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ADHD Medication Concerta Linked To Suicidal Thoughts and Actions in Youths – The Ring Of Fire

ADHD medications have been linked to a host
of problematic side effects, including gynecomastia and heart problems, but one of the biggest
dangers with these medications is that some of them are now being linked to suicidal thoughts
and actions in young kids, the largest group taking these pills. Joining me now to explain
the dangers of one of the most popular ADHD medications, Concerta, is attorney Robert
Price. Robert, like we’ve seen with so many other pharmaceuticals just over the years,
there’s always a new drug that always has some new problems. Concerta, this ADHD medication,
which ADHD is one of the most diagnosed illnesses, I guess you’d call it, in adolescents these
days, tell us what we know right now about this Concerta ADHD medication. Thanks for having me on, Farron. What we know
right now and the reason we’re talking today is that we know that there is a disproportional
or an imbalanced risk of suicide in teenagers who are taking Concerta. That’s the concern
that we’re looking at and what we’re investigating is that we are seeing a trend, as compared
to the normal population, a trend of teenagers, pre-teens, children taking Concerta, and then
attempting to commit suicide or actually committing suicide. It’s a very serious issue as many
of us know. Especially many people who are parents know that 1 case of suicide for a
child is an unacceptable thing. What are some of the things that Concerta
does? What exactly is this medication supposed to do in children? As you mentioned earlier, ADD and ADHD, attention
deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a disorder in children that is
… It’s kind of a trendy diagnosis. You didn’t see it 30 or 40 years ago, but you see it
a lot. As time goes on, you see it more and more and more. It’s basically characterized
as trouble paying attention in school, trouble focusing. A lot of time parents see that their
children are not making good grades, or they’re acting up in school and things like that.
How the drug actually works is the drug, it plays with chemicals in the brain for … If
I can use a layman’s term, it plays with the chemicals in the brain and it helps the child
focus. Basically it’s derived from … It’s a stimulant
is basically what it is. When it gets into the child’s system, it changes the child’s
behavior, and what we see, and something that was brought up to the FDA several years back,
is it produces a different behavior in some kids. In some kids, it makes them aggressive.
It makes them angry. It makes them quicker to do behavior that they wouldn’t otherwise
do. One of the things that we think was not properly warned about is you see it, it makes
kids want to take their own lives. That’s what we’re seeing here. Have there been any cases of actually successful
suicide attempts among users of Concerta? Yes. Yes, Farron. Unfortunately, there have
been adverse event reports. There have been some studies and some case reports on children
who have taken Concerta and they’ve taken their own lives. Some of them have attempted
and had physical damages from that, and some people have actually successfully killed themselves
unfortunately. Poor kids, taking their own lives, while they’re on this drug. We see
in the scientific literature, we see case reports. We see what are called adverse event
reports, is when the drug is on the market and it’s brought to a doctor’s attention.
It’s eventually funneled through the pharmaceutical company’s attention, which is an issue as
you can imagine. It’s eventually reported in the literature. We see it out in the population. There have been some studies that compare
that rate of children who are on Concerta and who have attempted or committed suicide,
and compared that to the general population. We see what we consider to be a drastic increase
in those 2 numbers. Now these aren’t giant numbers, and these aren’t thousands of what
we’re seeing, but we’re definitely seeing a big increase. For example, there’s a study out there that
shows a 162-fold increase. Now, we’re only talking a few different cases, but you have
to remember, these are children. Children don’t commit suicide. Children don’t take
their own lives, but when they’re on Concerta, if you see 5, 10, 15, or increased cases of
suicide, what we’re seeing is that’s a big issue. That’s a red flag, and that’s a statistical
indication that there’s something going on with this drug. In a few cases … There’s
no such thing as an acceptable case of a kid who tries to kill himself or actually kills
themselves. What we’re seeing is a statistical situation where there’s a causality with this
drug. Did the company know about any of this when
they released the drug on to the market or since it’s been released? Was the company
aware that this was a potential side effect? We are early in litigation. It’s our position
that the company was aware of many different things. For example, with the adverse event
reports, the company is aware of those. The company is aware of what’s in the scientific
literature, and many adverse event reports, as we discussed, go straight to the company.
You’re going to see a problem there. The company sees it. There are different drugs that we’ve
seen, Farron, and I’m sure you’ve even talked about in history, where as many as 1 or 2
cases of something bad, if it’s really, really bad, and there are few things that I can imagine
that are worse than a child trying to commit suicide, if there are just a few cases of
things that are bad, then it should be warned about. It’s our position that if you have out there
in science, in studies, that kids are at an increased risk of suicide, it should be warned
about. Doctors should be made aware. Patients, people, parents who are considering putting
their child on this drug should be made aware. As of right now, it’s not warned about in
the warning label. What is warned about is this generalized, “It may affect your child’s
behavior,” type of stuff, but it doesn’t say, “Hey, you could have an increased risk of
suicide.” As a parent, that’s something you would want to know before you put your kid
on this drug. Has the FDA taken any steps with this, or
are they still doing their usual let’s wait and see type attitude towards this drug? There was some FDA concern several years back
around the 2005, 2006 time frame. There was some activity between the FDA and the company.
Essentially, if I could kind of nutshell that, essentially what happened is you see some
increased language in the warning label over time about some of these things that I discussed,
increased aggression, increased mood changes, things like that. Some of this stuff that
you see many, many times where it’s a warning, but it’s not really a warning. It’s generic
stuff that’s … A situation that is literally life or death, like suicide, is not … It’s
not taken care of with a warning that says your child might have increased aggressive
behavior, increased tendencies, things like that. That is the product of some FDA attention
that was … It was brought to the FDA. There are some other drugs out there that do treat
ADD and ADHD that have better warnings, that have increased warnings, but here in the United
States, unfortunately with the FDA, we don’t see that type of warning. Our neighbors over
in Canada, based on some regulatory action up in Canada, in Canada, the same exact drug
as of 2015 does have a suicide warning. Here we see again, in America, we have … A lot
of times you see we’re the last country of many countries to act on a situation this
serious. That is very disappointing. We have corporate
failure. We have regulatory failure. Luckily that’s why we have people out there like you,
your law firm out there, fighting this, trying to help these people, trying to warn people
first and foremost, because we don’t want anyone to die because of a medication. Thank
you for all that you do. Thank you for telling us this story. Keep fighting the good fight
for us. Thank you very much, Robert. Thank you, Farron.

41 thoughts on “ADHD Medication Concerta Linked To Suicidal Thoughts and Actions in Youths – The Ring Of Fire

  1. What age groups of "kids" are they talking about? BEFORE puberty, Methylphenidate(or Ritalin, another popular brand), acts as sedative to obtain focus on attention. DURING AND AFTER puberty, the brain goes through chemical changes and this drug acts NOW, as a stimulant. So, at what age are these "kids" having suicidal thoughts? More than likely, these "teens" are misdiagnosed  by U.S. Physicians with ADD or ADHD, These improperly diagnosed patients should have been treated with the adequate ANTIDEPRESSANT drug. In my opinion, this drug is being incorrectly used at the wrong ages. Teenagers with these symptoms should be treated with medication based on Sulpiride. Medication like FLUOXETIN should NOT BE USED because apart from not working, this has been confirmed to cause suicidal tendencies.

  2. Bullshit! People have no idea how rigorously drugs are tested before being publicly available. Many people blame pharmaceuticals for everything that goes wrong in their lives. There have also been slanderous/libelous claims that anti-depressants are linked to suicidal thoughts. In reality, the drugs work. They are used to treat depression of all things! Studies have been conducted which show that patients who consistently take their ant-depressants as directed have lower rates of suicide attempts than untreated depressed people. So the claims against anti-depressants are false. Now the slander has shifted to ADHD drugs. Let's wait for large, well-controlled studies to come out before attacking ADHD drugs.

  3. I have been taking Concetta since I was a kid and I never had those thoughts up until recently. Probably due to this years presidential election.

  4. "Doctor my child can't be just an average student give him/her some drugs to bring out the A student that I demand"

  5. I don't think the presidential endorsement carries that much weight here. People are seeing how Schultz helped rig the entire election process for Clinton, and her district knows full well about her voting record. Add to that the latest algae issue that is her fault due to her being in the pocket of the sugar industry, and you have a recipe for disaster.

  6. Ouch, Farron! Very disappointed with this interview with a lawyer discussing the medical and scientific question of the potential suicide risks of an ADHD medicine. Not to mention that this lawyer is directly involved in pursuing lawsuits over this question and so could hardly be expected to be unbiased in his reporting. He has a financial interest in smearing the company he's suing, potentially bumping up the dollar amount at which the company might settle at IF they happen to settle. That's a big if, as I explain below.

    Stick with scientific evidence, Farron. If you're not willing to check the research yourself, at least have an actual scientist on the show to interpret it correctly for the audience. The lawyer makes a very bold claim at 3:08 ("It makes kids want to take their own lives." my emphasis) and at 5:11 ("What we're seeing is a statistical situation where there's a causality with this drug" emphasis his in this case, not mine!).

    Farron, did you bother to check out if what he's saying is actually true? Did he give you references to those studies that support his claim? I'm guessing you didn't, because the claim is fucking bogus!

    Please pay more attention to your internal bullshit meter. Mine gave a loud and clear BULLSHIT ALERT! when he admitted this tidbit at 4:08: "There have been some studies that compare that [suicide] rate of children who are on Concerta, and who have attempted or committed suicide, and compared that to the general population." (My emphasis this time.)

    Say what??? They compared to the general population? You mean of other kids who do not also have ADHD? Uhhh, something smells very fishy here! And my BS meter just about broke from overload when he said at 4:42: "You have to remember these are children. Children don't commit suicide." (My emphasis) Say what x1000???

    First of all, let's correct that howler right off the bat: Of course children commit suicide! For a quick summary, from "Teenage suicide in the United States remains comparatively high in the 15 to 24 age group with 10,000 suicides in this age range in 2004, making it the third leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 24. By comparison, suicide is the 11th leading cause of death for all those age 10 and over, with 33,289 suicides for all US citizens in 2006." (My emphasis)

    So, not only is he wrong that "Children [his lawsuit website specifically emphasizes teens and pre-teens (the actual study he cites used the age range of 11-21 for the suicide risk calculations), not children in general] don't commit suicide," he's actually wrong in the opposite direction, too. Teen deaths actually are more likely to be by suicide than the overall population (age 10 and over, see above). It's the #3 leading cause of death in teens! How much more wrong could he be? (Well, I guess if it were #2, or #1 … but there's not much room left to be more wrong than he was.)

  7. There is few problems here. I am on this drug myself and have adhd. Had it since i was very young im now 29.I never experienced any of the thoughts.Also having ADHD means you have stress an need meds for it and depression both.So chances of it linked to one medication is unlikely.They are most likely on a few other meds too for stress and depression that can have suicidal thoughts linked to it.I was given meds to treat my depression and stress as well not just my ADHD.

  8. As high as you go in achieving on concerta, is as low as you go when your board. I could see suicidal thoughts for sure if the person isnt aware boardem in combination with concerta causes it.

  9. Uh, I was scared by these stupid vids when I was starting meds for ADHD, and I asked my doctor if this was true about Concerta. She said this was caused by pre-disposed depression. I have ADHD and depression (that comes with the ADHD) I've been on Concerta for 2 months and have only noticed a decrease in depression and general sadness/anger. If you are scared by this and would not seek treatment because of videos or articles like this, talk to a doctor in real life. THIS DRUG IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE!

  10. Get help before you do something u don't deserve. It can make u forget who u are. helps focus but moments of sheer hell and despair.

  11. I'm a little pissed off he said 'illness' if it is an illness it can be cured. It's in the fucking name! It's a DISORDER not and illness

  12. I took concerta from Grade 2 till 5. I never wanted to eat and I was so thin. I had a high dosage and I'd be daydreaming all day. In class I would focus on someone and a million thoughts would run through my head. I would go home and not eat. I didn't eat in the morning nor afternoon and if I was hungry which I almost never was I'd eat and then the food would just come up my throat. It happened a lot and it made me bulimic. Please if anyone you know uses these pills help them. I have depression and the pills make you feel depressed.

  13. i am a kid who has to take 7 A.D.H.D medications A DAY I'm only 10 and I've tried to kill myself about 8 times, all failed cause my loft bed is too low to the ground so I cant hang myself (I don't even know how to tie a nuce I'm a fucking stupid) and my house doesn't own any guns o that's out of the question and I'm not eating rat poison that stuff is NASTY to put in your mouth trust me.

  14. I am 15 and i take 76mg of concerta eweryday and i am fine. i am not depressed or i dont hurt my self. Concerta has helpd me with my school i am happy with it.

  15. I think that major suicidal thoughts are caused by anxiety and stress. Most of concerta or other add/adhd medication users, are using them for a purpose in being successful in high school, university and exams. The fear of failing is causing the suicidal thoughts. 
    Well that's why those pills are not for everybody, before using concerta consult you MD!

  16. When my daughter was 10, doc put her on Concerta. The other 3 meds he tried didn't work for her depression/ADHD. It completely changed her into a terrified, paranoid, suicidal, victim. She tried to take her life twice. Once almost succeeded. We found her in pool of blood. Concerta also turned her into a cutter. The cutting has increased through the years, to where her arms and legs covered in horrific scars. She's gorgeous and could easily be like a famous actress or something. She hates herself, still cuts, she's 16 now and has been in mental hospital now for 9 months. We miss her. We are scared for her. Concerta ruined her life-literally. Also stay away from both Zoloft and Paxil. She almost committed murder in a "daze" state when she was on each of those separately.

  17. They way say they name of drug's . Is just too funny like it's the first time they have ever heard of crack in pill form

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  19. I’ve taken concerta twice for recreational use. Each time I’ve taken it when I was coming down I’d get really bad insomnia and I’d feel really depressed.

  20. This is actually true, I took concerta for 3 years and in the beginning I didn’t get depressed, but now 3 years later I feel depressed and sad all the time I got so many bad thoughts. Now I take Elvans and i feel much better please to all the parents please check up on your kids if they feel like this type of feeling

  21. This seems like a lot of bullshit tbh. It’s a stimulant it’s going to make you emotional on the comedown.It makes me REALLY tired , I know people who feel sad but it’s not just the drugs fault.Also suicide is a fairly fucking common occurrence among teens and kids so please get your facts right.


  23. I want to know if this effects your heart badly because my heart rate increased and I am breathing more heavily when I started taking these pills. Pls help.

  24. Conserta is workin only on adhd

    No adhd worsk like drugs i hawe taken 17 yers and i and i i dident take suicide bitch 🤣🤣🤣🤛✋

  25. being on concerta for 2 weeks, caused me depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts as side effect and i know its the pill because the minute i stopped it, my happiness and mood returned and i did not have any of the effects anymore

  26. I’ve been taking this medication for the new school year and they’ve made me lose confidence on myself,not eating and making me lose creativity,sleeping only 4-5 hours a day.

    These past weeks I’ve done everything in my willpower to not take it,I’ve been taking the powder of them and just swallowing the capsule and after I got caught I’ve swallowed and quickly went to the toilet and vomit it out.

    Today I was too late and had to go to school on drugs,First lesson in I had a heart problem and it was going too fast compared to average.I told my mum to take me home from school and here I am.

    It’s ok if you’re taking them a day or two but they’re not good at all for school especially for a large period of time.
    They’re fine to study alone on the weekend or something imo.

  27. This video also feels insulting.. ADHD isn't trendy, it's shit, just like what these two idiots have for brains.

  28. Hard to tell, when depression comes with add/adhd in most cases, so i jave read. Best to try it out in small doses with a dr.

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