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30 thoughts on “Are You OverMedicated? My Thoughts On It! Website/YouTube Wednesday! | Kati Morton

  1. just wanted to say your videos are so helpful and you have helped me a lot! I recently started making some videos talking about my experiences. Thanks for making these videos!

  2. you answered my question on medication 😀 thanks kati! I don't know if it makes a difference but I was put on meds when I was 14 and so I don't think I had a choice when I was in the hospital.

  3. Also I would definitely do groups, even if its just giving it a try!! My DBT group has helped me so much and it is great to lean on others but also be told you're a 'role model' or are very knowledgeable in therapy because you have been there.

  4. yeah, I have been in the process of coming off some meds because now that I'm 18 I have more of a say (and doing it the safe way) My psychiatrist wants me to stay on some but not as much and not as in as high doses. I have been feeling better and forgot what my brain felt like with out all that medication. 🙂
    Thank you so much Kati, you are so great and I love your videos! 🙂

  5. Do you think it's okay to be prescribed medication for depression that has not been approved for anyone under the age of 18 and you are still a minor? My mom doesn't like the idea of medication and neither do I, so it's kind of freaking me out.

  6. Thank you for this video!!! I am on meds and they have helped but when I went on them I told my psychiatrist that I did not want to be on them long term. I am lucky in that my treatment team do actually listen to me and take what I want into consideration. I should be able to start the process of coming of them in a month. And as for groups I think they are so helpful. I only go to a DBT group now but it has helped so much. Extra support from people who really do understand!

  7. I go to the EDA group online since there isn't a group in my state that I can go to physically. I find them pretty helpful and I really like them. So for those who go to the EDA website to check out meetings and maybe find that there isn't one near you/too far, you can do it online. Its every Wednesday night at 8pm EST time. Hope that helps!! 🙂

  8. I went to OA it's like AA the 12 step system but for eating disorders. I didn't find it very helpful cause I was really the only anorexic and bulimic there. But i'm looking into a group for just anorexics and bulimics hopefully that will be able to get started and will work.

  9. Narcotics anonymous is my life. I have actually thought about making a video about it to kind of let people know what it's like. Maybe I will post a video response…

  10. I went to a group for SH while I was in IP. I'm quite shy so I never really knew what to say and the therapist that ran the group used to be my old therapist before she moved into Inpatient Therapy. It was just kind of awkward coz she would look at me like she expected me to say something and she would always pick on me to answer her question. She used to also keep me behind to speak to her after group :/ She was really nice but group just wasn't for me, but you never know till you try 🙂

  11. FAQ.. hey katii.. I was wondering if u could tell me how to eat 'normally'. i'm soo tired of fighting with myself everyday – I just want it to be over. sometimes it feels like I've got a handle of things & i'm doing ok & other times it feels like i'm going out of my mind. I hate my ED & it frustrates me coz no1 around me knows so all their comments get to me. I just want to eat how I did before my ED. I don't wanna think about food all day. I don't want to plan the next 3 meals ahead of time…

  12. I wanna eat breakfast and be done with it – not think any mre about food till my next meal time comes. I want to be able to go out without timing when exactly i'm gonna have to eat if & when i'm out or worry about how to time my meals around it. I just want to not worry about it like I never used to before my ED. gosh I'm sorry for going on but i'm so tired. tired of fighting with it. tired of it coming back when I think its finally gone. tired of stayin up at night crying about it.

  13. Interesting. I've thought about going to OA for a long time, except I'd simply be looking for support – not recovery – so the whole venture would seem kind of redundant. Sidenote — if anyone's looking for successful stories of recovery via AA read Mary Karr's memoir called 'Lit'.

  14. My therapist is getting married on Saturday so I'm seeing my sister's therapist who is in the same program. It's only one week so I won't be too bad. Plus I'm doing a lot better emotionally so yeah 🙂

  15. Kati, try going into the video manager thing on your computer and unselecting the "stabilize" option. I think YouTube is autocorrecting videos and instead of fixing them, they're just making everyone seasick.

  16. i was forced to take my medication because i was on a community treatment order how are you suppost to control being over medicated if you are forced???

  17. If only this video was made 14 years ago. It's sad to think I once believed doctors knew what was best and I was once on 15 different meds for mental health and now I am just on one. Yay but how do you stand up for yourself if your ITAed (involuntary) and you don't want to be on so many or if you don't believe they help? How do you anyone to listen?

  18. When my psychologist can't see me for "x" amount of time (usually between a week or two) she tells me at the end of session and sets an appointment with me for when she comes back to her regular schedule. So it happens sometimes I got one or two sessions a month instead of four. Since I am someone who don't want to rely on someone, I don't let myself being sad or desperate about not seeing my psychologist because I know one day that I won't see her again… So I do not let myself having any kind of feelings for my psychologist… as I do with everybody else who walks in my life…. (Which I guess is one of my problems…)

  19. Hiya Kati new subber here ✌😊 Idk if it's stíll á thing or not, but in thé state of Missouri (where I'm originally from) It used to be mandatory to be on psych meds if you're foster child. Rather you needed them or not, they would dope you up. That's wild x

  20. The worst part of depression medication for me, currently, is that I've been trying for about FIVE years to get off Effexor but the side effects of even a lowered dose (being weaned off of it by my medical doctor and not a psychiatrist) are so incredibly awful that I have to give up and go back on a higher dosage! I was being given Cymbalta for my depression and Fibromyalsia, the thought being that I could eventually stop taking the Effexor…oh, dear! This was a month ago…the pharmacy really screwed up and I was out of Cymbalta for three days. Not only was I extremely suicidal, but every time I tried to move or turn my head, I would start throwing up! I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was seriously not amusing. And my retiring therapist wouldn't talk to me…told me to call the Crisis Line. I thought she was being a tad harsh…you know, the BEST medicine I ever had for depression was Ketamine. I took part in two drug trials using Ketamine for depression and the trials were amazing. I hear that Europe green-lighted the use of Ketamine for depression but the United States won't…not enough money can be made from it because it's already a trademarked veterinarian medication or some such nonsense. Instead, the gullible public is being inundated with more antidepressants that have side effects worse than the original ailment!

  21. Hey Katie I have a hard time opening up to my Therapist I think it's cuz my past experiences with my therapist we're extremely painful till I started to self harm I like my therapist now but how can I trust her not to hurt me so I could open up about my feelings again

  22. Hey kati, I know this is a really old video but I’ve just been put on medication and where I’m from they won’t tell us the potential side effects because then we are ‘more likely to have them’. He also told me not to search them up aha

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