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Areola reduction surgery – Aurora Clinics

In this video I am going to be showing areola
reduction on this lady who is unhappy with the appearance of her areolas. Her main concerns
is that the right is larger than the left and also it lies in a slightly lower position.
This is the first part of the operation and what I am doing first is with our patient
standing up I am marking the left areola so here I am just marking the outside of the
areola, that’s the outer extent, no I am marking the desired size of the areola so I am marking
how big we are going to have the areola and then I like to do these orientation points,
so that is the 3 o’clock position and this is the 9 o’clock position I am just working
out there. Very important to do it standing up. The other important thing about this lady
is that the left areola is slightly higher than her right so here I am just designing
the elevation of the areola on the right side because Iam going to lift the areola up to
be the same height as the left. Here you can see the appearance of the areolas immediately
after the surgery so the surgery has taken half an hour to perform under a local anesthetic
and you can see we reduce the areolas down significantly and I have also raised the right
side slightly. Here’s a close up of the nipple just showing the stitching and the glue covering
over the stitch line, we like the glue because that seals the wound and lets our patient
shower immediately after the operation. So overall I am very pleased with her results
in this case and not only have we reduced the size of the areolas but we have also improved
the appearance of the breast itself with a slightly more elevated position of the areolas.

21 thoughts on “Areola reduction surgery – Aurora Clinics

  1. Apparently this procedure isn't done anymore, the surgeon refused to do it. New procedure involves a vertical incision as in the Breast reduction surgery. 🙁

  2. im 16 and im hoping my boobs change but i dont think so, they are low on my large chest. i have a big chest but small boobs, but if the actually sat higher theyd look good. but no. they have no support the just droop and my nipples look so ugly, they are big and when they arent hard they are hideous. i hate my boobs and i seriously want surgery. righ now im doing chest workouts hoping it will make my chest tightr and maybe lift my boobs some. but i think they are just gonna stay like this. im not worried ab what guys think, my bf of two years hasnt said anything, but i just hate them myself. literally hate them.

  3. I need this, my boobs are naturally big so my areolas have gone bigger as well so hope I can get em done 😊

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