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100 thoughts on “7 Shocking, PROVEN Health Benefits of Vacation | Doctor Mike

  1. okay i live in kissimmee and im genuinely confused as to why you would choose to vacation here of all places

  2. If the vacation correlation to health is true. Maybe you Dr. should talk to the US congress about passing a mandatory paid vacation law and better wages. Because right now; only people like you who make close to or over six figures can afford to go on vacations.

  3. Hi Mike.. really enjoying your content. So three questions- what are your thoughts on ayurveda, placebo effect, and self-healing?

  4. Enjoying what makes you happy until you get home and your exhausted and need a tv veg holiday 😛

  5. Yup. America, when you get your politics in order you will get time for vacation like in so many countries.

  6. I see a flaw in all of this. All of these studies compare people who take vacation vs people who don't (or not as much). Problem is, correlation does not equal causation. I don't believe these studies are accurate because if someone doesn't take their vacation time, they're a lot more likely to be the kind of person to work long hours and have stressful jobs. I feel like the vacation habits are just part of the big picture and really what's being inadvertently measured here is a healthy work/life balance.

  7. vacations sound amazing and lots of people can not afford it not that they choose not to take there vacations days they just cant afford it and if they have to take there vacation days 9 times out of 10 they just sit at home doing nothing and spending money they don't have

  8. It is possible that more vacation is correlated with higher social-economic status (SES), and high SES contribute to the favoring effect mentioned in this video. Skeptical about whether there is a causation effect between vacation & health benefit.

  9. It's a no brainer that doing something fun with the people you care about is going to help you destress and therefore give you health benefits. It's too bad in the US people are overworked with some jobs, get little time off, and are often underpaid. By overworked I mean more than 8 hours a day which is not uncommon. By little time off I mean 3 weeks or less of paid vacation time. 3 weeks isn't that much when you consider people usually have to use some of that time to obligations to their health (dentist appointments for example), family (weddings, funerals), and chores, etc.

    Then there's being underpaid. If you can barely afford a roof over your head and food, you aren't ever getting a vacation unless your version of a vacay is spending a day in the local park picnicking or something like that. Not that that isn't relaxing, but a true vacation for me is visiting a new state/country or an amusement park. Seeing a new place is a breath of fresh air as they say. As a college student I really miss going to new places with family. I haven't been on a proper vacation in 8 or 9 years.

  10. i just came up to your channel and i found it really interesting when you put the gifs or a little funny clip inside your videos. i mean, those are really a great packaging of informative video. i like you!!

  11. When i take vaca, i also love to visit Florida West Palm. Most people would call me crazy as my country is actually a vacation destination, Belize. But living and vacationing feel like two diff things.

  12. But the correlation between taking vacations and better health (less heart attacks and longer lives) may be caused by an interviening variable, like money. If you have more money, you can afford to take more vacations, get better health care, eat better food, etc. and therefore be healthier and live longer. So I don't know if I would say that these "shocking health benefits" are actually caused by taking vacations.

  13. I went to Jamaica with my cousin and she wanted to do a hike so I agreed little did I know it was so much fun to because we hike in a waterfall that's not something I would normally do but really enjoyed. I will be picking something that I wouldn't do and trying it now every vaction.

  14. you've talked about correlation and causation before I believe, so why are you walking into that trap now? As per the wording of the studies "those that take vacations…" Yes, those people that frequently go on vacation, live a happier and healthier life, but that doesn't mean that going on vacation makes you happy. The same way that people moan that it always rains after they wash their car, but washing your car still doesn't make it rain.
    Maybe those people that frequently go on vacation, are richer, or live a happier life to begin with?
    Let's frame it like this: IF going on vacation makes you happy, AND if you can actually afford this, then yes, going on vacation is obviously good, but if going to another country just gives you anxiety or you would need to loan money to afford a vacation (which would increase your stress), then it may not.

  15. I will soon be on a permanent vacation. I hope. 6 months from now at the latest I will be back home in Florida. I am currently living in a desert and I hate being here. Way too dry for me and this is the driest summer I have ever seen here. Winter (what with having heaters drying the air even more) I tend to get nose bleeds for no reason. (Ok, I know there is a reason but not your normal reasons.) I wake up with them. Sucks. The average humidity here is below 15%. Add gas heaters to that and no rain, wow! I am so glad you got to go to Florida. Wish you could have taken me with you and just left me there. LOL

  16. I agree with everything in this video but couldn’t some of these benefits be explained by socioeconomic status and access to health care? For example, someone with more money on average has an increased access and quality of health care. This person likely can afford to take more frequent and longer vacations. Love your videos doctor mike!

  17. (QUESTIONS!!!) *********
    I have an… odd question (one that I may post a few times and in a few videos simply because on the more popular videos you get tens of thousands of questions and there is no way you can possibly see them all… just reading the comments on this video would take you months)… do you think ugly doctors have a rougher time when handling any patient interaction? I know that sounds shallow… but, "seeing is believing" to so many people and social interactions often times (as you are aware) involve an element of 'sex' (hence all these medical shows with an element of sex). I'm not a pretty dude (but dood, you are, lucky you huh? can't deny reality on this one; in this case, it isn't a complement so much as a statement relevant to the question). I actually DO think it will have an impact on me. Currently I work in health care… behavior health, as a point of fact. I am acutely aware of…well, the proclivities of people to migrate towards popular ideas about certain social norms (doctors are fit, psychologists are sane, mechanics are dirty… none of those things are true). How do you suggest I overcome this once I reach residency? I'm serious as a heart attack (whaa whaa)… I'm not a pretty guy on a lot of levels and I do, actually, worry that this will impact my credibility to patients in the future (if this wasn't a real factor… than things like 'racism" would never exist as people too often judge others on appearance and that often stems from "attractive" (safe/good) versus "scary/unattractive/ugly" (danger/bad). Think of it like this… would the average person accept Shrek (ugly ogre) over you (and again, I know I place you in an awkward place with this question, because, in a sense, I'm forcing you into an argument with my loaded question which is "unfair" on a lot of levels… but in reality, things are often times, not fair and in my BH experience… looks directly impact impressions which impact behavior). What do you think… and beyond that… any advice Doc?

  18. on a less contemplative comment note… the benefit here is the mental state that is attained in "taking a vacation"… the location is not important. It is the state of mind… which can be attained, even while… working. How is this so. State of mind is not contingent on the location or even the activity, but rather, the state of mind while performing the action. Any action. We should meet and talk.

  19. I live one city away from Kissimmee and i just took a vaycay to orlando, also next to Kissimmee, friday. It was amazing.

  20. Interesting but I wonder how much of it is simply correlation. If you have a life where it's even an option to take multiple vacations in a year you are far more likely to be in a higher overall socioeconomic level.

    In other words the vacation itself may not do much but having enough money to (eat better, have more healthcare, and generally lower stress factors) may.

  21. It'd be great to be able to do that. But most people in the US, my husband included, get very little holiday time — and even if they do they're often discouraged from taking it, or have to use it for sick time as well (which is also the case with my husband). He gets 18 days a year. And that's actually quite good compared to anyone working, say, shift or gig-economy work who have zero holiday time and can't take a day off or lose money they need to live.

    Contrast this to the UK (where I'm from), where you get 28 days of statutory holiday per year. And that's on the low end for the other side of the Atlantic. Though having been a workaholic myself and pulled 14 hour days for years on end building a company before — and generally done the whole "hustle" thing — I completely understand those who have it and don't take it. That's a big problem as well! Almost killed me.

    Workaholics aside, most Americans don't take enough time off or go on holiday more often because they can't. This is a political and economic issue as much as, if not more than, a cultural one. If you want to see a healthier American public, change the law to give people more time off and establish a minimum wage that allows a standard of living with a bit of time for leisure.

  22. I would be worried about anyone that hired you as a back up dancer Hahaha, but jokes aside I really liked this vid and I def need a vacation 🙂

  23. My motto in life is that you should always take the time to go on a holiday to recuperate and rejuvenate and most importantly relax just unwind and enjoy time away from work….

  24. HELLOOOOO DOCTOR MIKE!! CAN YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: why is it that when we actually GO on vacation, we come back from it and then like a week later we sometimes get in a funk of depression or laziness? Can you explain this and HOW we might be able to avoid this funk because I know I sometimes experience this when I come back to college from vacation! Love your videos and youuuu! 😩💕🙌🏻

  25. I love that you include the bloopers. Shows you actually are human (even if you are an amazing one). Thanks for the positive messages and advice Dr. Mike!

  26. Lo felicito D.r por sus excelentes videos por hace que muchas personas refleccion como. Deben llevar su sana alimentacion en su organismo y como.mantener su autoestima en su vida saludos desde Costa rica Anda

  27. meditatioooooooon!!

    EDIT: maybe i should make this more articulate. so, if you can't go on holiday or want something that will help with long term stress, anxiety, etc (i used t o have s.a.d and huge anxiety issues), try meditation. It will seriously CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
    You can use an app if it feels too daunting. Just sit comfortably in a room and quiet your mind for 15-20 minutes, breathe softly, maybe focus only on one constant sound like air con.
    Peace <3

  28. Vacations are sacred in my family. Been with my wife 18 years. We take 2 major vacations a year. One in the winter and one on the late spring. Our kids are 6 and we take them everywhere since they were 1. When we vacation we do not budget. It’s all about enjoying eating and swimming and not worrying about the money. We used to charge vacations and pay them later. We do not have to do that anymore. Not everyone can afford a vacation every year. You still need to take one once in awhile. I know many people who will not take one or refuse too. My sister grew up the same as me. But she will not take her kids on a vacation. Her poor kids never have been to Disneyland of anywhere. I asked her why she does not take a vacation. She said she would rather spend 5K on a new couch or Tv or things they need. I told her years ago. She will regret it. Now her kids are in high school. Her kids just told her they never went on vacation and when they go to college and are out of the house. They plan on going and she is not invited lol. You scar your kids when you do not take them on vacations.
    My last boss never would take vacation. Every December he would get yelled at and told to burn up his days and he would get pissed. The guy was always stressed out. One year he took vacation but showed up the first 2 days to hang out at work. All of us were so upset we though we were going to get a break from him. I went to the GM and told him what happened. The 3rd day my boss showed up on his day off. The GM was waiting for him. He told him to go home and do not come back for a week lol
    My current boss goes to some lake house every vacation. We asked him why not go to Hawaii or New York. He said screw that. Lol
    Never take vacation to fix a house or stay home. I did that once and still regret it…

  29. Hi Dr. Mike! Just wondering how long a holiday those studies are based on? I.e. what is the best length of holiday to take.

  30. I'm going to Florida at the end of the month for a week vacation. It's my one vacation a year but I wish I can take more throughout the year.

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