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ADD Cure No Joke the Adult ADHD Cure Without Meds Must Watch

what's up YouTube I just wanted to share with you really quick I feel like I found the cure for a TD at least whatever it's working for me and I'll be as quick as I can with this video and really take your time to listen to the whole video I think it may change your life it's changed my life um by the way even though I am a even though I'm a businessman I'm not trying to sell you anything here I just want to share with you this this advice for free okay check it um basically brainwash it works and it worked for me okay and I'm not trying to tell you about no tarot card stuff or any sort of hypnosis and don't turn this video off because I would turn off a hypnosis video in a second my bad but anyway here he goes um I didn't even mean to do this basically in a nutshell I'm gonna say just the outline of everything I would get a little bit detailed Lois later so basically what it is is I wrote down a list of things that I want I want myself to hear every hour I recorded myself saying those things put it on CD and I play that thing about every hour and I hear it all the time and now I'm brainwashed and I feel like I don't have a TD anymore like seriously all these things that I hated about a DD i I I hear that I he basically the things that I hate about a TD is usually stuff that's like seems to be manageable for someone who doesn't have a TD right like little practical advice would work right kind of like why don't you just go to bed on time or whatever you know watch just do things on the spot instead of waiting for later so that's what I did I wrote a list of things that counter that would counter the ATD so for me I let things get behind and then it's and I'm like in these situations Rob sweating in it's like oh my gosh God take care of this thing is going to be done in like ten minutes so one of the things I wrote down was better now than ever like take care of things on the spot it's better do things right now and to never do them at all and I think the line that I say goes because better now than ever we know that we have the energy and the motivation to take care of things right on the spot we really feel like we can do it but if we put it off we most likely won't get to it for a very very long time and probably upset something somewhere someone or ourselves and or just never do it at all so it's better to do it right now that did never do it at all and and and yeah so it's one of the things that I wrote down there and and I hear it every hour show now when I feel the smallest urge to do I would used to do is I get it Oh take care of it later I don't do that it's like I'm brainwash it's like I get it and I just start working on it and I even tried to do my old way stuff like oh I got it but to put it down like wait a second I don't feel right I better pick that back up I feel like a like a new person I'm like oh crap brainwashing actually freaking words I thought that was like uh I thought that was like you know just in the movies dude if you repeat if you listen to something over and over and over again but it's if it's actually something that you really want to change like something that you really are passionate about you really wish this were true for you you and you really want to make that difference to make that change dude it freakin works friggin brainwash words probably not brainwashes any words but if it's words that are your own and you want these for your so you want to do whatever's you be your hearing I guess if frickin works so I highly recommend brainwashing yourself um record yourself on CD somehow and play it for me I used my Mac my iMac comes with GarageBand is that little guitar symbol at the bottom you open it up and use the microphone feature and you can record yourself and if you go to the share share and you can burn it to a CD there's all kinds of ways you could burn you could record yourself and then put it onto a CD you can figure it out look online I know on eBay you could send a file to some some places on eBay and they'll mail you the CD of that file that you send them so um and there's probably a bunch of stuff just online to do that stuff too anyway um figured out figure out what to do and then to let you know what I wrote down was basically I heard that a DD as a memory to start it's hard for you to remember stuff so what I would do is I would firm for me with a DD I'm always like I'm going to change I'm going to change tonight cold turkey um there's a make a list of things that I want to change list of things I don't want to do anymore it's like a list of bad habits basically I just want to drop them all and then a list of really good habits I want to take on and before I would try that so many times and I would forget the habits I would forget I would forget to change I even went as far as to like get buying a wrist band around my wrist to remind myself that I made a change but just eventually the wristband become part of my body for all about it and so I would just forget about the change so eventually I'm like you know what the only way any of these changes I make are ever going to work is if I repeat the changes to myself over and over and over no or over like every hour or something like that and don't let myself forget pound it into my brain and be specific to don't just be really general like do better it should be like how can I do better what specifically can I do to do better like oh you need to you need to set your alarm for 6:40 in the morning right when you wake up right after you wake up so right when you wake up already set your alarm for the next day whatever it is be specific you know and that's what I was everything on my list is pretty specific it's not like really complicated specific I didn't go that far into detail by the way make your CD not long mine is only 12 minutes long I made one that was 40 minutes long and it had to redo it because I was just elaborating on everything that was saying so I would spend way too much time in each detail and 45 minutes is too long I didn't listen to it enough times I wouldn't listen to it every day I would I would not feel motivated to listen to it but 12 minutes you can listen to the entire CD every time you get in your car no matter where you go if you just go around the corner go get some food come back dude there's 10 minutes right there and you just use heard your whole thing again you know and I carry this little piece of paper in my pocket everything I said I have it on paper as well and I read it to myself um if I can so um do that I highly recommend it I'm just giving an idea of what was that I said on my on my piece paper I'll make another video maybe right now maybe later I better do it later because I have these other things that take care of right now but if you look at my little thing on my videos I'll try and make a thing of video of what it is that I set on my piece of paper and some of the stuff you might want to write down to like the whole thing of better to do it now than to never do it at all like we do have the energy and the motivation to take our something right on the spot but we put it off or later we may never get to it we may not we may wait till 2 when we may wait too late to get to it so there jewel right now and never and for me the thing that always stops me from doing it right now other than being lazy and anxiety from doing it right now usually is I'll think oh well it'll distract me what I'm doing right now so what I what I do for that is whatever I'm doing whatever I'm working on right now and that something else comes in the comes in lands on my desk so I take care of this I want to take care of this that just lying on my desk right now but I want to remember to get back to what I was doing so I'll write down on a piece of paper and or a sticky note or some put on my chest put on my pants what it was I was working on so I know that I pre handled this quick task I'm about to just take care of on the spot I get right back to what I was doing all right thanks guys hope that works for you but

35 thoughts on “ADD Cure No Joke the Adult ADHD Cure Without Meds Must Watch

  1. He uses his hands alot someone said, when he talks. He might be Italian. And if he isn't, so what, this young man is trying to figure out what works for him everyday in his life. I applauded him for that !! He's thinking, PROBLEM SOLVING… his life. It's REFRESHING to see this young man doing this, INSTEAD OF FEELING SORRY FOR HIMSELF. I HOPE HIS PARENTS ARE PROUD OF HIM.

  2. When i was young, they didn't test for A.D.D. back then. I knew something was wrong with me in school, but didn't know what?? I knew i wasn't dumb. Score bad on test. Distracted in school.😖 i know, i knew the answers. for the longest time i used to say to myself "what the hell is going on with me" ? It wasn't till i was about 50 that i found out that i had A.D.D. i had all the signs. Even my 2 children have A.D.D., another one has autism (high functioning). All this time not knowing. It would of helped to know for me.

  3. learn to ride the chaos and your mind can take you on amazing adventures. the hardest part for me was accepting myself. because to me loving myself seems selfing. i will always love someone else more then myself. if i didnt i wouldnt give my life for them.

  4. The hand waving and body language. This is a strategy not a cure. Repeating over and over again. All over the map. I have adult ADHD, there is so much todo to stay healthy. Meditation is the way to go.

  5. Heidegger's take on death and authenticity was what did it for me. It completely changed my life. Taken from my philosophy book:

    "For Heidegger, we are fallen, in the sense that we lose our “authentic” character. My authentic existence requires me to recognize and affirm my unique self and my responsibility for my every action. As facticity and existentiality involved my past and future, respectively, fallenness involves my present situation. My drift into an inauthentic existence is subtle, but in every case it involves a tendency to escape from myself by finding shelter in a public self and an impersonal identity. I become an impersonal “one,” behaving as one is expected, rather than a concrete “I,” behaving as I ought to. I suppress any urge to be unique and excel, and thereby bring myself down to the level of an average person. I gossip, which reflects my shallow interpretation of other people. I seek novelty for the sake of distraction, and I have an overall sense of ambiguity for failing to know my own purpose. However, I cannot indefinitely avoid confronting my true self. Anxiety intrudes. For Heidegger anxiety is not simply a psychological state but rather a type of human existence. Nor is anxiety similar to fear. Fear has an object, such as a snake or an enemy against which it is possible to defend ourselves. But anxiety refers to nothing—precisely, to no-thing. Instead, anxiety reveals the presence of “nothingness” in my being. There is no way to alter the presence of nothingness in the center of my being— the inevitability that I will die. Time itself becomes an element of anxiety for me. I know time principally because I know that I am going to die. Each moment of my life is bound up with the fact that I will die, and it is impossible to separate my life from my death. I attempt to deny my temporality and to evade the inevitability of my limited existence. In the end I must affirm my authentic self and thereby see transparently what and who I am. I will then discover that, in my inauthentic existence, I have been trying to do the impossible, namely, to hide the fact of my limitations and my temporality."

    The way I see it is that you can go through with a conscious awareness of your ADD/ADHD which, in effect, will help you stay focused. Or you can go through with a conscious awareness of your approaching death which, in effect, knocks out two birds with one stone: it will help you stay focused while also giving you a VERY good reason why you should remain focused (and I find that the latter helps reinforce the former whereas you may otherwise fall into a nihilistic void). The downside to this is that your life now feels like a countdown to your death. The upside to this is that all the little superficial things in everyday life that drive you to madness when left unexamined, such as worrying about the opinions of others, drift away as you now devote your complete attention to the big picture and focus on achieving your life goals.

  6. The best part of this entire video is when you say you will make another video detailing what you wrote down to tell yourself but then you say "no I'll do that later because I have some other stuff I have to take care of"….
    Sort of defeats the premise of the video, don't you think?

  7. Very good points. Many people who need a primer can benefit from addition of this technique as an adjunct to other forms of behavioral therapy. Either I haven't sampled enough or this is amongst the few I have encountered where an individual has actually outlined HOW he/she is managing his ADD with one tool. Thank you. Please do not feel inhibited by the variety of responses. Everyone feels they have their own perspective on the disorder since it can be so pervasive. They are simply trying to increase the specificity of classification — consider it as helpful positive feedback for future endeavors.

  8. A thought— There are challenges associated with ADHD, but ADHD is not a disease in need of a cure. It is a superpower that comes, as all superpowers do, some weaknesses. You may learn by various means to manage the weaknesses, but until you embrace the strengths that come with your wiring you will not reach your full potential. ADHD is not a disorder, but a different type of wiring. Authority figures define it as a disorder because they don't see the root causes— they only see where it causes trouble with conforming to a society that is built for neurotypical brains. It gives us trouble in traditional school and the traditional world of work not because we are broken but because we operate differently. When we embrace the way we truly think and operate, then we make our real contribution to the world. It's going to look different from the way 90% of people work, and that's ok. Embrace your super power! Study up on the positive sides of ADHD!

  9. interesting! Thank you for sharing, I am positive that works, then one gets in the right habit, and since habits are hard to break, one can stay on that 'brain washing' habit, as you call it. I really appreciate this information, it made so much sense to me.

  10. could you please share an example of the script of cd ?
    it would give us a better idea to what to record 🙂
    it will help us a big time brother. kindly reply with some statement maybe if typing whole list is too much 🙂

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