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Autumn Lawn care tips for the PERFECT lawn

– [Robbie] What about you, today we are in leafy South Belfast doing an early autumn lawn renovation. (upbeat music) Welcome to another Premier Lawns video this is Robbie from Premier Lawns. I’m a lawn care company based
in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Today I’m going to be doing
some aerating, some scarifying over seeding and putting on
some seaweed at the Scotton Way to do different things. (aerator motor running) This is one of those
lawns that are really into a perfect lawn because
the customer really takes a lot of pride in his lawn. The core aerating is now well under way, so for those of you that
usually follow my channel, you may notice Daniel is back with me. Daniel did some work experience with me in the Spring as part of
his course in Greenmount, it’s the local horticulture college and he’s has now joined
the Premier Lawns team as a trainee gardener. These are the cores that have
just come out of the lawn, the little plugs that the machine pulls. One of the benefits to aeration is once you aerate the root zone, it
stimulates beneficial soil microbes which in turn
help breakdown the thatch. Aerating your lawn is
the single best thing you can do for it in my opinion as compaction causes
all sorts of problems. (aerator motor running) I’m now on to the
process of scarification. Scarification as you can
see it just pulls out that organic layer that’s
really hard on the lawn. Just something to note
this is a ornamental lawn and it tends to naturally
create more thatch than something like a rye grass. Rye grass is something you
would see in a football pitch or a hard wearing lawn. As you can see, this is the
first pass over the lawn and the thatch is really
getting pulled out of the lawn but whenever we start
doing a double pass we’ll start pulling it a lot more. The finer grass that is
in this lawn produces more debris than it can break down, and we’ll get more accumulation
of that material which, over time breaks up builds
up into a thatch layer. For this reason I prefer to
do the work in the Autumn as you can be much harder
with the scarifier. The double pass is hard on
the lawn and takes a lot out, if I was scarifying this
amount in the spring, I wouldn’t be just as hard on it. Because it just wouldn’t have
the same time to recover. (blower whirring) Tidying up with the mess,
the debris, the cores, just all that grass and moss and such. It often takes a lot
longer to clean up the mess than the actual renovation work itself. A big lawn like this, we’d always collect up all the green waste and take it away as part of the quote. Some of the fantages would
tend to leave the waste and bags for the customers. I’ve really no idea how
they get away with it but, it’s not my work. (blower whirring) Now that we have both
lifted all the waste, we’re now onto the next
stage of the process. So what I’m going to put it on here is organic lawn treatment with seaweed. I’m a really big fan of seaweed. Seaweed contains loads of
micronutrients like boron, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium and
these are just a few of them. It also helps release nutrients
that get locked in the soil. The seaweed that I’m using makes its way down into the plants and into the roots. Here it really stimulates the root growth. The more roots the plant has, the better it can absorb water
and nutrients from the soil. And do you know what else I like about it? The seaweed that the product is made from is gathered here in Ireland. I like that its local and that using it helps our country’s economy and its also really sustainable. It also has some other
really good benefits, if you want to learn more about it, I will put a link to a
blog in my description. So the manner that I’m
just over seeding the lawn. I’m just really throwing the seed out here in the weaker areas. I’m not going to over seed the whole lawn just in the areas where I think might need thickening up a bit. If you are enjoying this
video, and if hopefully gained some knowledge from it, if you
could smash that like button down below it really helps me out and really helps me grow the channel and if you’ve enjoyed
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for more content like this. Thanks very much for watching, and lastly, I was here a couple of months ago seeing my customer about
something and they gave me a review so I’ll just put that on now. Listen thanks again for watching
see you in the next video. – Hello, I’d just like to
highly recommend Robbie. He’s been coming to us
now for a couple of years, and our garden has really,
really, really improved an awful lot since he’s come. Our grass, everything he does,
he’s got the Midas touch, everything turns to gold. Great, more than pleased,
more than pleased with the service. (upbeat music)

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  1. Hi mate cant wait to see that lawn again see what it has turned out like 👍what does that spray do and what is it again 👍

  2. Hi mate how come you do a double pass right off the bat instead of doing a pass cleaning up the debris and then doing the same again? Great video btw

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