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Hello friends i am Dr. Rachna Homeopathy Physician Today i will tell about “Typhoid Fever ” Homeopathy medicine “Typhoid Fever” is caused by an infection this spreads through the food and water such as outside food and bacterial food water which already contains bacteria we cannot see these bacteria but after drinking its spread in body what is the main cause of this? The main cause of Typhoid Fever is Bacterial Infection Salmonella Typhi, Bacteria Signing symptoms are as Muscular pain, Weakness.
Stomach pain.
Diarrhea or constipation.
Loss of appetite. High Fever 104 degree Fahrenheit few people will suffer from Skin rashes small small boils in skin indignation how this act in Body? Attack on which organs in blood? week the WBC: White blood cells attack on lever spleen and gallbladder small intestine in body this bacteria effect all of them and due to this condition known as Chronic disease who is suffering from fever since long time and fever will reduced very slowly but in Homeopathy medicine will cure it from root and permanently how to diagnose the? there are few tests available for this CBP Blood Culture ,Stool Test Urine Test Main test is Widal test if its positive or negative if its positive then how many Salmonella Typhi, Bactria are there 1,2…5 there are grades available dependent on positive and negative grade in Report its clearly mention that typhoid fever is from when and which grade and how long it will take to cure Homeopathy medicine are available for Typhoid fever “Baptisia” is Top grade medicine for Typhoid fever this medicine can used by people who are suffering Delirium and Offensive Discharge if some one body is smelling more suffering from vertigo these people can use Baptisia -200 Potency 2 times a day for 3 months 3 month means continue you have to take this medicine in Morning and Evening 2nd Medicine is Arnica Archina you can use if you are suffering from sore throat pain any type of throat pain and you are suffering from fever and during test Typhoid is positive bruised feeling in body small small rashes blue blue rashes occurs then in this condetion you can use Arnic 200 Potency 2 times a day for 3 Months 3rd Medicine is Bryonia alba Acid Mur you can use this as well and symptoms are involuntary stool and deep sleep person having desire to sleep every time feeling weakness every time in this condition you can use Acid Mur 200 2 times a day for 3 months 4th Medicine is Arsenic Alb this one also you can use if patients is suffering from Positive Typhoid fever exhaustion in body restlessness ,anxiety body ache then you can use Arsenic Alb 200 potency 2 times a day for 3 months 5th Medicine is Carbo Veg if Typhoid is Positive also suffering from Gastritis indigestion, Diarrhea then you can use Carbo Veg 200 Potency 2 times a day for 2 month only Also Rhus Tox medicine in my previous videos i have informed about Rhus Tox Medicine this is common homeopathy medicine called as Polycrest remedies Polycrest remedies cure more than one disease if i have told to take Rhus Tox for other purpose don’t think its only for that as its a Polycrest remedies Rhus Tox medicine is one medicine which can cure number of disease also its very important medicine for Typhoid patient which are suffering from High degree fever skin rashes shivering some time fever increase and decrease motions and body ache this fever come from outside of cold then you can use Rhus Tox medicine 200 potency 2 times a day for 3 month only,these all medicine you can select as per your symptoms and use it for 3 months after completion of 3 month again do the investigation and in that Widal test report it will shows you got cured . also in report it will shows 50% or 60 % bacteria reduced or completely reduced test is compulsory to judge the relief after taking homeopathy medicine when ever you are eating or drinking please wash your hand properly make this habit of you and your kids please wash your hand properly before eating any thing use filtered water if you are out side then use boil water make it cool then drink as after boil bacteria get ills you can follow the diet instruction as i informed in my previous video Please Like Subscribe Share My Channel Homeopathy Health Care 24×7 to get details of diet instruction if you have any queries related to Typhoid Fever you can ask in Comment Box below. Thank You!!

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