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ADA SUPER JET FILTER REVIEW 2019 | Is it worth the money?💰

Hey what’s up guys. Welcome to another
video. New season for my youtube channel. Glad to see you. Guys, this video as you
can see is about Ada superjet filters. And there is a controversy. They are known to be
loud and overpriced. But at the same time they have a ton of benefits. Like pros
and this is what I want to talk about in this video. Before we start I have to let
you know this video is sponsored by Ada. But in no way that is going to influence
my opinion. In fact this one here the ES 300 I’ve been using myself for like two
years. I bought it from my own money. And I know this filters guys. And make sure
to stay until the end of this video because we have a little giveaway. This
brand new book from Ada. It’s about the design philosophy, all the products, lots
of valuable content in here. I’m gonna tell you at the end of the video how you
can get one of these. Guys as I said in the beginning there is
the controversy out there that these filters are known to be loud and
expensive. Or like kinda overpriced. I personally have a different experience
on it. And my experience is two years using this ES-300. And in this video I
would like to show you why it might be worth ya doing the investment on this
filters. So first of all let’s start with a build quality. I mean if you look at
this guy’s here. The big ones especially. They are made of stainless steel and the
quality is just amazing. I think you have to see them in person to feel the
quality. How they’re built you know. It’s like with everything that’s kind of
expensive. And it is also maybe one of the downsides that not many shops have
them on display. And I think one who is going to make investment really needs to
experience them in person to get a demo. To touch them, to open them, look inside
and really feel the quality of the filters. Second Pro argument for the
filters is the power. You know the sheer power of the pump. The pumps are sitting
on top of the filters. They are on the big models. That are the Iwaki pump. They
are known to be super super powerful. And no matter how long you run the filter,
the flow hardly gets any slower or anything. So these pumps they work like
magic. I know with other filters you need to have this cleaning process. You need
to have it more often. So they are really powerful pumps. And yeah you need a good
flow in your aquascape. Next let’s talk about the filter capacity. A lot of
filters you see the size of the filter but what you don’t see is what is
actually inside the body of the filter. There is the pump, there is a lot of
mechanical connectors. This connectors and they have a ton of chambers. They have
baskets. And everything is kind of stealing the capacity for the filtration
media. If you look at the superjet filters they literally are pure filter
volume. Like how much you see here this is how much filtration media you can get
inside. There is a little divider on the bottom and on the top that kind of
prevents the water to get into the pump itself. But that’s like minimum. And along
with the filter capacity comes another benefit of these filters. They don’t have
any baskets inside. Which means the water is forced to go through the filtration
media. So you know with baskets in normal filters they create some sort of weird
sort of I don’t know like water movement. water goes up and down through all the
chambers, all the baskets. In here because the entire filter is filled with filter
media the water is literally pressed through the entire column of filter
media. Which in first place kind of guarantees an equal filtration because
the entire filter material is used. Not just parts of it where is the most flow.
And secondly yeah it doesn’t get clocked that quickly because all the dirt kind
of is collected evenly over the entire space of the filter. So beside all this
positive aspect we have to consider what is included in the package for the price
that you pay for this filters. And this is something you really have to take
into consideration. When you’re just not looking at the filter as it is. But it’s
also the filtration media that goes inside. It is the tubing that you get
together with the filter. It is the Lily pipes. And in some cases there is also
some accessories included. So if we take this filter as an example it is fully
filled with active carbon. Which you guys know is really good at the beginning of
an early aquascape. It just helps to get a lot of stuff out of the water. And just
makes it a lot easier to cycle a new tank. And this of course needs to be
replaced long term with biological filtration media. But you already get the
ton of active carbon in the beginning. If you take it in comparison with other
brand filters, if you would buy the same amount of action carbon that adds on top
of the price. And not all filters come already like pre equipped with perfect
filter media. From what I know most don’t do it. They just have filler material
that’s super cheap or it’s just mechanical like a sponge or something.
The big boys over here they’re fully filled with Bio Rio. That’s just because
the size of Bio Rio that goes with the big filters is a size that is not
commercially available. So that’s why they’re already fully filled with
biological filter media which is Bio Rio. And yeah that saves you a lot of
money. And in case of this big filters the ES-1200 and 2400 they’re fully filled like literally from the top to bottom with biological
filtration media. Which is in case of Ada Bio Rio. Bio Rio
biological filtration works really really well. A ton of filter bacteria can
settle in. And you’d have to take it into consideration that material provided
within this filter cost a lot of money that you otherwise would have to buy for
any other filters. So I don’t know any brand on the market from the big brands
that has that much biological filtration media coming already with the filter. And
adjust the price that adds on top of other filters. Like most
aquascapers I use myself clear hose and lily pipes on the filters. With any
other filter brand I have to buy a clear hose and lily pipes separately. So that
is again additional cost I have to take into consideration when choosing the
right filter. Or that simply kind of adds value to the Superjet filter itself.
Because they already come with a clear hose which is very nice quality and is a
lot better than the cheap brand translucent silicone tubing. And also the
lily pipes, they’re high-quality Ada glass lily pipes. Yeah
they already come with a filter as well. And with the small filters which is kind
of really cool and it’s very new, they already come even with a spring brush
included. Just to make sure you have the right tool to clean the outflow of the
filter. To get through the very thin tubing and also to clean the very
delicate and thin lily pipe that comes with a small filter. So a first
aquascaping tools even included in the package.
To address the issue with a noise, you have the version two ES-150. And the pump
is already a lot more silent. The ES-300 is also already available in a version
two. And before we get to the end of this video there is something I would like to
address. I was reading a magazine it was I think aqua journal which was
addressing you know the filters and the values of them. And it was something
really interesting that picked up there. And I don’t know how true it is. It might
be a little bit homeopathic but because the filter pumps are outside of the body
of the filter, you know the pump which is magnetic
pumps and they create some sort of micro vibrations. And they can have a negative
effect on the filtration media. But because this filters they have to pump
outside the body this negative effect can be I don’t know kinda eliminated. So
I don’t know if that’s true but just trying to mention it here for you guys.
And last but not least these filters they keep the resale value because there
are just so little of them on the market. And I would like to compare it with you
know like Apple stuff, iPhones, MacBooks you know like five ten years ago before
Apple was mainstream you could literally resell a MacBook for you know just a
little bit less than you paid for it. And the same thing is with these filters.
They keep the value a lot better than compared to their plastic siblings. Now
that you know the pros and cons of the Superjet filters i am really curious to
know your opinion about them. My personal opinion is: they are worth it! Like for
example this bad boy here I know the investment is quite big but it gonna
last a life long. And imagine your kids using it after you. Guys let me know your
opinion with a little bit of luck you can win one of these Ada books. So just
leave a comment down below and hit the like button. Subscribe, smash it if you
haven’t done so yet. And I gonna see you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “ADA SUPER JET FILTER REVIEW 2019 | Is it worth the money?💰

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  2. Thanks for the video. I currently own 3 ADA Super Jet Filters, ver 1 es300, ver 2 es300, and es600. Obviously with having 3 I am a huge fan. They are a bit louder, but the durability and other pros you mentioned outweigh the sound. Also the version 2 es300 is much quieter. When I decide to build a competition tank I will get a big es1200 without a doubt. I would recommend these filters to anyone, but do understand they are expensive and unattainable for some. Find my scapes on Instagram @aquascapecolorado

  3. ADA products are tip in the class products. And the filters with out noide and consistent out put are great engineering plus the aesthetics are great.

  4. Beautiful filters, however I think I will never own one because of the price 😂
    If it was just for the look of it, a chihiros or aquamedic are just the same, only a bit cheaper…..

  5. These are no better than any other filter on the market of same flow lets be honest. no bullshit with baskets, no bullshit with flow, your buying it for show, literally that's it.

  6. AdA is my favourite aquarium brand, all my tanks are AdA , substrate, fertilizer , same tool too. Althought I was considering to get one of those bad guyz ,at the end of the day on the market there are filters that gives you an high technology with less of the half of the price , like eheim or oase .

  7. So so nice. Too nice to hide in a cabinet!

    I just wish they would make a heater to match. Basically an ADA quality external inline heater. 😃

  8. I have only been interested in aquascaping for about one year now and am realising to get the best results you need spend money it’s definitely on the wish list 👌😂

  9. Only stuff I do agree and will keep is these are "iFilter". After said that, this is exactly why I don't have any iStuff… With max 500€ I get a DIY filter handling same volume / bioload as jet 2400.. but for 3 times cheaper, modularity and self cleaning system (roll paper and moving bed), that these ADA will never be. It is beautiful design and offer some real benefits you point out, but simply not for me.

  10. Ich bezweifle nicht dass sie wirklich gut sind, aber ich glaube der Leistungsunterschied zu einem qualitativ hochwertigen Filter anderer Marken ist kaum sichtbar. Es ist einfach ein Luxusobjekt dass gute Leistungsparameter besitzt. Ich stelle mir aber die Reinigung nicht sehr einfach vor. Bei Körben kann man das Filtermaterial einfach entnehmen, aber bei deinen ADA Filtern geht das nur wenn man alles in Beutel packt die sich hoffentlich nicht auflösen oder reißen denn dann muss man den Filter ausschütten und hat alle Filtermedien gemischt.

  11. The Filter looks amazing and do have hefty prize tag on them. If you add all the filter media and accesories you get it makes the pain points less.

  12. I'd love to have one but they're simply too expensive for me. Using the Biomaster as a cheaper option on my 60p but this would be awesome. 🙂

  13. I really love these filters, they come with decent modern design to show it at open place, prize is good when it comes with ADA lilly pipes and filter media. I hope i will get one of them for my 60P 😊

  14. Certainly worth the money when you look at the design and the materials used. Stainless steel isn’t cheap to either buy or machine. But these filters have decent o rings that are easy to replace and a pump that if anything happens we don’t have to throw away half the filter. Yes they are expensive but consider how long a standard plastic body filter lasts, and that their reliability can be questionable. Then it’s money well spent.

    This being the first time I’ve seen a review of the ADA filters, I’m certainly impressed. Will need to take a closer look when I decide to replace my tank.

  15. These filters are supercool in my opinion, its something like when you buy a great car, ofcourse German brand 😎you know exactly what you paid for and ofcourse got a top quality product..If you simply cant deserve that, then go for a cheap one 🤷‍♂️…this is a life time stuff for people who know, that supercool filters with super quality are not cheap 😉 ADA IS THE BEST BRAND so far in the market in the world..Japan style 😎

  16. I get the point in terms of quality, but the construction concept is the simplest (also best). Therefore I think it is quite overprized. For less money a metalworker would build a similar filter. Nevertheless, the additional equipment is a good argument. …. Would be happy to win a Ada book. Best regards Martin

  17. Great looking filters. I thought about pulling the trigger on getting one but the sticker shock scared me away.
    Nice review!

  18. You r best…you have so many ideas in mind for this hobby…i like your passion for this hobby…u always surprise everyone with your work…you r too good…this filters are so good … looks fantastic.. material looks pretty good, so much space for filter media, motor looks so powerful…I think this power jet filter give tank so much growth because if water is clean than we get healthy fishes and plants…u introduce so good product to us. Thanks for sharing the details of the product.. in future I also want to get this filter…I love planted tank..u give me so much boost and motivation in this hobby. Thanks sir ..u r so nice… keep it up and going to high level…. thanks again

  19. Would love these in the states. Not much support for these over here or sales push. I love the external pump and stainless steel.

  20. Quality doesn't come cheap,,,I believe every single penny worth to buy these filters,,,thanks for the review ,,,love you bro

  21. I've seen one of these in person in one of my local aquascape store and they do look very expensive but really nice

  22. My 4 Otocinclus fish always sticking on glass and never swim around and eat algae, i have Corydoras fish as well.. Is that because of Cory?

  23. ADA is quality, and quality is expensive. I can't afford using ADA for now but I would love to use it on the future. I'll buy their aquascaping scissors for sure one day.

  24. Although I like the simple look, these filters are expensive, but wish to try one. Especially love that they are all metal, I had some plastic connectors that failed.

  25. Why isn't the video when the filter is disassembled and folded?

    Internal layout and dimensions?
    Used pump – its performance and noise?
    Material thickness and hose diameter?
    Each filter separately and with ruler attached

    Thank you

  26. one of these filters would go soo well on my altum angel tank! one thing for people to wow over the fish and then wow over the equipment 😉

  27. Lovely filters that will last a long time if your pockets are deep enough it is an easy way to make sure you have good filtration and a good turnover of your scape.

    However you could save yourself a lot of money and get a cheap plastic bucket and pump like for example an FX6 (mine is 3years old). As to the biological filtration and active carbon of the filters we dont really need them as out plants provide most of the biological filtration in our planted tanks, but active arbon does also provide great biological filtration with its massive surface are to volume ratio once its active properties are exhausted. All I use is mechanical filtration in my filter with minimal biological/ceramic media. As to their great output to aid tank turnover/flow there are other ways to improve tank turnover/flow like powerheads or maxspect gyres. I have the later and find them great for my tank as you can customise their output on a schedule so different flows for different times of day/night the controller has 24 slots.

    Would I use an ADA superjet – yes if given one as to buying one I dont feel there is the need once you cut though the marketing 'hype' But yes very sexy 😀 would need to fit a glass door to my cabinet 😆

  28. The filters really are stunning. But I still prefer the oase biomaster with pre filter and heater.
    Sometimes practicality over style is more important.
    But they are beautiful and for a filter on display look great.

  29. I love the design, it's very similar to the Eheim classic range which I use. Would be interesting to see how it compares, flow-wise, with similar sized Eheims. By the look of them, and the quality I'm sure they have, they probably are worth the money…

  30. I've seen them at display and also working here in Portugal @ and they are top quality, both design and performance, but for the time they are out of my aquascaping budget, but who knows what the future brings

  31. Its not cost effective. yes its made of metal and likely will last for years. but consider this, the lifetime of plastics and most cheaper canisters will last for 5 years on average and if you end up having to replace them every five years you have the options to buying the newest options in what is newest to the market. This price range just inst sensible unless you are someone who has more money than you need. for the average person working for a living this is a dumb option. These came out about 10 years ago and selling originally on EBAY and they were priced for hundreds cheaper then they disappeared and now being reintroduced at a much higher price range. Not worth the price for a gimmick that offers no better filtration for cheaper brands.

  32. They are amazing and expensive as hell. While I absolutely believe it isn't necessary to have one, I sure want it. 😛

  33. I always dreamed to get one but the price here in my country is multiply by 4x so became just impossible for my budget.

  34. Jurijs I have a Nature Aquarium shop in Pennsylvania USA and looking forward to stocking these amazing filters. Great job!!

  35. I like my Eheim filters and I don't grudge spending extra on really good media. I'll admit they're not nearly as cool to look at but they're in the cabinet anyway.

  36. I personally have the ES-600, it’s definitely robust and reliable. All the parts are made of stainless steel, compared to your normal plastic ones. Definitely a external filter to display rather than keeping it inside the cabinet. If you’re on a budget, than I would advise another brand instead.

    However this is one that you’ll never regret. This filter will definitely outlive whatever aquascape you do, or maybe multiple scapes.

    If you have the money, invest in one. You’ll not regret it.

  37. Did anyone else notice that he was flipping through the book backwards? Lol. Really after watching this video, it definitely opened my eyes to these types of canister filters. Initially the idea of a metal canister was a bit off putting. But now that you (Jurijs) explained how it works and it's made from stainless steel, that changes my point of view. I dont think I will be buying the ADA filter since I just bought an Oase Biomaster filter, but I will certainly keep it in mind as a prospect if I need to upgrade in the future. Really cool stuff and great explanation Jurijs!

  38. Sure I would love to have one of these filters, but in the US for a 90p (48 Gallon), you are looking close to 800 dollars for a filter, and you will need to buy more biological media to fill it once the carbon is exhausted. It's a tough sell for when you can get filters ,albeit, not as nice, for 1/4 the price.

  39. Filters look awesome but you can diy them with a strong pump no special mechanics involved in it . Also the filter media is available with large version of the filter not for the base version. There are better filters like oase and eheim they have an internal thermostat which is really useful if you live in a country with low temperatures. Also the price is just half or lower than the ada filters.
    If you have money it's a fancy product for your aquarium

    No doubt Ada is the best company for aquascaping products but I feel they should launch mid range products as well I feel many people want to get into this hobby but costly products always turns them off

  40. product review is about product…how water come in and out….what pump…what flow rate…not 90% of the video length u try to convince viewer that our money is well worthed to spend on that piece of overpriced noisy trash can….repeated b roll shot bruh?….come on…..

  41. This canister filter is nice! Shine & glamour yet the built quality is good! With the silence & strong power jet pump, it's just absolutely perfect fit for deliver the water to the tank.
    That's why i only use eheim for all my tank. It's really durable, good quality, low wattage with reasonable price for filter canister.

  42. I have three of them ES-300, ES-600, ES-1200 and compared to my previous Eheim filters and Fluval these maintain a constant output when dirty which is impressive. As with many products out there it may not be for everyone however that's no reason to bash on it for that. Great video by the way very informative, I do believe ADA should continue to educate customers on their products in English as I don't find much content online. Thumbs up!

  43. Always loved the look of the superjets but couldn't spend that amount of money on a filter that's hidden away in a cabinet.

  44. Another con side is, because it's made of metal the heat is going quickly out of the tank water. So summer time it can easier transfer heat to the tank water, as on winter it can cool tank water quicker, so heter will turn often. 😉

  45. All of the merits combined do not justify the very high price from a utilitarian standpoint.

    What you are really purchasing is the feeling of having an expensive product – you are purchasing capital satisfaction for yourself. It is the same as having an expensive car. No one who buys them needs them (over a working-class budget vehicle), but it fulfills their sense of exercising their capital power and putting it on display for others to see. This feeling is definitely worth the purchase to some people! It can heighten their percieved beauty of their own aquascapes – not only is the scape beautiful, but the products that support it are dazzling, modern, chrome, white polished marble, gold plated etc..
    If this aesthetic pleases you, then by all means! Buy the superjet!
    If you cannot afford this feeling of luxurious satisfaction and you are just looking for a canister filter to work for you, there are many alternatives on the market that boast equal if not better performance.

  46. Would I love to have one of these filters? Yes. But, it would take some serious spousal negotiations. I just don't know that I could justify the cost. I'd rather pay for a higher end light.

  47. Die Filter sind stabil, sehr langlebig und erfüllen aufgrund der technischen Konstruktionsmerkmale (effektivre Volumenausnutzung, Duchströmung, Pumpenleistung etc) sicher sehr gut ihren Zweck. Qualität hat ihren Preis, unbestritten. ADA hat sich aber von jeher alleine durch den Preis ihrer Produkte den Ruf der Exklusivität gesichert. Eine der zwei bekannten Marketingstrategien, Hochpreisstrategie vs. Massenmarkt. Die besondere Optik der Produkte setzt den Anspruch der Exklusivität ebenfalls konsequent nach aussen fort. Schick ist das allemal, für den, der es mag. Wer bereit ist, das Geld dafür zu zahlen, soll es gerne machen. Man kann statt mit einem Ferrari allerdings z.B. auch mit einem Ford von A nach B gelangen.

  48. They are fantastic in design and they are much sturdier than the plastic filters many of us have under our tanks. There is a similarity to the Ehiem Classic series in that they are tubes with the same water flow: In from the bottom – Out from the top with the pump on top but they are much better built. The killer issue is price – They are still very expensive and many people cannot afford to spend that kind of money especially when you can get a comparable performing filter for about 1/3 the price, it's not a small difference. One thing I am surprised not to see is that there are no taps. When you disassemble the filter, you have to remove the tubes or did you add that to the cost of the filter? All of this being said, I am surprised other companies haven't adopted this design – especially the bypass I see in my Fluval and other filters with the unnecessarily convoluted flow designs.

  49. gehört sicher nicht zu meinen Lieblingsfilter, und man(ada) kann es auch übertreiben, was so manche Preise angeht. Ja Aquascaping kann auch sehr teuer sein 😁

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