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Bentley taking care of baby doll [The Return of Superman/2019.06.23]

(Where did everyone go?) (What?) (He looks around guardedly.) He looked around carefully. – He was scanning. / – The baby is making a sound. (The baby is crying.) What will he do? (Baby, why are you crying?) Hold on. (Laughing) Since the baby was crying, Bentley picked him up to comfort him. (Lie down for a second.) (Crying) (Why are you crying again?) (What do I need to do to make the baby stop crying?) (Moo) – That came out of nowhere. / – “Moo”? (Moo) (Will Bentley succeed to make the baby laugh?) Ben is making an effort – to comfort the baby. / – Seriously. (I can’t do this alone.) What is it, Bentley? – Bentley can’t speak. / – Is there something? He wants Sam to follow him. He pointed to the right direction. What is it? My goodness. Hey. (Take a look at the baby.) No, no. (Sam begins to act.) It can be disastrous if you hold a baby like that. They will fall for the act if Sam cherishes the baby. (Sam is method acting.) (I want to touch the baby.) You can touch the baby. Do it gently. – Do it gently. / – Bentley likes – younger babies. / – Touch the baby. How pretty. How pretty. I want to hold the baby. – Can you hold the baby? / – Yes. (I am jealous.) They’ll be really nice to a younger sister. – I know. / – You laid him down right away. No, don’t touch the baby. William stopped him. Tell Bentley. Dad, let’s feed the baby. (John stops crying upon eating.) – Food. / – Food. John is eating, right? (Reaching) Bentley wants to touch the baby. (William, I hate you!) Bentley is angry. (I want to feed him, too.) Bentley is sulking. Bentley, eat snacks while John drinks milk. John is really happy. Snacks. Bentley wants to give the baby some snacks. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. (I found them!) He wants to give it the baby. Let’s give jellies to the baby. (His jellies are intercepted right before his eyes.) He got the jellies taken. (I brought these jellies!) Since he’s done drinking milk, let’s give him jellies. – William stole the spotlight. / – Good job, William. – William received the compliment. / – I know. Bentley brought the jellies. Goodness. He is upset. (Live happily with that baby.) He needs his own time and space. (William comes back from the restroom.) (Why does he look surprised?) Sam must have changed the doll. You got big. Bentley, come here. The baby became bigger. (The baby became bigger?) (What is going on?) (The baby really became bigger.) Dad, the baby became bigger. You are fat like Dad. What? Let’s take him outside. – Shall we take him outside? / – Yes. (I know what we need in order to go outside.) It looks like he will bring something. He is looking this way. (A stroller) – No, no. / – This one. A stroller. – Bentley understands everything. / – Put it here. It’s like his stroller. (I will push you comfortably.) – You are good. / – He’s taking care of the baby. Piggyback. A piggyback ride. Would you like to give him a piggyback ride? (Me!) – I will put him on your back. / – A piggyback ride. Where is John? Where is the baby? He is on your back. That’s right. – A baby has a baby on his back. / – Where is he? (I can’t see the baby.) – He can’t see him. / – Don’t hold him like that. – He should hold him in his arms. / – Where is John? – Dogs chase after their tails. / – Apt description. You caught him. You are too young to take care of him. I will go and change his diaper. Play here. (Scratching) Kids. John grew up. – Goodness. / – When will he stop? William, hello. It’s nice to meet you. I am John. (My goodness. Is he John?) My goodness. He was so shocked that he fell. (Is it really the baby?) – John grew up so much. / – He is startled. Thank you for raising me so well. It’s nice to meet you. (Don’t mention it.) Give me a hug. (You grew up so much that I didn’t recognize you.) (William simply watches.) It looks like William is onto something. (Right before they put John in the stroller…) (Staring) It looks like a toy. It looks like a toy. Don’t tell Bentley, okay? – William figured it out. / – William figured it out. Sam and William are fooling Bentley together. Bentley is doing a good job. Right? It’s John. (William can’t act.) That’s right. It’s John. It worked thanks to William. (Without knowing the truth,) (Bentley lived happily ever after with John.)

100 thoughts on “Bentley taking care of baby doll [The Return of Superman/2019.06.23]

  1. when the commentator said "when will he stop?" as Sam was bringing another puppet out got me laughing really loud 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I can't wait for Ben and William to have a little sister! Both of them would be so caring and it would be nice if I see bentley finally sharing his food with the baby 😂

  3. I really dont like it when Sam seems to let William be selfish and bossy toward Bentley… he should teach William to share and be nice to Bentley… and not ignore Bentley like that… 😔

  4. Bentley running is the cutest thing ever, i can't handle KAJSKHLDH cuteness overload. William is such a great hyung and he's so sweet, my heart melts everytime. Please stay in the show forever😍
    After the Lee twins left the show I was so devasted and the Hammington family makes me smile again!!~

  5. I love William and Bentley a whole bunch. Bentley is very smart for his age, and he's a baby! Toddler? Anyways he's smarter than this noona!

  6. Is there a baby no. 3? Hehe i hope so, and I hope it's a girl. I wanna see bentley and william being protective to their dongsaeng.

  7. 5:59 William can’t act?!? How dare you! Did you see him in the commercial for a “Korean” style siri or Alexa. He was superb

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