ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
BGSU Medical Laboratory Science

The medical laboratory science program
is unique because we actually use real patient specimens from the area
hospitals so the students can actually get that real hands-on experience. the
medical lab science program is unique because we train our students to enter
the profession as an entry-level competent medical laboratory scientist
they are trained to where they can enter in and have a job straight out of the
University I chose medical laboratory science
because I was in chemistry I love the science background of it I like being in
the background of the hospital setting I chose MLS because of its major role in
the health care system it aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and
it saves people’s lives we actually have 16 area hospital sites
that we can place the students at so they don’t have to find their own
internship but if they do want to find their own internship and say they want to
move closer to home we can actually accommodate that with an affiliation
agreement with that area hospital. What I do at Blanchard Valley Hospital, I am a
phlebotomist. So I go into the inpatient rooms and I draw their blood I deliver
them sometimes to the lab so when I’m an MLS I’ll be the one testing the blood. the faculty of surgeons are like a family we help and encourage each other
and you know the faculty are always there when we need help and you know
they guide us to success. the faculty student ratio is really great it’s
really one-on-one they go above and beyond for us and my professors are
always willing to help me with whatever I need some important labs that our
students take are going to be your biologies, any general biology labs, your
anatomy and physiology, genetics molecular biology our students are also
required to take general chemistry’s organic and biochemistry as well My
favorite class would be hematology which is the study of blood because I get to
learn all the types of blood cells and you know what diseases affect them and
how we can prevent these diseases and treat them also Currently 70 percent of all
medical decisions are based off laboratory results medical laboratory
science professionals are very critical in patient care and currently there is a
very high demand for a medical laboratory scientists in the field so
our last semester in the program we go to our hospital site throughout the week
and most of the time they will offer us a job so
when I graduate in May I’ll be able to have a job right out of college. Due to
high demand in the profession our students have a 100 percent job placement rate
upon graduation My career goals would be working in a lab where I can enhance my
skills and my knowledge and also where I can make a difference

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