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7 Minute Workout Music & Timer – w/ Moorea Spoljaric

Today we’re doing the seven-minute workout, which is a short interval workout of 12 different bodyweight movements Each one is going to be 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Jumping jacks, wall sit, push-ups, crunches step ups, squats tricep dips, planks, high knees, lunges, Push-ups with rotation, side plank on the left and a side plank on the right I’ll be following the “7-minute workout song” by Tabata songs on Spotify Welcome to the seven minute workout. Let’s start with jumping jacks. What I really like about this workout is that you barely need any equipment to do it at all It’s a great workout for people who are short on time, traveling or they’re stuck at work all day long. For most people one round is going to be enough But you can always add extra rounds and you can also use it as a full body dynamic warm-up before you even start you’re running, weightlifting, CrossFit class, bootcamp or anything like that

64 thoughts on “7 Minute Workout Music & Timer – w/ Moorea Spoljaric

  1. Seems like a lot of fun and sweat ! I'll give it a try tomorrow. I didn't know it was so famous, with that NY Times thing and all…

  2. Bonjour pourrais – je savoir le titre de la musique ?? C'est un super parcours est elle est très forte 👍👍💪💪

  3. Hola Tabata ,eres genial ,estas muy bonita pero esos ejercicios se practican toda la semana o como ,no hablo inglés 😢

  4. The "7 minutes workout" has an "ABS workout" section.
    It would be great to have a video from that as well. 😉
    Thanks! I will wait for that. 😊

  5. I just did it ….. I did sweat a lot!!
    And it was very very heavy because I didn’t do any exercise for the last two years so all my strength is absolutely gone and I am 75 kg from 59 kg last time I checked in January of 2018 . I stopped smoking 🚬 in February of 2018 and since then I put all this extra kilograms.
    But now I want to start doing something to lose this extra weight and gaining my strength and muscles back and I think that this exercise is just perfect for it .
    I have to be honest and tell you guys that I can’t do even one push up so I just stand in the push up position and the jumping jacks and knee high jump I can’t do them because of my unsuccessful ACL surgery at my right knee. But I did squats instead….so is good.
    Thank you so very much for this video again!! It’s very hard for a super beginner like me but it’s definitely not impossible and I am shure that tomorrow is gonna be a bit easier ☺️

  6. Yo llevo más de un año haciendo esa rutina diariamente y tengo todo mí cuerpo marcado, abdomen, brazos, piernas y glúteos. A veces la complemento con otros ejercicios, pero esos son lo mejor!

  7. Excelente,te felicito por los resultados que has tenido,genial voy a ponerlos en práctica para tener resultados en lo posible como los tuyos,gracias .Exitos!!!! 🙂

  8. Very nice routine. But 13 exercises for 30 (work) + 10 (rest) seconds is 520 seconds, or 8:40 minutes. Why do you call it "seven minutes workout"?

  9. Thank you from France… I do all the exercices, but the crunches… Too hard for me… 😭😭😭… No pain etc.😁

  10. Ну, вот красивое подкачанное тело. И жопа натуральная натренированная. Не то что у синтоловых красавиц. Говорят, накачала попу упражнениями… Херня. Синтолом, а не упражнениями. Эта девушка умница. 😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹

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