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Best Workout For Abs | How to Get Abs Fast

what’s up 4amclub been here since
3:45 a.m. hit legs now we’re gonna hit abs and I’m going to show you exactly what I’m
doing hey everyone today I’m bringing you guys
an ab workout and I’m gonna do a commentary over the workout clips giving
you some tips for getting the visible toned abs I’m sure looking for real quick
I just wanna let you know if you haven’t seen it already I uploaded a video the
other day taking you through a high volume bicep workout check that out if
you like I’ll put it up at the top of the screen so how should you train your
abs here’s what I have found works best based off eight plus years of training
and experimenting with different things a good solid ab workout done twice per
week is more than efficient to stimulate muscle growth and development you don’t
need to do a ridiculous amount of sit-ups every day or anything like that
you just need to focus on quality work so if you see here in this video I’m
sticking typically to the 10 to 15 rep range for the most part and as I’m
performing each rep I’m making sure that I’m using good form and engaging the ABS
what that means is I’m not using momentum to perform the rep or only
doing partial reps and I’m keeping my core activated throughout the movement
so on weighted exercises I’m using my core to lift the weight not cheating by
using momentum and other muscle groups I rarely go under 10 reps just because I’m
not trying to create bulkiness and most people just want to get toned abs
obviously so I think what you should do is you know pick a couple of exercises
you want at least one to target your lower abs one to target your middle and
upper abs and one to target your obliques whether or not you do more
exercises and more reps and sets is entirely up to you you got to figure out
how much volume you need in order to see results it’s gonna differ from person to
person so you know trial and error try some things out and experiment with
different you know amounts of volume now the last thing I wanna touch base on is
your diet and your body fat percentage obviously you have to have a low enough
body fat percentage to have visible abs if you’re in a position where you think
you might need to lose some body fat before you have visible abs check out
this video right here I go over a simple approach to both bulking and
cutting and losing body fat you know a simple approach as to how you can get
started very easy so check that video out there’s good information in there
and also it goes without saying you gotta have your diet in check you can’t
you know you can’t out train a poor diet now just one last thing I want to say is
if you are losing body fat you know if you have to lose body fat so that you
can be lean enough to have visible abs you should still be training your abs
you know don’t wait until you get to a lower body fat percentage to start
training them because when you lose that body fat you want to have something
underneath so you still should be training them but that’s gonna be for
this video thank you so much for watching if you’d like to see more
videos about ab training and everything comment down below I read all your
comments make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the
next video

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