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Ascites – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Ascites. Eat Few Garlic Cloves. Consume this every day. Extract the Juice of Radish Leaves and Mix some Water to it and Drink. Have this Juice every day. Drink Watermelon Juice. Consume 1 glass of Juice every day. Eat Few Slices of Raw Onions Every day. Have this every day. Soak 3tbsp of Fenugreek Seeds in a cup of Water Overnight. Then Strain and Drink it in the Morning. Have this Juice in the Morning on an Empty Stomach. Peel the skin of 3 bitter gourds, de-seed them and then extract their juice. Add equal quantity of water to this juice. Have this Juice 3 times a day. Soak 1 cup of chickpeas overnight in water; Strain the liquid in the Morning and Drink it. Consume this liquid every day in the Morning.

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