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AtlantiCast Medical Minute: Summer Safety Tips

with the Atlanta cast medical minute I'm Luke Margolis the summer season is here so whether you're at the beach the ballpark or even just going for a walk make sure you do it safely with some important summer safety tips is dr. John Nevins he's the medical director for child and family medicine part of Atlantic Medical Group and dr. can you share a couple tips with our audience about some ways to stay safe sure Luke it's all about prevention get your SPF 15 or better applied 15 to 30 minutes before you're going to go outside bring your hat bring your sunglasses and a cool drink and you're ready for the Sun so let's say I or a child I'm watching have been outside for a couple hours and I'm worried maybe we might have overdone it what are a couple things I can keep an eye out for well certainly there might be redness of the skin irritability and you might notice that there isn't the perspiration you'd expect you've got to get it out of the Sun into a cool place can start hydrating doctor thanks so much to learn more about Atlantic health system or a couple of other summer safety tips you can go to Atlanta cast org

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