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A Virtual Try-On System for Prescription Eyeglasses

a virtual trial own system for prescription eyeglasses we propose a prescription eyeglasses trial system which can build a corrective lens model based on the user's prescription and generate sympathised video allowing your user to virtually try out a variety of prescription eyeglasses our realistic simulation of refraction in fact increases the perceived realism according to the user study virtual track on pipelines the proposed approach takes as input the users image sequence eyeglasses prescription and a frame model the pipeline consists of two stages virtual eyeglasses generation and video synthesis inspired by the traditional eyeglasses manufacturing process the virtual eyeglasses are generated with three steps I classes positioning creation for parametric lens model and lens cutting and mounting in the video synthesis stage we render the virtual eyeglasses and insert them into the input image sequence taking into account effects of refraction reflection and shadows the output is a synthesis to video where the user is wearing the virtual prescription eyeglasses we will now describe each step in detail we first position the eyeglasses onto the users face geometry manual positioning of the eyeglasses is down for the first frame for the subsequent frames we use face tracking for automatic positioning we then create a parametric lens model based on the user's prescription lenses are aligned with the users eye center based on the optic axis we trim the lenses and Muslim into the eyeglasses frame the virtualize is a damned rendered and inserted into the input image sequence taking into account I classes frame lenses and the Saranda 90 virtual Tryon results given the input image sequence we insert the eyeglasses frame and refraction and reflection impact the user can choose different eyeglasses frames and lens materials thanks to the refraction effect our virtual Tryon video looks quite similar to the real reference video the video is playing at 40% of the original speed for clear view user study we performed a user study to assess the perceived realism of virtual travel videos and study the effects of refraction and reflection five videos were displayed including four variations of our method with refraction with reflection with refraction without reflection without refraction with reflection without refraction without reflections and while recorded video from online a glasses store in each trial the subject was asked to rank those videos by dragging them over the screen into ranking beings 20 individuals participated in our study each of them completed 14 trails the overall opinion favorite videos which exhibit both refraction and reflection more results here we show synthesize the videos of users were in different eye classes with various lengths prescriptions and properties this is our virtual try own system for prescription eyeglasses thank you for watching

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