ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
BCH internal medicine physician talks maximizing your time with your doctor

[Anchor] It’s important to make time for regular
check-ups with your doctor, especially if something is concerning you. But when you
get to the doctor’s office it can seem like time just flies by. So Dr. Elizabeth
Cruse at Boulder Community Health says if you want to make the most of your
appointment it takes a little planning. [Dr. Cruse] A lot of us will leave a visit thinking ‘ah, I
forgot to ask that.’ So coming prepared is probably the most,
the best advice I could give people. So bring that list of questions that you
have. Understand that there’s a limited amount of time so you might have to
prioritize. So certainly putting your first two or three most important things
at the top of that list. Understanding that your doctor may have some things
that they need to get done. For example, if you’ve scheduled a physical or a
wellness visit there’s certain things that we have to get done to bill for
that or to pay for that visit. But the two of you can sit down and look through
the list and make a plan. [Anchor] Boulder Community Health says you’ll get the
greatest benefit from your appointment if you arrive early. Remember to bring
any medications with you. Have a trusted friend or family member come along and
ask for a recap at the end.

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