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Ayurveda and Panchakarma

Nowadays, the most attractive part of Ayurveda is its
five fold method of treatment called Panchakarma. The number of people who come to our land
seeking Panchakarma treatment increases every year. But one of the interesting things is that Panchakarma therapies
are not properly understood by most of them. Though Panchakarma is comprised of a set of five therapies that does not mean all
five of them should be done in a sequential manner to a single patient. It is the physician who examines and determines
what therapy suits the patient and that too depends on the severity of the
disease condition and his/her body constitution. Panchakarma is a set of therapies that help the body
expel the toxins that cause many degenerative diseases. Toxins have easy access to our body in many ways. They are in the guise of metabolic wastes, pesticides used in the crops, unclean foods that ere served at way side open shops and so on. To drive out the toxins from the body, Panchakarma
treatment can be used as a detoxification process. The degenerative diseases are no more a hard nut
to crack if the detoxification processes of Panchakarma are done properly under the super vision of trained Ayurvedic physicians.

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