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Be A Public Health Hero

There are seven billion people on this mud ball. With that many people buzzing around we’re bound to collide. We’re imperfect… Did I wash my hands this morning? What did I eat today? Does my child need a vaccine? I don’t remember what I did last night. In all the beauty and brilliance of humankind, collectively we’re a petri dish. 40% of people don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom. So how many door handles and elevator buttons did you touch today? We’re ubiquitous and busy. We’re impulsive and experimental. And in our most intimate moments, regard for safety isn’t well… always of interest. Where we live, the air we breathe, our habits… The things we do every day have more impact on our health than genetics. And that’s why there are public health professionals in the midst considering our well-being when we’re not. These heroes go to the places others won’t. They’re on the front lines developing new programs and policies They conduct and disseminate research on vital public health initiatives to keep us alive. They strive to make our communities equitable, healthy, and resilient here and abroad. They work with us not against us. Pondering the public health of 7 billion people is no easy task But it’s happening right here, right now at the University of Nevada, Reno, where students studying public health Don’t just learn… they implement and save lives. Today we’re recruiting the courageous. Join our team of heroes working for the greater good.

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