ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Alchemy – Silence – Sacred Medicine – A Course in Miracles

The silence was just so powerful because you just, I mean it’s so simple. You just get to see that whatever is coming up you can meet. And I had forgotten that. And now I remember. And I feel as though I leave here with a very strong foundation in the teachings and a way to move forward in my life without some kind of feeling of needing people around me to help me heal. There’s a love for having others around who share the same purpose so we can continue to go deeper together, but there had been a clinginess in my mind that was born out of this belief in weakness that I can’t do it. And I really feel very cleansed of that, actually. I never felt called to the medicine, I never felt called to Peru, but I was called for something because I was feeling very stuck with my life. There’s a lot of momentum, actually, towards like a deep clearing of all the fear in my mind. And I’d reached some kind of plateau and I just needed something and this was it. I highly recommend it for anyone that feels any kind of spiritual calling, whatsoever. Whether it’s towards medicine, or Peru, or shamanic work, or silence or anything, “A Course in Miracles,” which happens to be my pathway. But it felt unconventional at first and it feels invaluable now.

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