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Ayurveda: The connection between the Moon and the Mind

Slowly, I would say, Western Science is catching
up with some of the ancient wisdom which was there in the Vedic tradition. If you see the scriptures it’s so beautiful,
it’s so scientific, and there is so much knowledge about the relationship between our
life and the world around us. They say: “yat pinde tad brahmande” that
what is there outside is there inside of us also. And specially if you look at one thing, for
example if we look at the mind. It is said that out of the mind of the consciousness,
the Being, when the world was created, when this Creation came into being, from the mind
was created the Moon. Now why is this said? It is very interesting. It says: “chandrama manaso jatha” So from
the Big Mind of the Being, the Moon was created. Now if you see, the moon has a connection
with our mind, a deep connection. That is why if you see when there is a full
moon, if you go to any place where they keep people who are mentally unstable, you will
find that on a full moon night they become much more unstable, much more restless. The mind gets affected, that is why they are
called “lunatics”, the word for moon is “luna”, and lunatics are those people
which we call crazy, which we call mentally unstable. Why? Because they are so much affected by the moon
as well. And that is why they say that a few days before
the full moon or the new moon, if you see in the Vedic traditions, people used to fast,
three days before. They say: that day, you take very light food,
take some juices, some fruits. Now why is that? Because the effect of food, if you eat something,
it stays up to three days. For three days it affects your body, your
mind, your state of mind. So they knew that when the full moon comes,
if there are any toxins in the body, it will increase on that day. If there is any disease in the body it becomes
worse on that day. So by fasting three days before the full moon
what happens? You are less affected, the mind is more peaceful,
the more body is more healthy, and it is a very good time to do sadhana, to do meditation, to do satsang, to do mantra japa, chanting of mantras. That is one very good way to spend those moments,
because there is a shift in the environment, there is a shift in the Nature. So during the next full moon, you can do this,
you can experiment. You make it a point that you have a light
dinner and you meditate, you can look at the moon for some time, do a meditation, it is a very beautiful experience.

5 thoughts on “Ayurveda: The connection between the Moon and the Mind

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  2. jay gurudev .. thank you guruji. i have been observing myself in the purnima ( full moon). i am much emotional and need to express myseld. not in the new moon though, but full moon makes me a cry baby. lol

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