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Barbara shares thoughts from the palliative care unit

What brought me here to the Palliative Centre was that I was diagnosed with cancer. I was angry. I wasn’t because of the cancer. It was because of something else. I was just angry, angry all the time. So once I found that inner peace, I was just a happy girl. I’ve had a great life. I’ve travelled and had a great job. You know, don’t be sad. It’s not worth it, so sorry. So what has happened to me is A-OK. It happens to people and you have to come to terms with it. And I did. Just be careful what you eat and make sure that you eat healthy. I wish I had done that. I ate what I wanted to. And I wish I hadn’t done that. I wish I had been more careful because then in my fifties and sixties I wouldn’t be in this mess. Don’t go out every night. Go out once or twice maybe a week or two. Have a couple of drinks with your friends. Otherwise, leave it at that. To overindulge in anything that you do, just stop it. Don’t worry about the crap. Because the crap is always going to be there. And one day it will go away. Be nice to the people. Being nice and helping other people makes me feel really really good. And, if you’re good to them, you’ll find out that they’re going to be good you. And that makes life a whole lot easier. Ya, I kind of wish I was nicer to my mother. Because I was such a mean person I wish I was nicer to her. She often said, you’re so hard on me. And she was right, I was hard on her. I don’t know why and I wish I knew but we made peace with each other when my mother passed away. But I wish I hadn’t been so mean, ya. She had a heart of gold. She would help anybody who needed help. And I looked at her and I thought, boy, that’s what I want to be like. That quality. I want to achieve that. But the more I hung around her, the more I thought, you know what? I can achieve that if I try. I just have to have patience. So that’s what I’m trying to do is trying to be like my mother. I think that we do go on to our lives. I think that we do carry on. And that we do become the people, or the animal, whatever you’re going to be, when we pass, absolutely. Ya, that’s something I believe in. That it will be something or someone that will watch over the people that we love. I said to my friends, I will be here to haunt you. But yes, I do believe that you carry on. Most definitely. Just an average person wondering, what am I going to do now? What am I supposed to do? You’ll know what to do, along with your friends, you will know what to do. It’s going to be darn hard, but you’ll know what to do. It will come to you, believe me.

46 thoughts on “Barbara shares thoughts from the palliative care unit

  1. She's right. They don't want to leave us either. They feel they are going to miss us, so they really want us to be ourselves, and live. Just love them for who they are and be yourself. That'll be you someday. It's hard. For sure. If they could have just one more day, they would.

  2. We were told this afternoon my bf of 12 years has 6 months to live. Last dec, he was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. He had the surgery, chemo and radiation…but it wasnt enough. So now… i prepare myself to say goodbye to the love of my life, until he greets me when my time comes.

  3. No one can escape death no matter how careful you are in your diets and lifestyle. All we can do is to appreciate the people surround us and give a little more love back to them. Life is worth living, let's live strong just like her.

  4. I’m watching this as someone who has been visiting my uncle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed in December and the doctors says days now. He was the healthiest man. Body builder never drank or ate fast food. It’s shocking. It’s so sad. He looks completely different from the weight loss. Rest In Peace barb.

  5. What a truly amazing and courageous woman. She has helped so many in her time of most vulnerability. I hope that wherever she rests now, she knows what comfort she has brought so many others.

  6. honesty. thank you. My mother passed away at palliative care a few weeks ago. I'm shattered that no one from the hospital called to tell me, her daughter. It's a very cruel society when you can't warn a daughter her mother is in active stage of dying from stomach cancer. Would've been nice to have the chance to say goodbye to my mother while she could still talk.

  7. My coworker had twins but one passed away from cancer when he was 5 yrs old. This was in 2016. Now her husband got cancer & was in hospice care at home. He passed away Monday. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Life is so unfair 😕 I was thinking of getting her flowers & a card but I dont even know what to say in the card…

  8. No I don’t agree with her Because you only have one life and you should live that life to the fullest

  9. be careful eat this, drink this ,be care full ,at the end of the day nobody thinks about this until there doc says …….good luck …..umm i wiill be more carefull DO THAT NOW QUIT

  10. I love you. May you find perpetual peace and love. Thank you so much for using these last and precious moments to help us light up these dark places.

  11. She has that wise, comforting grandmother voice. I feel like she would read the best books at bedtime and I hope she knows how comforting her voice and words are for the living. Rest in peace.

  12. Genetics play such a big role Even if you do everything right we are all gonna die someday. And I think it's more important to enjoy everyday if you can even the bad things its all part of the Journey.

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