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Bodyweight Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six series is back. Remember, bodyweight only this time, and we’re
hitting the triceps. We’re actually going to do it with just two
exercises. The triceps are one of those muscle groups
that’s relatively small in comparison to the rest of our bodies that are actually easy
to overload without the use of weights. I’m going to show you over here, in our rack,
but you’re not going to have to use this, okay? I’m going to make that very clear. You could use the back of a couch, the top
of a bed; whatever it is. The two exercises, though, are going to rely
on this. The first thing you’re going to do is a cobra
pushup. We’re going to put our feet up, on top of
this to get into a decline position. We’re going to do the cobra pushup in 21 style. Meaning, 7 reps in the bottom range of motion,
7 reps in the top one-third of the range of motion, and then 7 full reps. When you’re done with that you’ve got the
full one minute period to crank that out. If you finish in 40 seconds you’ve got 20
seconds of rest. Then what we do is a walk-in tricep bodyweight
extension. So we get up in here, and we’re going to utilize
the top of that now to do our walk-in extension. Now this is a tough exercise. You’re going for a slow, eccentric contraction
here, lowering down nice, and slow, letting the long head of the tricep stretch out here,
and of course, controlling your bodyweight and pushing yourself back out. But you’ve got to do this now for a full minute. So how do you do that if you start getting
tired? You walk your body in. Move your feet in to make it a little easier
to lift your bodyweight. Then we go back, and we repeat this two minute
series here, three times, for a total of six minutes. When we go the next time our feet are flat
on the floor to do our cobra pushups in 21 style. Again, finish as fast as you can. The rest you earn, that’s your rest until
you have to get right back up and do the bodyweight tricep extension again. You’re always going to be using the top of
the bed, or the couch, or whatever it is you’re using for that. Then finally, we go back one more time, and
this time we’re going to have to go on our knees. We’re probably, at this point – I know I
had to, for sure. If you want to you can keep it up on your
toes, but you’re probably going to have to drop down to your knees. You do the 21 rep style again for the cobra
pushups, and then you finish one more time with the bodyweight walk-in extensions. You might be right up next to this damned
thing by the time you’re done, but as long as you stay repping out you’ll still be repping
your triceps. Let’s give this one a shot. So there you have it, guys. There is your Sore in Six Minute bodyweight
edition for triceps. I know this is one of those rare occurrences
where I actually shot the workout portion of this yesterday. So I’m here now, a day later, and my triceps
are sore as shit. This has probably only been about a 14 hour
difference. I keep Jessie here working long, long hours. Guys, try it. Give it a shot. The key is: you do not always need to use
weights to get an effective workout and I want to prove that to you with our entire
Sore in Six series. If you’re looking for an entire program that
doesn’t even use anything – not a single piece of equipment, not a pullup bar, nothing
– it’s our Zero program. It’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful and you liked this series make sure you leave your thumbs up below, and a comment,
and let me know what else you want me to cover in all of my videos, and I’ll do my best to
do that for you. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “Bodyweight Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

  1. Hello,
    I just did this. I thought it would be easier. I had to put my knees down at the 2nd set of pushups…

  2. Hey Jeff, could you make bodyweight biceps and forearm workout ( sore in 6 minutes) videos 🙂 great respect from turkey

  3. I want to grow my triceps by only body weight exercises…as I do not have money to buy expensive equipments…i really want to get my triceps grow bigger

  4. hey Jeff
    I am eagerly waiting for the sore in 6 leg workout or a full fledged leg workout WITHOUT EQUIPMENT as I can't afford a gym membership so please keep it on your list, that'll be much appreciated.

  5. Jeff Cav I am dubing you The God of Physical Fitness. Not bc you are the biggest or strongest guy in fitness, but you are so intellectual and creative with the workouts. Most of them are simple exercises yet the destroy while at the same time build up muscle like no other. You have made me stronger, smarter, more shredded and more driven. Thanks for all your hard work and I appreciate every content you put out.

  6. I am 11 going on 12 i am using a 2 25kg ring and a 25kg the two are different weights so how can i get big biceps and a six pack i need help

  7. Man i did sore in 6 minutes chest and tricepts and i didnt think it worked……it did im pretty bad sore my normal heavy lifting work out dont get me this bad ever.

  8. sore? more like : NO triceps ALLOWED! BOOM GONE THEY ARE if u did right ofc then that is what is going to happen.

  9. i have seen most of your videos creative but i am an absolute beginner who don't want a heavy body
    builder forum but rather a balanced body tough body which i can maintain its shape and strength by simple daily workout and here the question how should i begging

  10. ● Decline Cobra Pushups 21-Style

    ● Walk-In Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

    ● On-Ground Cobra Pushups 21-Style

    ● Walk-In Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

    ● On-Knees Cobra Pushups 21-Style

  11. Jeff kinda look like he's doing a Cheap Rocky Montage vid lol. I think he should make an intense workout with a Rocky theme lol.

  12. Is this a full tricep workout then? or just additional? because im just doing this until someone corrects me

  13. I'm no Jeff, but i'm in decent shape, so beeing rather new to this channel I thought: That looks easy, let's do it!

    How wrong I was….

  14. It doesn't seem so hard if you're just looking at it…….
    ……..but if you try it like Jeff, you will see how hell really hurts.

  15. I've been training for 19 years and am in solid shape. None of these sore in six minutes fail to kick my ass when I do them. It's sort of like Dorian Yates Blood and Guts, in that if you are honest with yourself in terms of whether you are really pushing yourself to and beyond failure, it will never fail to kick your ass. And in a short period.

    This one is one of the most difficult, IMO, because the stationary bar skull crushers have an almost unlimited level of difficulty. You may find the very first set of incline pushups easy if your triceps are a strong point. However if you make the stationary bar skull crushers properly hard to your skill level on minute two, you'll be struggling to get the next set of pushups, and everything after.

  16. Guys!! Is there anyone who actually tried it? Is it actually possible for a normal avg human being😅?

    Yeah! It's almost possible🤘

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  18. How dare you. 😉 That's all I can say Jeff. Really frustrating that I'm tossing together 3 of your 'Sore in 6' flicks, due to a lack of time – and getting a better pump/workout that 70 minutes of P90x. Thank you, sir.

  19. Killer workout. My triceps hate you, Jeff! 😂😂 But I know it works, so thank you!! 💪🏼👊🏼👍🏼

  20. I've enquired with several sources about my following question with absolutely no replies:

    Do you have any tips for chest, back and triceps workouts for someone like myself whom cannot put any weight on their right hand?
    I appreciate any advice, your time and consideration.
    Thank you.

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