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Back and shoulder workout for beginners

Hey guys this is FitnessForYou. Im jesse. Im daniel and uh today we are bringing you a little back and shoulder workout. So uh tell them what we started off with man. Uh lat pull downs and uh yeah we do 4 sets one warm up set then uh what are we doing here dan. uhh seated rose for them hose. alright cant do that. But uh yeah we do 4 sets this to. We do 4 sets of everything 8 reps. yeah i usually do 8 to 10 reps depending on how im feeling for that set. yeah if its light we will go 10. This is uh reverse grip pull downs it just hits a different area in your back like the middle back area. basically like doing chin ups. yeah but its a good squiz for your middle back. and here we are doing dumbbell rows and uh this was kinda heavey but im not super strong on it so its okay

4 thoughts on “Back and shoulder workout for beginners

  1. i see your using the Hodgetwins and Chris Jones slang, think of your own stuff, see if you can get people singing out your shit, 

  2. I've found that the machine that tall used for rear delts does that to a lot of people's shoulders I just switched to the cable that people use for flys an it stopped bothering my shoulder an I could go heavier you should try it out.

  3. That's bad form on the Lat pull downs and reverses. I'm staying away from this video…really bad form all around.

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