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4 thoughts on “BCL Clinic treat people from around the world who have lyme disease

  1. Denne plassen var det eneste stedet jeg ble sett og hørt, uten denne klinikken ville jeg vært lam i dag. Det er trist og tragisk at den ikke lengre eksisterer.. :/

  2. Also imp to check iron levels, most doctors miss this. High iron is common in people of celtic/ viking ancestry (and energy sensitives) and pathology 'healthy ranges' are terrible, set too high. Ferritin 20-50 and saturation under 35% should be. Iron fortification is toxic to all, but particularly celtic/ viking (banned in sweden, denmark). Iron feeds any infection inc Lyme disease, so hard to fight Lyme if iron high. See Morley Robbins. Energetic stress also depletes bioavail copper and high iron (inverse relationship). Good luck 🙂

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