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Best Homeopathy Doctor who treats Free of Cost – 0091-9418093019-Reference – Punjab KesariNews Clip

for treating swine flu, cancer, Gynecology, Renal diseases and many other chronic diseases , There is one doctor in India in Himalayan town of Una Himachal, who has answer to all..His name is Dr Ashwani Attri Dr Ashwani Attri is treating all patients Free of Cost basis, you an see the same through long queues in front of his clinic Dr Attri has treated more than 5000 patients on free of cost basis in his clinic for influenza and swine flu with proven medicine of Influenzinum, which is provided on free of cost Dr Ashwani Attri says that there is no side effect of the medicine and is totally safe without any side effects, even the medicines for all diseases of renal failure, cancer etc do not have any side effect.. Dr Ashwani Attri has already cured many cancer patients also, and many renal failure cases. CMO ( chief Medical Officer) of the district as well as Govt doctors also endorsed Dr Attri’s Initiative and Philanthropic efforts. They called it a noble and must exercise, also lamented that other docs are not joining his efforts. Dr Ashwani Attri has vowed that what ever it takes , he is comitted to serve the poor for free and spread the message for homeopathy in world

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