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4 thoughts on “At This Brain Injury Clinic, Victims Of Abuse Get To Rebuild Their Lives | TODAY

  1. So very needed! Domestic violence centers must all be educated! So many if us were pushed down causing our heads to slam against a wall, or a hard floor, punched in the face, choked. Not once but numerous times. The untold agony of not being able to think, function as you once did, not knowing why, is a nightmare. It affects the victims ability to escape, function on her job, her relationships with others. I lived this nightmare. My already beaten down self esteem was further damaged by not being able to problem solve, function as well on job and my relationship with my family. Some of the symptoms are strange and may be misunderstood. When I managed to escape to a safe house the counselor thought I had a stroke. I was not diagnosed until a fe years later. Those yes s of confusion, trying so hard to function,b unable to see things right in front of me and being ridiculed by coworkers and family for losing things, then unable to find what was right in front of me be cause I could not comprehend what I was seeing due to occipital lobe damage. Unable to connect, problem solve, etc was mistaken as inconsiderate behavior or carelessness. I considered suicide many times. What ya'll are doing is wonderful.

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