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ashwagandha | ashwagandha homeopathic medicine uses & symptoms | #ashwagandhauses #ashwagandha

Hello friends, welcome to my channel. I am doctor Ritu Jain and I am Homeopathic consultant. and today I am going to talk about homeopathic medicine for ASHWAGANDHA. I will talk about ashwagandha, it’s doses it’s symptoms and how and where it acts on the body so let us start the discussion about ashwagandha medicine. Ashwagandha medicine is a very ancient and known ayurvedic medicine which is very effective,it is a type of tonic it is a full body tonic it has a lot of uses and is very effective specially the homeopathic name is
Withania somnifera so Withania somnifera is a homeopathic medicine name. Now let us talk about it’s symptoms, how it acts on the body. specially there are 10 symptoms so first in your body it has a good effect on your brain. In the brain, it boosts your brain function, which means if there is lot of brain functioning then
there is memory loss and your memory is getting weak and you gradually start to forget then this medicine very effective for such weak memory people and increases their memory you weak memory is recovered and along with that if you have anxiety and depression then there also it shows good results. The next symptom is a very good immune booster immune booster means when there is immune weakness and are often sick then it strengths your immune system and it develops your immune system and your fighting ability towards foriegn bodies increases. so this one of the best type of immune booster.Third symptom is it a type of heart tonic which is very effective for heart diseases. If anybody has heart diseases where they feel tired after walking for a short distance palpitations are seen then it is a very effective medicine in this as a heart tonic. It also works as a liver tonic because if you have any liver diseases or any digestive problem due to weak liver then there also it is a very effective medicine. because it specially it reduces cholestrol and helps in reduction of triglyceroids. So your triglyceroid reduces and and even your cholestrol level reduces which helps your heart and liver to be healthy and relieved. So it works as a heart tonic. So there are other symptoms also. such as there are male and female symptoms like in males if there is reduction of testosterone level there is disturbance like night fall or erectile dis-function then there also it is a very effective medicine. it is very effective in females also in females if there is rapid or often urine infection then this medicine will be affective that will work as a very good tonic and improves your immune system and reduces your infections. Along with that there are natural steroids are also found in your body which will help you because of which you don’t need to take artificial steroids so they are found in the body but very small amount because of which your body gets a lot of help.Along with that there are ati-inflamatory properties if you have any swelling or burning then for that the affective medicine is ashwagandha. Then apsrt from that there are other symptoms people who are weak due to weakness your muscular mass is weak foe muscle weakness also it helps a lot. it boosts your muscular mass It increases your muscular mass. The effect of muscular mass is shown where if you have weakness or your weight is loss then this medicine increases your muscular mass and as muscle mass increases and you grow strong then the affect can be seen for your weight gain. For weight gain also it effects very much and along with that there is another thing if you are suffering from obesity then this medicine can be taken because it helps in dissolving the fat and your muscles grow strong then your body build up improves and becomes strong and is also healthy . So it is very effective for weight gain and also for weight loss because for a healthy body should not have more fat , your muscles should be strong and and fat should be less. So this is the action of the medicine on muscular mass.It dissolves your fat so it is a very affective medicine for weight loss and weight gain. It is not like that it only increases muscular mass so the obesity patient cannot take this as it will increase the fat but it does nit increase your fat dissolves your fat and makes your muscles strong if there is muscular disease like muscular atrophy disease there also it is very effective medicine because the muscular muscles grow strong and is very helpful. There are many other symptoms which I cannot complete it in one video and there is an other very important symptom which helps you stay young if you are aging soon then if you continuously take the medicine then your body becomes strong and helps you look young so you can use it for that also now let us talk about it’s doses it is generally taken in lower potency it is taken in mother tincture form or 1x potency form. so if your unable to take in mother tincture form then you can take in 1x potency 2 tablets three times a day and if mother tinture is taken then the doses 15-20 drops with a half cup of water 2-3 times a day is taken. you can use it in mother tincture form then it is very this was a very little information about ashwagandha and if you like today’s video then like my video share and also subscribe to my channel and if you do not understand in the video and if you want to know anything more about it then you can comment and tell me thank you.

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  1. नमस्कार डाक्टर साहब
    मै एक सड़क दुर्घटना के कारण दोनो पैर खो चुका हूं. जब मै 18 वर्ष का था 2003 .अब मै 33 वर्ष का हूँ. मेरे दोनो पैर कृत्रिम है. पहले मै कुर्सी चेयर पर खुद बैठ लेता था उठ जाता था लेकिन एक माह से कुर्सी पर बैठने पर उठ नही पाता हूं .मुझे डर जैसा लगता है. जैसे हाथों मे उठते समय जैसे जान ही न हो. मै देखने मे पूर्ण स्वस्थ हूं. थोडा पेट भी निकल आया है, प्लीज मार्गदर्शन करे. आपका आभारी रहूंगा..

  2. Thanks for reply mam….mam kya main patein care number par call kar kay consult kar sakta hoon….aur fees Kaise pay Karun aapko mam… thank u

  3. Meri toung p choti choti rai k dane jesi gathan ho gai h.. m kya karu ki jeebh ki ye gathane chli jae.. kon si homiyopethi drop lu

  4. नमस्ते डॉ
    अश्वगंधा q और ginseng q इकठ्ठा ले सकते हैं?

  5. Mam please mujhe schizophrenia ki koi unique homoeopathic medicine btaiye meri sister last 6 year se pareshan h bhot allapathic treatment krwa chuke hai during treatment relief rhta h bad me phir dikkat ho jati h.

  6. आप तो न फ़ोन उठाते है ना मैसेज का रिप्लाई देते है बस आप चैनल में अपना विज्ञापन देते है इसीलिए हम मानते है आप सिर्फ दवाई बताते है लेकिन हम मानते है जब तक डॉक्टर देख न ले कोई दवाई सुनकर लेना गलत है हम डॉक्टर तो है नही आप दवा हमारे लिए कोई काम की नही आप ना बताए ये सिर्फ आपअपना विग्यापन दे रहे ओर कुछ नही
    मैरे अनुसार हम दूर से बिना आप से बात किये टाइम लिये तो नही आ सकते इसलिए न आपके चैनल को लाइक करेंगे न सुब्स्क्रिब करेंगे

  7. Mam kya aswagandha mother tincture continue lene se night fall bilkul khatam ho jata h ya aur bhi medicine leni hoti h sath me
    Pl tell me mam

  8. Ye medicine ibs wale le saktey hain? Blood pressure ke liye safe hai? Is ka original name kia hai? Any age limit?

  9. Mm Namaste please ek video anxiety
    (Hearts beat hight .thodi2 time me sir cakkrata h eyes me dundhlapan rata h small talk se Ghabraht palpitations hota h sharir me alargi rahti h
    chronic depression 10ye se. mother tincture combination bataye or dilution

  10. Mere ko 10 yea se sleep disturbed anxiety
    Palpitations rata h gais dakare BP hight low. 4 month pahle vertigo the ab nahi lakin ab sir ki nasse padati h sir cakkrata h eyes me dhundhlapan rahta h koi treatment bataye
    Y a aap se baat kar sakta hu

  11. Thanks for . Great knowledge . From jamshedpur.. ek baat batayea Agnus 30 and selenium 30 ke saath ashwandha q tino ek saath le sakte h.

  12. Thanks for . Great knowledge . From jamshedpur.. ek baat batayea Agnus 30 and selenium 30 ke saath ashwandha q tino ek saath le sakte h.

  13. Thanks for . Great knowledge . From jamshedpur.. ek baat batayea Agnus 30 and selenium 30 ke saath ashwandha q tino ek saath le sakte h.

  14. Mam namaskar,Excessive masturbation habit honebala person konsa homeopathic medicine lene se Sare sexual problems and body weakness dur ho sakta he?

  15. How much time is best to take aswagandaha homeopathic medicine for prevent sexual problems with made bodybuilding?

  16. Dr saheb mi angrezi medicine use kar raha hun kya uske sath sath ye medicine bhi le sakta hun please bataye

  17. मसल गेण के इसे लिया जा सकता है क्या इसे कितने मात्रा मे लेना चाहिए.

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