ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

– Hey creeper. Why don’t you just
go ask them to play? – They don’t want me to. They said I’m weird. – Hey freak! – See? – Soccer’s for Mexican’s anyway. Hey, wanna go help me
pour a bucket of hot sauce on the principal
while he goes poop? – Sure. (upbeat music) (whispering) – [Jack] Hurry up. – [Johnny] I’m
trying, I’m trying, but it smells like shit in here! – Faster. (yelling) – You little shit. – [Johnny] Oh my God! – Come back here! – So, who’s your favorite
character in Cinderella? – [Voiceover] Um,
Cinderella before and after. (children talking) (circus-like music) (children talking) (screaming) (circus-like music) – [Man] Hey! Come back here,
you little shits! (circus-like music) – I was just kidding! Guys! – Yeah, hold him down, Jack. – You gonna call us
a freak again, huh? – [Woman] Jonathan! – What do you want, lady? – [Psychiatrist] So,
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, has there ever been a
case of mental illness in either of your families? – [Vera] Well, my dad, he
passed a few years ago. He had pretty sever
schizophrenia. – [Jerry] Is that what
you think this is? – Well, it’s possible. Your son is exhibiting
some symptoms of multiple
personality disorder. – [Vera] How serious is it? – [Psychiatrist] Well, actually, he’s only exhibiting one
persona, but more could surface. There is a medicine, though, that takes care of
most of the symptoms. He just will have
a few side effects. – [Jerry] Like what? – [Psychiatrist]
Numbing of the senses, and a little chemical
dependency, maybe. Some depression. – What’s depression? – [Vera] Shh, sweetie. He’ll be normal, though, right? ♪ Waking up without the
slightest recollection ♪ Of who or where I am,
yes, yesterday’s a section ♪ That is close to me ♪ It’s not something
that I can see ♪ Standing on the shoulder
of a desert highway ♪ Tossed aside and left to die ♪ Perhaps it’s judgment day,
and I’ve been left behind ♪ As if God had a change in mind ♪ Yeah, I got a ways to go ♪ Yeah, I got a ways to go ♪ But I’m going somewhere ♪ Yeah, I’m headed somewhere ♪ So, maybe there’s a reason
why I’m out here, walking ♪ – Oh, hey. Look, Norman Baits,
out in the open. – Hey, Norman! – That’s not his name. – He said it was his name. He just said it. Hey, what’s your name, Norman? – Johnny, those guys
over there think that your name’s Norman. ♪ There’s a sign to read ♪ In a chicken scratch
I don’t speak ♪ – [Vera] Sweetie, please relax. – Johnny, it’s
just precautionary. That’s all. – Johnny, calm down. (curious music) Look, it’s only for a week. A trial run to see how
you do without them. – It’s like, ever
since I can remember, you guys have pushed
these pills on me, and now you decide
to take them away. – [Vera] We’re just worried you might overdose again. – Look, Mom, if I
wanted to kill myself, there’s like a million
ways I could do it in here. – Johnny, come on. – Head in the oven, shots of
Draino, head in the blender. – Stop. – I have extremely sharp knives. – Come on. – And I don’t even cook. – Johnny. – They’re just
begging to be used. – Stop. – Drown myself, stab
myself, choke myself. – Oh, my god. – So easy. – All right, knock it off. – I mean, the
possibilities are endless. – Stop. – Dad, come on. You know this is stupid. – What’s that supposed to mean? – Dad. – Buddy, you’ve been doing
really well for a while, now. – Because I take medicine. What is? – [Vera] Look, you
can come stay with us, if you like. – No, thank you. – Well, then we’re gonna
come see you every day. – Oh, no, you won’t. I’m dead bolting
that fucking thing. – I got you a little incentive. Take a look. There’s one for every day. If you get seven money bags, you can win $7 million. You might get lucky. – I told you that was stupid. – It’s only a week, seven days. – Oh, is that what a week is? ‘Cause I didn’t
know how many days. – We’ll come over next Monday, and if you decide that you
want to keep your pills, we won’t say no. (curious music) – This is crazy. – You can do this,
I believe in you. – [Vera] Hello. – We believe in you. – Thanks, Dad. Might be okay. No, it’s gonna be terrible. (strange electronic music) (people on TV talking) (strange electronic music) (alarm) (dishes banging) – [Jack] Ah, shit, fuck. (humming) ♪ He was the flapjack
king of San Francisco ♪ He liked pancakes
more than disco ♪ Hey, there he is. Rip van Winkle in the flesh. Hey, do you still eat chocolate
chips in your pancakes, or are you a fucking adult now? – It’s not real. It’s not real. – Hey, your shit’s
getting cold, so. (curious music) Yeah, brush those
fucking pearly whites. (curious music) Ah, I can’t believe
I gotta smoke this fucking electronic shit. Can you please start smoking? – I told you, I don’t smoke. – Oh, I don’t
smoke, I’m so cool. – Does the dialog box come
up with the option too? – See how cool I look? God, like my fucking mom. – You sound like her,
you look like her. Just like my mom,
and you’re perfect. Be the same as having, hey Rick. What the fuck are
you looking at? Can you please be quiet? – I can help you with that. – Whoa. (chuckling) Hey. – Okay, perfect, and which
order would you like to place? – What you doing? – I’m on the phone. – Oh, you’re working? – Sorry. – We have a 2012 urgent. Sorry about that. – Is this important to you? – What? Excuse me. Hey, what are you doing? Uh, what are you doing, dude? – Uh, I’m so sorry. – Yeah, this is an office
setting, all right? Put my stuff back. – Monday fun day. – Monday fun day? Go back. – Yeah, yep. Yep. – Go back. Oh my god, weirdo. – Let me know if he
bothers you again. – Okay. (curious music) – You know, you got
better odds getting done up the butt by lightning than
winning one of those, right? (knock on door) It’s cool, I got it. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey. – Hey, babe. – Hey, hey, hey. Welcome to Casa
del Weiner Mouth. Would you like a
menu, or are you here for the Weiner Mouth special? – What? – I’m just teasing. Get over here, sugar tits. God, that is good. – You are in a much
better mood than usual. – Why wouldn’t I be, my
number one bitch is here. – Excuse me. You’re number one what? – Bitch. Number one. – No, you don’t call me that. Why would you call me that? (chuckling) – I’m just tugging on
your titties, babe. No harm, no fowl. It’s just a word. – Okay, not today. It’s been a really bad day. – Uh oh. – So, anyway, Sarah
called in sick, which is total bullshit. Do you have anything to drink? – Heather, listen to me,
you gotta get out of here. – Why? – You need to leave. You need to get out of here. – What are you talking about? (chuckling) – I don’t know,
I’m just messing. Don’t listen to me, just
continue your story. Your fine, you know. So you, what? (curious music) – Anyway, like I said,
she called in sick, which is total bullshit, so I
had to have all her clients. I got this old man, and
he wanted highlights. What self-respecting man
wants highlights anymore? That’s like so ’90s. Anyway, so speaking
of self-respecting, can we do your eyebrows? I’m just saying, we
really could work on that. – Fucking yeah. – Are you listening
to a word I’m saying? – Oh, yeah, I know. I was, you were boring
the shit out of me, so I stopped. – Okay. It’s okay. I’ll leave. Not a big deal. – No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. Babe, babe, I’m
teasing, all right? Your story’s great. It’s great. It’s got a beginning,
and a middle, but it doesn’t have an end, which, you know, fuck those,
like Never-ending Story, best movie ever. The point is, you’re
beautiful, and you’re sexy, and you’re hot, and you’re
fucking I wanna do you. We can’t, if you leave,
and we don’t do stuff, that’s gonna be like the worst. – What has gotten
into you today? What is with the raspy voice? – I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, I don’t know. I got like a sore throat
going on, is the one thing, and then, you should
probably go, ’cause, you know, I got this sickness, and I don’t want you
to get it, you know. – You sure you want me to leave? Are you sure? – I am. (orchestra music) – I mean, it’s not that I want. Um. No, you should, you should stay, because I’m gonna fuck
the shit out of you. (laughing) Let’s go. (opera music) Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. What are we doing now? That escalated fast. Um, just, one second. – Johnny, where are you going? – What the fuck are you doing? – All right, get this through
your dumbass head right now. That is not happening. – Oh yes, it is. – No. – Uh-huh. – No, it’s not. – You need to understand
something, all right. I need this. I got fucking cobwebs
down there, on the dick. I’ve been cooped
up for 20 years, like a goddamn
genie in a bottle, and I can’t grant
you your wishes, until I hit that shit. – That is the
dumbest thing I know. – No it ain’t. I’m the genie, you’re Aladdin, and that’s our ginger
Jasmine in there. – We are gonna bone
the shit out of her. – No. – Oh yeah. – I’m telling you no. – You better believe it. Come on. – No. – Let’s go fuck Jasmine. – No. – [Heather] Jack,
what are you doing? – Let’s do it. – Just one more
second, I’m sorry. – What is taking so long? – I just, is your vagina ready? – Yes? – I’m gonna get all up in. – Her vagina’s ready. – Stop it. – Look, I know you want
it, too, all right. I could practically
feel your boner, so we can either stay out here, and look like a
couple of weirdos, or we can go in
there to puss town, and do it. (orchestra music) – You can watch. – So, that’s what you
like, you little perv. – Shut up. – You are a kinky one. – You say one word in there,
and it’s blue ball city. Population you. – That was dumb. – You’re dumb. – Well, that’s true. – Let’s get this over with. – I just have a question. If he’s really weird, but
really good at eating you out, does that matter? – Don’t worry, she’ll be back. A little closed-minded,
if you ask me. Hey, what kind of porn you into? I, myself, am a
fan of the Asians. I love how they
like say, “Mother,” and bang, you know. – Shut up. – Jeez, someone’s
got blue balls. (chuckling) – This is gonna be a long week. (alarm) Fuck. – A little early
for that, isn’t it? By the way, you should
probably put some clothes on. We got company. Mmm, nothing like a fresh cup
of coffee to start the day. Am I right, Joan? – Oh, no. Not for me. I’m trying to cut
back on the caffeine. Oh, morning, sunshine. Little sleeping beauty. Where’s your prince? – What? – I call dibs on the shitter. – Hey, guys, I’m going through
the daily summary sheets, and we really need to
improve our workflow here. – You are such a
fucking buzz kill, man. – Did someone remember
to DVR Homeland? – Fuck. I reminded y’all. Oh, Peter. You are looking so cute today. Is that a new tie? You know, you have better odds
birthing quadruplet babies than winning that jackpot. – Oh, you have to tell me what
kind of conditioner you use, because for an Asian
person, you smell great. – What’d I say? – Hey, you want shower
number one, or number six? – What? – Yo, fat ass, are we
gonna go get a pump in, or what, bro? – Woo. – The point is, progress,
innovation, synergy. – [Johnny] Woo! (laughing) – That’s the spirit, Johnny. – John, Johnny, if you
keep spinning like that, you’re gonna end up sick. Hey, if he gets sick
and throws up all over, that’s cool. I don’t mind. John, john, keep
spinning, keep spinning. What’s everyone looking at? ♪ I met a girl in Reno ♪ She stole my heart – You realize that’s
not an actual number. – 51. – Hi. – About time. Jesus. – Yeah, I’m sorry, man. – Don’t you even worry
about it, sweetie. How much do I owe you? – 14.50. – I don’t believe that’s
the price I was quoted on the phone, but, you
know, what are you gonna do? – Well, that’s the
delivery charge. – Bro, I work out
like all the time, so it’s like this
didn’t even happen. I’m gonna make it
like it didn’t happen. – Hey, man, you’re
supposed to pay me. – Fuck you. (chuckling) Later, toots. – Pizza, did no one get a salad? – Seriously, get the hell down. – Crank it up, J. Listen to that bass. (In the Hall of
the Mountain King) (laughing) – Who wants tilapia? – Put that shit out. – Time to wake up. – Are you still doing those? You’re never gonna win. – Hey, Boris is here. – We celebrate. – Vodka. – [Boris] Everyone drink up. – That’s what I’m talking about. (alarm) – Can we go get ice cream? – Hey guys, come check
out the shit I just took. – You boys are so noisy. – Fuck this place! Baby, if you’d just let me. (In the Hall of
the Mountain King) – 77, 78, 80, 81. – Oh, fuck it. That job sucked anyway. – The benefits sure were nice. – Great advancement
opportunities. – Free gym membership. – Ice cream Fridays. – Everyone feared me. – Yeah, I got it, but we
can do better, all right? I mean, same goes for
this shitty apartment, and that backstabbing whore. – Hey. – Not you. – What’s a whore? – It’s. It’s a chick who
gets banged a lot. – Like, on her head? – Yeah, and in her vagina. – What are we gonna do now? – Well, in the meantime,
we got Judy here. – No, I mean. – Jesus. – Where are we gonna live? – We can move back
in with Mom and Dad? – Hell, no. – That is just terrible. – Really stupid, bro. That was a dumb one. – I don’t want to point
any fingers, here, but I think we can
all blame Boris. – Now, fellas, that’s not
gonna get us anywhere. – Eat my shit. – I will. – No, guys. No one’s eating
anyone’s shit, okay? – You can eat my shit. – No, we need to be proactive. – We need a miracle. – My body’s a miracle,
but does anyone notice? No. – Now, y’all, this is
worst case scenario, but I could try stripping
to make some extra cash. – Ew. – Gross. – Yeah, nobody
wants to see that. – Really, I never
heard you complain. – She’s kidding. – We have to focus, okay. – Hey, fuck your ass, all right. We don’t gotta listen to you. – Fuck your ass. – Let’s not fuck any
asses, how about? – Fuck your ass. – Guys. – Fuck your ass. Fuck your ass, and fuck his ass. – Wait, fuck who’s ass, now? – Jiminy Christmas. – Hey, fuck all your
asses, all right? Everyone’s ass is
gonna get fucked. – I will fuck your ass so hard. – Would that be
masturbation, I wonder? – You wish it was
masturbation, you little tram. – Wait, what the hell is
everyone talking about? – I just want to know
what you call it. – Now, we got the kid crying. Great job, everyone. – We’re all talking
over each other. Everyone is just yelling. – Guys. – Fuck you. (crying) Fuck you. – What is your problem,
you little baby? – I will fuck
inside Your asshole. – Boris, why you gotta be? – Fuck everyone. You’re all just fucked. – Stop it. No more talking. Just shut up for once, Jesus! You guys made me lose
my job, my apartment. – Okay. – My fucking girlfriend. – Hey. – I’m homeless now. We are all homeless
now, with no income. But, you know, on
the bright side, we live in Los Angeles where
all the homeless people are crazy, anyhow, so, you
know, maybe it’s meant to be. – There’s the spirit. – Shut up, Jack. God, just shut up. I swear to god, the
next person who talks, I’m gonna punch
myself in the nuts. – Why would you want to go
and do something like that? – Don’t. – I was just saying
that I think. – I’m gonna. Just want a little
peace and quiet. All right. Thanks. – Sweetie, I know
how you’re feeling. To be honest, this
time of the month ain’t no pony ride
for me either. We’ll get through it, though. – Hey, buddy, no more
pouting, all right? We’ll make it good. – We’ll tell the landlord
lady we’re sorry. – Said, “It was our
fault, not yours.” – Yeah, like what’s she
gonna do, like kick us out? – Well, technically, Jay,
that’s what an eviction is. – Shut up. No one told me. – What about Heather? – What about Heather? She wouldn’t even let
me sit on her face. – Um, guys, I think our
biggest issue here is work. – We could charm our way back
into that place, no problem. We’ll charm ’em,
that’s all we gotta do. – Jack, you destroyed
$5,000 of company property, and poured a gallon of
hot sauce on a coworker. (laughing) – Hey, for all we know,
Rick loves hot sauce. Right? – Jesus. – The shit is delicious, bro. – It provides energy,
a lot of vitamin C. Maybe not when
it’s on your skin. – I’ll fucking swim in it. – I put it in my goulash. – Hot sauce. – It’s not so bad. I see you smiling. You’re smiling. – I’m mad, okay. I’m still mad. – How about some tea? – What the hell,
I’ll get some tea. – I’ll be right back. – This is good. Look at all of us, just
shooting the breeze. Oh, we’re pals. – Tonight, I make the
goulash for everyone. – I’m in. – I am getting pretty hungry. – Goulash party. – I don’t like goulash. – Hey, fuck you. Fuck you, you don’t
have to have it then. – All right, I’ll eat goulash. – No goulash for the kid. The kid gets no goulash,
everyone make sure. Sign me up for the goulash. I’ll have to barf it
up, of course, but. – Oh, you guys are too much. You guys are my friends. – Hey, you fuckers don’t
get all sentimental now, all right? – Ah, we’re pals. – Look at that, just,
like the three amigos, plus four. – Holy shit. I think we just won $7 million. We just won $7 million,
are you fucking kidding me? You guys. We just. Where’d everybody go? (ominous music) (water dripping) (running water) I’ll give you some privacy. – Let her watch. (intense orchestra music) Johnny, I did not want
it to come to this. I really didn’t. You see, it’s just
that this jackpot is the first good thing
that’s come along to us in ages, and I am not
about to watch you guys squander it on
booze and sex toys. No offense, Judy. I mean, you understand, right. See, I knew you would. I knew that you’d
realize deep down I am the only one
responsible enough to manage this money wisely. Yeah, I might splurge a
little and get a sail boat, big whoop. The rest, though, is all
going towards our 401k. No, we can’t split the money. We’re the same
person, you bonehead. Please do not struggle so much. I already feel terrible. – Hey, genius. You realize if you kill
him, we all die, right? – If I kill him, yes,
but if I reduce his brain to a comatose state of mush, then all should
be well and good, and we can take over full time. – Little Stephen
Hawking has a dark side. – Ah. I’d say this turkey is done. Now, where is this ticket. – Oh, probably should do
something about the body. – I’ll take care of it. – Yeah? – Sure. Corpse disposal is
a hobby of mine, so. – Oh, fantastic. – Plus John John’ll
fuckin’ flip shit if he walks in here. – Oh, don’t I know it. – I mean, can you
imagine, hey guys. Where’s ice cream (laughing) fuck body. – What was this guy doing? He’s died? – Oh, hey, I’m so scared. (laughing) – La da da da. Boy, I need a fresh towel. (curious music) What’s with all the plastic? – What? Huh? Oh, yeah, I was gonna
do some painting. – What color? – I was thinking red. – Nice. – So, what do you want
to do about the others? – Well, we will have better
odds of eliminating them if we team up. – Love it. Brilliant. – But the ticket
stays with me, okay? – Whatever you say, brother. You are the smart one. – Indeed. You know, Jack, I realize we
haven’t always gotten along, but I think there is
real potential here. I feel like we’ve
acknowledged our differences, and are finally ready
to let bygones be. (gunshot) – I couldn’t agree more. (rock beat) I feel good about this. (rock beat) I feel a shit brewing. – Mr. Jack. – Boris. – I have imagined
this moment so long. Me, sitting here with my vodka, and my revolver. You, standing
there, like asshole. Isn’t it wonderful? – I don’t have the ticket. – Who says I want the ticket? I want the ticket, but
I want to kill you more. See, the ticket is bonus. I use money, fly home to Russia. – Uh, hate to break
it to you there, Dolf, but we were all born in Idaho. – Impossible. – All right, name
one city in Russia. – Moscow.
– Other than Moscow. – Russia town.
– Nope. – Mazel Tov.
– Not even fucking close. – [Boris] Schwarzenegger. – What? – Enough games. I kill you now. – Yeah, you could, or you
could put down that gun, and face me like a fucking man. – How about I shoot
you in the fucking face like a fucking man. That works, yeah? – If you want to be
a pussy about it. – What you call me? – Uh, I don’t know, Boris. I’ve called you a lot of things. Fucking asshole. – Nope. – Uptight prick.
– Something else. – Pencil dick. Needle dick. Tweedle dee. Dickhead. – Starts with P. – Oh, that’s right. That’s right, I
called you a pussy. – I could kill you
with bare hand. – See, you keep talking,
but all I’m hearing is a lot of queefing. (chuckling) La la la la la la la la la la. – Whoa. (curious music) – [Man] What was that? What is he doing? Did you see that? This is awesome. – You’re paying for
that, by the way. – This is going on Youtube. (perplexing music) – Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Get it, get it. (perplexing music) (chuckling) – Bro, this is not real. – Get up, you maggot. – Get him, Norman! Sock him in the face! – You punch like infant. (perplexing music) – Jean-Claude Van Damme,
that motherfucker. Yeah. (perplexing music) – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – Wait. – Ah. – That’s all right, I got it. (perplexing music) – Come on, you commie fuck. – I told you, I’m socialist. (breaking glass) – You ready to bleed? (perplexing music) – [Boris] Take that,
you little bitch. – No, that’s domestic
abuse, David. – [Boris] Oh. Yeah, fuck you. – I’m calling the police. Go get Shana. – That’s how you
want to play it, huh? Now, that was fucking awesome. Fuck, yeah. Stop breaking shit over my head. (chuckling) Fuck you. – You ask for bull, you
get the horn on his head. (shouting) Goddamn you. Goddamn you. – Yeehaw. You like that? This one’s gonna be
a little different. How about this one? That one hurt me a little bit. Who’s the bull now? – Well, that worked out nicely. Oh, no, pretty boy. – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. (upstart music) (chuckling) – Hey, that’s mine. – Yeah, who’s on top now, baby? That’s my jerking
hand, you jerk. Oh, that fits in there
nicely, doesn’t it? I got something else for you. Here. You are really good at this. Ew. (upstart music) All right, we’ve been at it. This has gone on a little long. – No matter what you do,
you will always lose. Well, this was
big waste of time. – Not from my perspective. You know, if you kill me, you’ll never know
where the ticket is. – You hide it by penis. I see it right now. – Goddammit, son of a bitch, fucking dick fuck. So, what now? – Now, you take ticket. You earn it, I think. – Bullshit. – I know. Now I watch you die. – No more violence. It’s mean, and it’s wrong, and
I just can’t take it anymore. – Okay. – No more. No more. No more. (laughing) Oh no, Boris. I think I killed him. Is he dead? Oh no, Boris. I think he’s dead. – No, no, he might be fine. – Oh, I killed a man. Oh my god, can you
take his pulse for me? – He’ll need this. He’s fine. He’s good. – Oh, Boris. I don’t know what to do. – Hey, I’ll buy you all the
ice cream you can possibly eat if you just stop crying already. – Really? ‘Cause I can eat a lot. – We have $7 million. – Is that enough? – I think so. – I don’t know if that’s enough. – It’s enough. – Boris, let’s just
make a pact, can we? No more violence. – What? – ‘Cause it’s not nice. – Oh, no. – It’s mean. – Terrible, it’s the worst. – Are you being serious. – Dead serious. – But you’re smiling. – I always smile. (knocking on door) Who the fuck is that? (knocking on door) – Open up, please! – It’s the landlord lady. – I handle it. Here, take this. In case it get messy. – Boris. – What? – We both agreed, no violence. – I thought that was joke. – The police are one the way. You might as well
just let me in. – But, Boris. – This is one last murder. – No! – Look, you infant. They come in, they find
Bobbie, we go Jail, and no ice cream in jail, okay? – I don’t care. No more. (crying) – No, don’t start that again. – God, is there a
little girl in there? – Oh my god. – I’ve seen enough. I’m coming in. – Good for you, Shana. – Don’t do it. – Okay, fine, she lives. Just stop crying already. – [Shana] There it is. Hey. Open this door. – No, thank you. We are busy in here. – Come back later, please. – Come on, I know
you’re hurting that kid. – We need escape route. – Um, let’s see, we could dig a
hole in the floor, and then dig all the way
until we get to the ocean, and then we can
just go swimming. – I was thinking bathroom. Shut up, pass me stool. – [Shana] Get off of that kid! Get off of that kid! – Now go. – Cops are coming
after you, you idiot. Open up. (jazzy music) – Move your shit. – Quit pushing. That’s my butt. – Fuck is this? – Boris, there’s a dog out here. This is so hard. I’m not playing, man. What do you want me to do? – Move your fucking fat ass. – In the bathroom. – Hey. – Hay is for horses,
and go fuck yourself. (chuckling) (dog barking) (upstart music) – Whoa. – Polizei. – What’s he doing? Monkey wants to help. – Well, it’s about time. He’s long gone now. – Do you have any idea what
the suspect looked like? – Okay, Caucasian male, mid 20s. – [Man] About five-ten, maybe. – [Shana] Crazy as hell. – Brown hair, he had a
white button down shirt on. – Striped tie. – You know, I have a
good feeling about this. – Yeah? – Yeah, I really do. – Do you have any idea
which way the suspect might have went? – Well, he took off
out of the window, and so he’s probably
down the alley by now, but who knows. – That’s my ice
cream, give it back. Give me back my ice cream. – Yeah, back! – That’s my ice cream. – I’m just gonna
have a couple bites. Just one more bite. – No! Mommy! – Hey, what the fuck is this? – What? Oh, cops. – Excuse me, sir. – Time to go. – Sir. Hey! (intense electronic music) – Police! Stop! I said freeze! Hey! – He’s right behind us. – Hey! (dubstep music) – Hi. – Hey, hey, hey. – Sorry. – Shit. (intense dubstep music) – Boris. (crying) He’s getting closer. (intense dubstep music) – Stop! – Dammit! – Boris, we’re in the
middle of Mexicans. (intense dubstep music) – Stop! – Did we lose him? – [Officer] I said stop now! – He’s pretty close. – I’m going. God, you’re heavy. – Sorry. – He might even thank us. – Oh, I wouldn’t count on that. – Yeah, that might
be a bit much, but I really do think some
good’s gonna come out of this. I really do. Hey, we should pick
him up some dinner. – Oh, that’s a great idea. (dubstep music) – What do we do? – We have to create diversion. – Okay, I don’t
know what that is. You want me to what? – It’s fine. Go, go, go. – Hey, freeze! – Take it off. – Hey! – Time to go, time to go. – I’m sorry, there was a guy. There was a guy. (shouting) – Step away from him. Hey, go to your car. Go to your car, now. Go to your car. (intense dubstep music) – We did it. We did it. We did it. We did it. – I know, I was there. – He saw my peepee. – I know, I was there. It was nice peepee. – Thanks, Boris. – Look much like mine, but
you have to understand, we are fugitives
now, on the run. – Okay. – Okay? We must always keep
watching our back. You never know who’s
breathing down your neck. One second you feel safe. – This is so exciting. – Next second, it’s
icy cold death. Just because we have $7
million doesn’t make us safe from authorities. You understand what I’m saying? John John? No. – And then, Norman,
that’s his name, Norman. He threw himself
through the window like my Uncle Jerry
did to my Aunt Leanne at Christmas time, then
he was choking himself. – You didn’t get any
help this whole time? – What? – Did you? – Repeat the question. – Hey, Glasses, look what
I found in the bathtub. – Ooh. – Put that down. Sir, put that down, please. – Oh, like I’m the
one who did it. – Guys, none of you should
even be here right now! – Excuse me, I am the landlady! I invented him. – I walk by the
pool, you’re drunk. – No, ma’am, this
is a police matter. Thank you. – Police matter? – Yeah, we are, we
live right next door. – Yeah, she’s crazy. Pull your gun. – We deserve to know
what’s going on. (speaking gibberish) – Get that fucking
thing out of your hand. Filthy piece of shit. – Ma’am, I chased
him for 30 minutes. – Do you know what Hentai is? – Yes, I know what Hentai is. – Excuse me. (shouting) What the fuck is going on? – Someone order seven pizzas? – Hey, the landlady said his
car was missing from the spot, so there’s a chance
he came back for it. Do you have any idea
where he might have gone? – He has a girlfriend, but
they’re not that serious. I don’t think he even told
her about his condition. He takes medication, normally. – [Officer] Is
there anyone else? – No, he pretty much
keeps to himself. – Is there any reason why
you’d know that he might have gone off his medication? (rock beat) – Woohoo! Woo! – Hey, Beth, you wanna
know the first thing we’re gonna spend this money on? – What’s that? – A brand new
Mustang convertible. – Oo. – The classiest
car money can buy. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna cruise up
and down the coast. Just gonna go back and
forth all along California, and we’re never gonna
run out of gas, ever, because we got love. (rock beat) (phone ringing) – What the hell is that? – I think it’s my phone. Hello. – Oh my god, Johnny. – Oh, no, sweetie, this is Joan. To who am I speaking? – Johnny, I want to talk to
Johnny if he’s available. – [Voiceover] Who is it? – [Voiceover] I don’t know. She won’t say. Oh, sweetie, you gotta get
off at Crescent View Road. – Oh my god, please just
tell me where you are. – [Voiceover] Don’t tell her. She’s probably just
after the money. – The money? – [Voiceover] Beth, hang it up. Hang it up, just hang it up. – [Voiceover] Oh,
I’m sorry, honey. I’m gonna have to
let you go, okay. – Johnny. – [Voiceover] Kiss
kiss, hug hug. – Johnny. – [Voiceover] Hang it up. (hang up tone) – Crescent View Road. (curious music) – [Jerry] Thank you, officer. – Of course. Now remember, if
you talk to him, or you can think
of anything else, please call. – Definitely. – Sure. – Thank you, folks. – Good night. – I know where he is, Jerry. (curious music) Sounded like he was doing
two different voices on the phone, and he
wouldn’t tell me anything, but I know I heard him
mention Crescent View Road. – You think he’s going
all the way to the cabin? – It makes sense. If he has any control over
his actions right now, I think he’d want
to isolate himself. I’m just afraid why. (old time music on radio) (woman singing) – Welcome to hell. Hope you brought your passport, ’cause it’s gonna be really. – Jake, the moment
passed, honey. – Yeah. – And for Pete’s sake, would
you take off that mask already? You look like you’re
gonna rob Anytime Fitness. Give me the mask. – Fine. Now, would you kindly
remove the gag? – Yeah, sure. Don’t. – Jay. – I got it. – It was all I had.
Don’t judge me. Oh, it’s not that bad. – Yeah, I had those in my
mouth for like two hours last night. – You both make me sick. You ought to be
ashamed of yourself. – We still talking
about the panties, or? – No, not the panties. You kill innocent child. – Oh. – John John. – Yeah. Yeah. – Listen to my words,
I will avenge him. – Yeah, that’s all
fine and dandy, but let’s get down
to why we’re here. – Where’s the ticket, bro? – I never tell you. You have to kill me first. – How the fuck’s
that gonna work? – I had a feeling he
was gonna be difficult. Honey, keep an eye on him. I’m gonna bring in plan B. – Hell yeah, getting
laid tonight. – Not that plan B. – Oh, sorry. – And don’t take
your eyes off him. – You got it, babe. Jeez. – You hear that? How she command you? She treat you like dog. – So, I love dogs. – She treat you like cat. – I fuckin’ hate cats. – [Joan] Hey, Sweetie. – Hear that? – Yeah, it was Joan. She said, “Hey, Sweetie.” – No, no. She say, “Here, kitty, kitty.” – [Joan] Sweetie. – Kitty. – What. Stop it. – You hear it. I know you do. – Babe, what do you want? I’m not a cat. – I can’t find plan B. – You check the bathroom? – [Joan] I said not that plan B. – Well, I don’t know, then. – You are useless. – See, deep down, she
don’t truly care for you. Just like people and their cats. – [Joan] Sweetie. – [Boris] Kitty. – Don’t. Babe, what. Stop. – I think I left it in the car. Will you run along
and fetch it for me. It’s chilly out there. – Go fetch, kitty. – Kitty’s don’t fetch. (hissing) (old time music) – [Jerry] You ever
think maybe we went about this whole
thing the wrong way? – [Vera] I’d say
that’s pretty obvious. – No, I mean, I mean, all of it. – Aside from a few hiccups, I think we always
did what was right. – But your father at the end,
when things were the worst, he always seemed so happy. No medication, no therapy. – Yeah, but my
mother was terrified. – Yeah? – Oh, god, yes. So was I. It was a nut house, and
you can’t live like that. Johnny’s no different. If there’s anything
I’ve learned this week, it’s that we haven’t
been tough enough. – Huh. Maybe. ♪ As I went down to
the river to pray ♪ Thinking about
them good old days ♪ – I know you do. But what if he wants it
as much as you want it? – See, we’re not like you. We’re a couple. – You think you control him, but we both saw him
snap little child’s neck like it was Slim Jim. What makes you so sure
he won’t do same to you? – Well, that little child
didn’t have this body you see before you. – Eh, pretty close. – No, see, Big Jay
may be a hungry man, but I feed him all
the loving he needs. With an extra side of kinky. – That’s right. – I may have seen him get his
dinner elsewhere last night. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, now. Hold on there, cowboy. What exactly are
you referring to? – I didn’t want to say, but, I saw him with landlady. – Shana? – They make disgusting
love by poolside. It was hideous. – Well, why would you watch
it, if it was hideous? – I am very sick man. – Found it, plus I
got the jumper cables. – Jumper cable? (machine firing up) – This is like the gayest
way to torture someone. Give me your worst. I am trained to
resist seven hours. – Oh, you hear that, Jay? He says he can endure seven
hours of torture, honey. (electric waves) Well? – Give up that ticket, bro. – Na. – Oh, look at him shake. (fast-paced orchestra music) Shake. Shake. How about now? – How about no? – Give up that money, bro. – No, thanks, bro. (chuckling) – Look at his eyes like that. Looks like the Exorcist. The Electrocist. – [Jay] I want
that money, Boris. – Hey, you have a protein
shake, you dumb fuck? – I don’t like it when people
talk to my man like that. – I can fight my own
battles, thank you. – You don’t even know
what you even gonna do with that money anyway. You don’t even know what
you’re gonna do with it. Go to the Home Depot? – Home Depot. Fuck your Home Depot. – Little bit more. I don’t think he’s quite
getting the message. – Does that feel good? You feeling good? – I still have six
hours 59 minutes to go. Keep on coming. – Are you feeling anything? Is it working? – You can go sucky fuck, dicks, stick it up your, and then put it in your, and put it right, fucking up your, smelly fuck. – I think you need to
crank it up a notch. – Good. Ho. I came in my panties. Did both of you? I hope so. (electric waves) – Jay, crank it to the
max, and hit him again. – How about you don’t
boss me, and I will? – Why are you
being so difficult? – Why you being so bossy? – Just flip the damn switch. – Maybe I don’t feel like it. – Jay. – Well, maybe I don’t. – Fine, then I’ll take it. – Hey. – Guess who just lost
their torture privileges. – Oo, bad kitty. (curious music) – You know what? When this is all over,
I think you and I ought to spend a
little time apart. – What? – I just don’t
see a future here. – I told you. – Would this have anything to do with your little African queen? – Is that a Lion King reference? – She’s calling you kitty. – [Jay] Stay out of this. – Answer the question. He’s his own man now. – Oh, really. – What did I just say? – Is that so? – Yes, he’s right. I am my own man. – And you’ve been lying
to me this whole time. – No, I’m telling
you, I am not lying. – Kitty, kitty. – [Both] Shut up. – Why don’t you just go sleep
with all the black women in Los Angeles? – Uh, I don’t know why I would, but they’d probably be a hell
of a lot better than you. – What? – The only time you
talk to me anymore is when you need something,
so you can boss me around some more. – Oh, that is a lie,
and you know it. – Oh, no it ain’t. You spend all your
time, you’re tweeting, or you’re on Facebook,
or your LinkedIn. Probably some guy’s dick. – Well, maybe, if you
were actually able to carry on an
intelligent conversation. – Don’t point that at me. – I would want to talk more. – Do not point that at me. – I’ll point this thing
where I want to point it. – Stop it. – I’ll point this right
at your tally whacker, if that’s what I feel. – Oh, yeah, yeah. Real great, babe. – Gloves are coming off, baby. If this is what you want,
this is what you’re gonna get. – You know, I could say
some mean things too. I don’t think that blue
is the best color on you. You better toughen
up that skin, baby, ’cause I’m just
getting warmed up. – No, you do not
get to call me baby. – Toughen it up. – Jake, look.
– Toughen it up. – What? That little turd. Give me that. (stark drums) – Do you see him? – No. (stark drums) Boris, if you jump
out and scare me, I swear to god, I will
shoot you in the weiner. (suspenseful music) I am gonna shoot you in the face. – Talk to me, sweetie. What’s going on up there? (thud) – You sneaky. – Uh, uh, uh. So, here’s how this work. You give me gun, or I
decorate cabin with blood of girlfriend’s jugular. It’s up to you. – Well, actually, I don’t really like
her much anymore, so, you know, I think I’d
be okay with that. – Okay, fine. She dies then. – No, no, no, no, no. Goddammit. Don’t. – Hand it over. (cocks gun) You two thought
you were so clever with your nipple tortures, but come tomorrow, it
is I who will lounge on Russian beach with
my vodka martini, while you lounge in coffin. (electric wave) Well, that was
big waste of time. – If you want to
take me down, Boris, you’ll have to do
a whole lot better than just dropping a log on me. That didn’t sound right, did it? – No. – Yeah, it didn’t
feel good when it. – [Jay] No. – Just know this, the only vodka martinis
being had are the ones consumed by us. That felt better. – Martini. – No, that’s what I’m saying. The only vodka
martini’s being had are the ones consumed by us. – Where’s the flask? – What are you doing? – And Bingo was his name-o. – Oh my god, you
actually found it. You are one big hunk of
genius, you know that? – Well, I couldn’t have
done it without you, babe. – I think this calls
for a celebration. (rock beat) barging in here like that? You can’t even knock? – Yeah, what are
you, couple perverts? Jeez. – Don’t mind him. He gets horrid when I
don’t let him ejaculate. Jay, have you seen my panties? I know they were in
Boris’s mouth before, but where’d they go after that? – Oh, Johnny. Enough is enough. – Oh, there we go. – Vera. – No, I’m putting
a stop to this. Johnny, stop it! – Are you talking to me? – Yes, I’m talking to you. – Well, excuse me, missy,
but I don’t think you know who you’re talking to. – I know exactly who I’m
talking to, my son, Johnny, who is a man, not a woman. – Well, that’d probably
be the only thing you actually do know
about him, now, isn’t it? – What’s that supposed to mean? – See, you think
you’re so smart, that you got all the answers, when the fact of the matter is, you don’t know shit. Oo, look out. Cat fight. Oh, these chicks are
the cats, not me. I’m not a cat. – You stay out of this. – Hey, don’t you talk
to my man like that. – Listen here, John. I’m sorry, what’s your name? – Joan? – Oh, that’s cute. Well, listen here,
Joan, I love my son, and everything I’ve done
is for his own good. – All you ever cared
about is what people were gonna think of him. – That’s not true. – Uh-huh. – Kinda. – Jerry! – Sorry. – Okay, that was
important to me, but. – What the hell are you doing? – Sorry, what. It was getting a
little boring, so. – Oh, god. This is pointless. Will you just let
me speak to my son? – Not ’til you admit that
you were controlling, and selfish, and that I look
much better in a sundress. (laughing) – [Vera] Are you
having fun, Jerry? – I’m sorry, that was funny. – I don’t know what
you’re laughing at, Pops. You’re just as bad. You spend all your
time piddling around and reading magazines all day
when you should be stepping up like a man. – [Vera] No. Jerry and I made every
decision together. – Not every one. – [Vera] What? – Well, there was
some we didn’t. – What are you
trying to do here? Oh my god, will you stop that? – Calm down, Vera. – How can I, when
everybody’s ganging up on me? – Oh, poor Vera. Woe is me. Life is so terrible,
’cause I have a son who’s a little different. – A little? – Yeah, a little. Jay, I got this, sweetie. Sorry, yeah, get her. I know it couldn’t
have been easy, and I’m sure some
days were hell, but can you honestly
stand there and tell me that none of what you did, all that therapy, and
that terrible medicine, none of it was because
you were ashamed? (upstart music) I think we’re done here. – Nicely done, babe. – I know. Thank you, sweetie. – Boris. – We have really got to work
on our observational skills. – Yeah, you said it, babe. – This is for John John. – Whoa my god! (squealing) (jazzy music) – This is what you get. Oh my god! Ain’t you gonna help him? – Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. (sparks) (chuckling) – He have it coming. – You know this is
what he deserve. (gunshots) Bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang. Bang, bang, bang, bang. (jazzy music) I’m sorry you have to see this. Oh my god. Jer, I
don’t even know. He’s dead, he’s dead. That Russian bastard killed him. Oh my god. Oh. He was all I had
left in this world. Now everyone I
care about is gone. There has been so much
greed and carnage, and for what, you know? A little money? I mean, I was affected
the same as everyone else. It makes you crazy. I have been acting crazy, y’all. – No. – And it’s all ’cause
of that damn ticket. – Ticket? – But not anymore. I’m gonna put an end
to this right now. – Joan. Joan, can we help you? (tempered piano) That’s not a winning
ticket, is it? – Jerry, be serious. Now wait, sweetie. You don’t want to do that. – Vera, it’s his hand. – [Vera] If she
pulls that trigger, there might not be anyone left. Just relax, Joan. Okay? – God, y’all just don’t get it! I don’t want to be alone! – Well, you don’t have to be. You have us. – No. No, y’all
don’t even like me. – We love you. – You mean the world to us. – No, no, Johnny is
the one that you love. – [Vera] We love
both of you the same. – [Jerry] Please. – [Vera] Just put away the gun, and let’s go back inside, okay? (tempered piano) Come on, sweetie. – I’m so sorry. Bang! (river) – He’s still breathing okay. – Do we need to call an
ambulance or something? – I don’t know. Wait. Johnny? – [Jerry] You okay? Is it just you? – I think so. – I’m so sorry, sweetie. – We screwed up. – Thanks, Dad. – [Jerry] My pleasure. – Mom, you gotta stop
staring at me like that. – I’m sorry. I’m just so relieved. – [Jerry] So, do you
remember anything? – Kinda. Yeah. It’s weird. I felt like I was
watching myself, but had zero control. – Do you, do you
remember our fight? – Yeah, I’m sorry. – No, I’m sorry. – We brought your medication. – You sure you don’t want
to go to the hospital? – Mom, I’m fine, okay? – ‘Cause we can take you. We totally can, it’s just that, you might be arrested. – Yeah. About that, what do we do about that? – Maybe we should
stay a couple of days. – Sounds like a good idea. And it’s perfect, because my boss just gave
me a few vacation days. – Really? – No. I’m fired. I can never go back there. (tempered music) – Goodnight. I think he’s gonna be okay. – I think he is too. – What a bummer, huh? I mean, I love Joan and
all, but that was f’in dumb. You know? – Hi. – [John] You. – I know, I’m not your
favorite person right now, but if you let me explain. – Boris, I think this
cereal is expired. – I tell you, it’s fine. Oh, good morning. You want old cereal? – Johnny? What’s going on? Are you okay? – Son. What’s wrong, son? – No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I’m fine, just fine. I’m just gonna go for a jog. – [Vera] Johnny, come back. (perplexing music) – Johnny, where are you going? – [Jerry] Son, get back here. Come on! (perplexing music) – I know you’re there, Jack. – You probably smell me, huh? – How are you here? How the fuck are you all here? I watched you die. – You know, they say
a cat has nine lives. – Yeah. – I feel like that
applies to this somehow. I don’t know. – Jesus. – Hey, look, we’re
confused too, all right. I mean, maybe, deep down, you don’t really want us to go. Yeah, okay, maybe not. I guess we did get a
little out of hand. – You guys tried to kill me. – Well, technically,
that was Jonathan, and he feels really
bad, by the way. – Oh, that’s good. That makes it okay. – That’s not what I said. I said he feels really bad. Look, we know you hate us. You hate our guts. You wish we were dead. – Don’t. – We fucking suck at everything. – You’re not getting
my sympathy, Jack. – Well, I think I fucking
deserve a little sympathy. How’s that? – You are out of your mind. – Well, you’re a
lying little bitch. – Excuse me? – Now, you abandoned me. – I don’t know what the
hell you’re talking about. – You broke your promise. We made a pact, and
you fucking broke it. Whatever, I’m over it. It’s the past. In any case, your little
week at hell here, may or may not have
kind of been payback. Did we ruin your life? Maybe. It’s a matter of opinion. Let’s not kid ourselves, life wasn’t exactly a fuckin’
candy colored ray of sunshine before we came along, but, it was your life. We just wanted to
make it more colorful, so if you want it back, we won’t stand in your way. (uplifting music) For the record, we are
capable of behaving ourselves. I mean, in case you
were reconsidering. Oh, wow. You just, and that
solidifies it. All right. – It’s the right choice. – Yeah, bro. – Good call. And sorry again,
about the bath tub. I feel awful. – Take care of yourself, pal. – Bye. (uplifting music) – We’re still here. – It takes a while for the
drugs to kick in, you idiot. – Oh, okay. – It’s not magic, all right. See what you’re leaving me with? – You guys always could make me laugh. [Voiceover] How are you here? How the fuck are you all here? I watched you die. – Maybe deep down, you don’t really want us to go. – You are out of your mind. – Did we ruin your life, maybe. Let’s not kid ourselves, life wasn’t exactly a fucking
candy colored ray of sunshine before we came along. (tempered music) – Jack, that is awesome. – Yeah, pretty sure it’s
illegal, though, but whatev. – [John] We’re always
gonna be friends, right? – Hell, yeah. We can even make a
pact, if you want. – Okay. – As long as our names
are carved on this tree, we will be best buds. (spitting) – I am a lying little bitch. (spurring music) – Jerry, I see
him. Here he comes. Johnny, you have got to stop
freaking us out like this. I seriously can’t. What, Johnny? – Where you going? – To the river! – Oh, Jesus. (spurring music) I have a confession to make. The overdose wasn’t an accident. I’m sorry. I was unhappy, and I was dumb. Now, I can keep taking these
pills, and be miserable, or I can say fuck it,
and just try to manage. – I don’t know. Son, do you think
you can do this? – I don’t know. I think it’s worth a shot. (spurring music) – Well, I know how I
feel about this, but, Jerry, this one’s on you. (spurring music) – Fuck it. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Your mom and I love you. – No matter how crazy. (spurring music) – Every day is a challenge,
and I am doing my very best to cope, but if I am
being completely frank, I gotta say, I’m
kinda enjoying myself. Now, in regards to
the property damage, that I am sorry for,
as well as my behavior, but I assure, as soon
as I find a new job, you will be fully reimbursed. – You got two days. – I can work with that. – Mm-hmm, and have your
crap out by five p.m. and I won’t press charges. – Will do. Thanks. And I love what you did with
the patio door, by the way. It’s very avant garde. It works. How’d I do? – Not bad. Not bad at all. Right, so does this make us
even Stephen for the bathtub? – No, not even close. – Okay. (uplifting music) – How’d it go? Was she mad? – I kinda had it coming. Will you stop cleaning? – What? – I’m not getting
the deposit back. – Bedroom’s cleared. – Rock on. – I’m gonna take this
down to the truck, and then I’ll come back, and we can tackle this room. – Well, you know what,
I’m gonna go with you. I think I have some
more bleach out there. – Jesus, Mom, you better not. – It’s happening, so
you better get over it. – Wow. – I missed them. – Yeah, me too. – It’s good to have
family, you know? – Hey, we 86ing
this dump, or what? – Yeah, if you get off your ass, and help me move this furniture. – It’s cool, I got it. – Check out the Hulk over here. – Would you just
put the couch down? – You know, I still
don’t understand why you didn’t just
hire a moving company? – Well, we can’t exactly
afford that right now. – I think you can. – What are you talking about? (tempered music) – Why is he smiling? – Stop smiling. What are you talking about? – Sorry, take a look. Well, after drowning
you in the bathtub, I had a sneaky
suspicion Jack might try to blow my brains out. – He knows me. – Wait, what’s going on now? – So, when I went in the
bedroom to get a towel, I switched the ticket
with an old one. (chuckling) I just can’t believe none
of you idiots even noticed. You were all fighting
over a losing ticket. (laughing) I mean, talk about
a bunch of idiots. – We’re millionaires again. – No, you’re the
millionaire, pal. – I don’t even know what to do. – Hookers. What? (mumbling) – You do whatever
you want to do. (rock beat) ♪ I want all your loving
right on next to me ♪ You want all my loving
right on by your side ♪ Next to me ♪ Next to me ♪ Next to me ♪ Let me taste your
everything all over me ♪ Let me take your loving
right on down at sea – I’m the king of the world! ♪ I’m gonna love
you like you need ♪ I’ll be drowned
before you walk – Now, pace yourself. ♪ As long as I get my lovin’,
it’s all right with me ♪ ‘Cause I can’t use your lovin’ – We got another one. – Oh, my little traveler. Let me see. ♪ I’m gonna take you tonight ♪ I said, I’m gonna
break you, all right ♪ I said, I’m gonna take you ♪ Oh, I’m gonna make you ♪ I’m gonna make it all right ♪ ‘Cause I finally see
you coming after me – Drive safe, bro. – Honey, let’s go. Woohoo! ♪ My lovin’ is what you need ♪ I’ll be drowned before
you walk all over me ♪ As long as I get my lovin’,
it’s all right with me ♪ ‘Cause I can’t use
your lovin’ for too long ♪ As long as I get my lovin’,
it’s all right with me ♪ ‘Cause I can’t use
your lovin’ for too long ♪ I’m gonna take you tonight ♪ I said, I’m gonna
break you, all right ♪ I said, I’m gonna take you low ♪ I’m gonna make you, I’m
gonna make it all right ♪ I’m gonna take you tonight ♪ I said, I’m gonna
break you all right ♪ I said, I’m gonna take you low ♪ I’m gonna make you ♪ I’m gonna make it all right ♪ I want to take it, all right ♪ I said, I want to
take it all right, now ♪ I said, I want to take you low ♪ I want to take you ♪ I want to break it all right

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