there’s nothing he could do ”  Last month, Clarke spoke to the Sunday Mirror that his health has waned since being locked up in EP Lisboa jail  He said: “I have a heart condition and had stents fitted in 2010. I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack here  “It turned out to be something to do with my chest muscles as I have lost nearly six stone ”  The pensioner was desperate for prime minister Boris Johnson’s help.  He said: “I have sent a letter to the PM asking him to look into our case  “My wife and I are completely innocent and have fallen victims to cruel drug smugglers  “I’ve learnt from other inmates some very interesting, nasty stories about drugs being taken into the UK ”  They were arrested on the Marco Polo cruise ship on December 4, 2018.  Officers discovered nine kilos of cocaine hidden inside the lining of four suitcases    Clarke claimed that he had been handed the cases in St Lucia and had no idea they contained the Class A drugs  He complained of his single cell in EP Lisboa jail: “The conditions here are really disgusting, no air conditioning, no heating and in many cells not even any lighting  “I’ve been a little lucky as I’m now on F wing which has single cells with a shower and toilet, mind you it’s pot luck if and when you get hot water  “Rats are a menace, some are as large as rabbits, cockroaches by the millions and all sorts of other horrible bugs  “F wing is where anyone from another country, such as embassy people, are shown which is why it’s kept a lot cleaner than other wings ”

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