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Abraham Hicks - With Or Without Medication ?

I've been rethinking my question and I think there been enough people ahead of me now that I finally sorted it out basically I've been making some decisions about my own health and what to do in regards to doctors suggestions and didn't even so much make a conscious decision as I just felt like my body and my guidance made it for me and I felt very comfortable with it in fact I felt really great then it's perfect we can hear it we can feel a big butt hanging in the air but there is and it's in its butt that I need to help with as long as I don't tell anybody about it like my husband or anybody else they don't kind of how shall I say Steamroller me with their doubts like if I don't tell anybody what I've done then they don't know and therefore they can't worry but like for instance my husband if he knew that I had stopped taking the medication for instance he would start telling me all the different problems that I could be getting into and doing I really want to rethink this and well you know it's really not so different him telling you that then you pretending that he's telling you that oh no he has told me this already in the last time I did this and then we had a less than positive outcome along with down the road but what we are saying to you is as you say I'm not going to take this medicine and I'm not going to tell him because I don't want the grief of what he would say okay even though you're not telling him you're talking about the grief that he would give you and you're still amplifying his doubts which are amplifying your doubts and so you might as well tell him really okay well that's not the biggest part the part is that for instance I know the last time either he or anyone else said it it just sent this like bolt of fear through me and that's what I want to know how to deal with like if my inner guidance doesn't work with fear so therefore this is not true guidance but here's the thing or is it here's the thing that we really want you to hear and as you and will stay here until you really healed you're going to you'll hear this this will be very easy for you to hear here's what's happening when you feel that bolt of fear moving through you someone might say who is trying to understand about guidance well that's telling you that what you're doing is really really wrong and that you're in danger and that you need to do something different and we say what that feeling of fear is is what this thought whatever this thought is that you've activated right now is so vibrationally different than the thought of well-being that is so powerful within you that to amplify that thought you've got discord going on so here's the thing we want you to hear we've been saying that all day but it's not the easiest thing to hear these emotions are not coming forth to try to get you to take the medicine or not take the medicine these emotions are coming forth to try to get you to take the thought path of least resistance for a while and as you take the thought path of least resistance and you allow the alignment with source than your body lines up and the medicine becomes a non-issue you see now someone would say but Abraham it is clear that some of this medicine really helps these people so are you telling them not to take the medicine and we say no in most cases we say continue to take the medicine in other words take the medicine if it soothes the restless natives around you and and say to yourself how you appreciate the medicine that is giving you some evidence of stability but the whole time you are either not taking the medicine or taking the medicine the most important thing that you are doing is reaching for thoughts that don't stab you with that piercing feeling of fear because eventually as you reach for the thought that feels better than the thought that feels better and the thought that feels better and the thought that feels better you will be in a place where the thought that they formerly offered you that is so frightening to you does make you feel frightened because you have established within yourself the vibration of well-being and we will be so well connected with Source Energy sometimes someone will come to a stir it happens occasionally not so much anymore but it did in the past and they will say to her I read whatever and I see something in your body that is troubling and that used to just make Esther crazy because she was afraid that they could see something that she couldn't see and and what if it is and and now over time as she's come into alignment with her own well-being she always just thanks them for their interests and appreciates that that they care about her and she lets it go immediately because she knows that they do not know something about her body that she does not know you see and eventually you'll come to that place – but in the meantime don't try to defend your position because you're right when you try to defend it anybody with other opposing beliefs will just try to push harder at you and so it is better not to talk about it but at the same time that you're not talking about it is also better not to think about it we talked earlier about do I choose that which is true or do I choose that which feels better and people will say so I'm telling a little fib to my mother or to my husband and I feel guilty about not telling the truth and we say well the reason that you are not telling them is because you know the response that it's going to bring forth in them and your guidance system is letting you know that the response that that's going to bring forth in them is not good for them either it's not good for them it's not good for you it's not the basis of a moment in time that you are wanting you see then people say well Abraham I'm afraid to get into this path of denial are you saying that I should just pretend that I don't need this and that everything will be alright and we say if you pretend that you don't need it but you really believe that you do and you pretend hard enough that you don't take the action of taking the medicine but you're really worried then that's not the best place to be either each of you has to find your place it is our promise to you that as you reach for the thought that feels better the impulse that will come will be something that you can trust and as you follow your impulse for action it will lead you right back out into the light where you want to be that's what it's been doing the last one thank you be easy about it be playful about it adorn your maid for he is only speaking from his place of adoration of you and don't let it be an issue Esther used to watch the television commercials and feel rage as she would see not only the number of commercials but the intensity with which they thrust their misinformation as they say one out of five has it and you're probably the one and then they speak all of these normal day-to-day symptoms that are the sure indicator that you are there and Esther would shout at the television don't you know that you are perpetuating this very thing that you pretend to want to be alleviating and we would say to Esther as she would relax and settle down just be easy about it if everyone knew what you are knowing then there would not be a place or a need for hospitals and medicine in that way but the medicine has not come to try to take you to a place you don't want to be it is risen from the vibration of the masses in other words the hospitals and the doctors come in vibrational response to the people who feel that they want something that they have not figured out how to get on their own and so everything is in perfect order and when someone like you we're speaking to Esther or you decides that you're not wanting to participate in their game don't condemn their game because their game is serving some instead just play a different game and as you really play a different game with no sense of obligation or connection to their game then you purify your energy and that's the thing that we can feel that you're struggling a little bit with you feel like you've got one foot in both worlds and we say it's alright for you to continue the action of one world while you line up your thoughts in the other because when you line up your energy any action that you're offering is not contradictory to what you are wanting did you hear that in other words your power of thought is so much more powerful when you align with who you are almost any action will get you to where you're wanting to be but when you're not aligned with who you are you can't find enough action to make the difference because you can't compensate for the misalignment of energy within you you see yes so if your husband were to say to you are you taking your medicine what would you say I don't know cuz I I have through a problem lying and I don't also don't know how to but that's what we can feel that it well here's what we would say you have to tell me you dheere dheere dheere dheere dheere always thinking about me aren't you the sweetest one wait just one I wish that I could give half of the attention to you in the way that you give it to me I adore but look I adore how you love me I adore how you love me let me do something for you here have some pie apple with ice cream now in other words what you're wanting to do is practice your appreciation and practice your well-being but you know what happens so often is a person finds themselves out of balance for whatever reason and then they begin to feel unstable and insecure and then you express your insecurities to others and those who love you the most here at the most and so you express your insecurities and you sort of teach them your insecurities and then they sort of overdo it and then when you move out of your insecurities you wonder why they're still stuck in it you see you've all taught each other your vibrations you see so what you're wanting to do through the clarity of your own stability you will teach him to trust in your stability the sure you feel the less inclined he will be to ask you say right yes okay great yes indeed on the eye

11 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks – With Or Without Medication ?

  1. @ExposingYOUR SHYT EXACTLY. Think about it. The placebo effect is some of the best evidence for the law of attraction.

  2. @ExposingYOUR SHYT People lamenting about present issues are doing so from an emotional place of lack. The idea Abraham is getting at is that you must act and think as if you've already satisfied your want/desire (in the case of HIV and Cancer, for example, you might desire them to not exist.) However, health concerns like HIV and Cancer are so important to some they can't imagine it not being that way, so they are in a place of lack.

  3. @MrCrazyKool How do you know there aren't cures? I've read and heard that there are…the medical industry makes more money off of sick ppl though 😉

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