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Amazing Abandoned Asylum – Creepy Medical Room & Beautiful Architecture

In this episode were exploring an abandoned Asylum building that dates back to the 1700s It first opened as a hospital for the poor and later became a military academy It was then converted into an asylum in the early 1870s. At its peak the facility housed over 1,500 patients The main building alone covered two acres and the entire complex is about 30 acres This main building housed most of the patients and facilities along with some incredible architecture The asylum eventually shut down in the late 80s when Italy began Implementing the institutionalization and psychiatric reform Join us as we see what’s left inside This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Start protecting yourself on the web at and use the code “properpeople” at checkout to get 75% off a three-year plan. After a bit of a squeeze we made it into the asylum. Already we found ourselves in an incredible room This chapel lay at the center of the building with symmetrical wings extending in either direction This is an impressive main entrance Ohh. The asylums in Italy are insane. Pun intended. Oh man. This place is mental Did you notice theres a level up there. Be cool to try to get up in there They have these old light under them and they have fluorecent light above them. Yeah. Let’s walk straight in here and see where we end up. Ohh. These hallways are so good. Wow! it’s clean too. All the glass is intact Yeah, there’s not a single pane of broken glass, no graffiti This is good Wow The lights in here So low. There probably would’ve been tables under them. Or Beds. Or beds. Yeah that makes more sense. Yeah cool. They’re so low and there is all that wire It’s a dusty duster Cleaning up the cobwebs in here Some bathtubs. Hey, one of these big jug things Careful with that Do you hear those bugs? There are so many of them They’re just flies, right? Yeah Is there like something in the tubs? They’re all flying around this tub back here I don’t know But there’s so many They’re everywhere These hallways are beautiful. A cart with crosses on it. There are so many bugs on it. Why are these bugs forming certain things? There’s so many! Holy shit! Are they all just flies? I think so. They move around the building too, like a storm cloud. they don’t seem to just stay in one spot. It’s crazy. They’re just big flies These structural supports were installed a few years ago after portions of the building began to collapse It’s a good to see the community taking steps to preserve the building rather than letting it crumble Yeah, you can see where it’s cracking and they’re trying to keep it up still. I kind of wish those structural supports weren’t there because they’re kind of ruining the shots. But then again if they weren’t there, the building might be collapsed, so. it’s probably a good thing. All of the staircases in the corner looks like this. Yeah, they are blocked off with the construction tape We’ll just go up the main staircase which looks awesome anyway. Like they’re ready to collapse based on how many poles there are. All this tiling is really cool. Yeah They look hand placed And the color is just so typical vintage asylum A laboratory, but it’s walled off Can you see anything through the hole It looks pretty empty in there But it could just be this room, I don’t know maybe there’s another way back there That’s the lab building over there and it looks like there’s an open door This looks like a horse stable or some sort of animal pen Like repurposed look at the floor Later on, we found chickens in the other attached buildings of the asylum. So that’s probably what was kept in here as well Here’s the room. We saw through the hole Some kind of tape reader? There’s a radiation symbol. Yea, but it does look like there is a reel-to-reel thing on it. Something that reels… It says dosage Feel like a x-ray thing. Maybe. Like the strips, the film strips of x-rays maybe? The flaking is… pretty much everywhere. Look! It’s an abandoned backpack Wow! There’s some smoke damage. The hallways are really nice on this floor too Did you find anything special? No. This curtain is really nice This is where the fire damage is. Fire was lit in this room, but it looks like a library. It does. So they use the pages of the books burn the place down It could’ve just been a filing room Um. Yeah, there’s nothing left really. But there’s these little bins left that look like they would have held files. Yeah Actually, the room right next to this looks like a non-burn version of this. Does it really? Yeah, if you go right to this doorway At least a smaller version of it Yeah, it wasn’t a library, it was a file room. All these papers on the floor You can even see the buildings getting kind of crooked right here. Yeah right here You can see how the floor is at a slant verses the walls The windows is kind of crooked too. The angles are just all off. This window, too, looks really crooked This area has some of the lowest ceilings we’ve seen so far. And a collapse Yep that goes right up to the next floor These are very different rooms from the rest that we’ve seen. Yeah. And this part of the building has not been stabilized. All cracking and collapsing A typewriter I guess that’s why this area was bricked off. Mm-hmm. They did not stabilize this clearly Another one of these microscope things. There is one of these in the barn looking room. There is security out there. The slides go under there and then they would projected it. Like an x-ray slide or something? Like a microscope. Oh, a microscope. Yeah. So it’s just enlarges it onto the screen there? That’s cool We were pretty close with our guess This was actually called a microfilm reader and it was essentially a space-saving device It allowed for the storage of images and documents on small slides which could later be magnified and viewed Looks like a dental rig right here. A very old one Mega therm These arms that still work Yeah, even after all these years. Oh, yeah, definitely. Dental Did you see this room? Not yet. We’re going to check that out soon Have you seen the stuff over here? If you like this, you will LOVE this. Ok Not getting any decent shot though X-ray machine. This doesn’t even look that old in here. It’s missing most of the x-ray equipment though, but Just the control panel That type font and so old outdated looking These were some heavy-duty knobs Very tactile buttons Wow, there’s a lot left here. That’s where they develop the x-rays. And they hang them, and there’s still X-ray film in there. Oh, these are actually developed They’re just very hard to see. Yeah Spooky, There’s not a lot to see. Maybe it faded away? What year does that say? 1986. Okay. It’s a rib cage. Yeah. This one’s a spine. It’s kind of hard to see though. They are very light. Yeah, probably because of their old age, what year is this one They doesn’t say. Oh it just says 1115. Yeah . I don’t think they had x-rays in the year one thousand one hundred and fifteen A church. Like a cathedral. Wow. Is there something cool around here? WOW! Well we can finally say we’ve seen a surgical light That’s still intact and attached to the ceiling Do you know what kind of table this was or? Yeah How much does it move? Does it rotate everywhere? There’s no, light bulb in it. Oh, watch the window. It’s supposed to do that. There are light bulbs in it. Wow! But this center one is missing. Imagine this thing bearing down on you. That would be scary. Very strange. Tiles are still very shiny. They had Jesus on the cross up there I think literally just the hallway is my favorite part of this asylum It’s a nice overview of the chapel It’s odd that this is like so close to the ceiling though. Yeah, there’s really not much room up here I guess if you’re just here to observe or something you Just peek in here. This looks like a laboratory or something Look at this huge test tube holder. That would hold a lot of test tubes Yeah, the hallways are not as crazy This hallway looks really cool still though There’s random mirror there This looks like something you’d torture someone on. Someone would go on here. And, like, flip them down And then you throw darts at them, or like, knives. It goes from here to standing up Yeah. It’s a bed that tilts that way. This looks like you’d strap them in here These hallways really are something else. With the amount of vines growing in you wouldn’t think this is on the third floor Yeah They are growing up the walls. Look at this room. Come in here It’s like a church above the church Yeah Another church Where do these stairs go down to? Probably to access the ceiling of the church We’re above the church, right? Yeah. It’s spinning in there Yeah, there’s air circulation. This is just storage By this point there is only one area of the asylum we hadn’t yet seen, the cellar Or dead cats. The thing’s mummified! Did you see it? No, I didn’t there’s some old coke bottles down here. It’s a cat mummy Holy shit How did I miss that? There’s a bunch of those globe light fixtures Look at this keg For wine probably. Yeah. For you know, the two churches they had. There’s a lot of books and stuff in here Look a book about schizophrenia This document dates back to 1936 time when Italy was ruled by fascist leader Benito Mussolini. Here are some excerpts The reappearance of an empire on the fateful hills of Rome is an accomplished feat and a glorious example of how the vigorous education of the youth The totalitarian discipline of a people and the unyielding will of a leader can set the destiny of a nation We raise from these pages that see the light in this asylum, A triumphal him to the proletarian and fascist, Italy. Long live the king. Long live the leader. Long live Imperial Italy. There’s tons of really old-looking files back here 1934 When it comes to abandoned asylums, it doesn’t get any better than this Between the natural decay and beautiful overgrowth. the stunning architecture The lack of vandalism and the number of fascinating artifacts left behind. This location truly has it all Although we only spent one afternoon there. It’s a location that we’ll never forget Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring today’s video. 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