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5 Minute HIIT Workout – HIIT Like A Pro

Hi I am Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the five-minute HIIT like a pro workout. We’re gonna do 5 exercises, each one for 20 seconds high-intensity, recovering for ten by jogging in place. Gonna do that two times through. The five exercises: we’re gonna start with skaters that’s gonna
warm us up. We’re gonna go from that into jump lunges. Third exercise is a special kind of mountain climber. I call it the Lisa climber. Then were gonna go into double knee touches, jumping up touching our knees with both hands. Finish up with the burpee. Are you ready? 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. 3…2… and go. Skaters – jumping to the side, starting to get that body warmed up. You really have to push yourself. Twenty seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Come on push yourself. The faster you go, the faster you go, the harder you are working, the more fact you’re torching. Alright eight seconds you guys, eight seconds and then we recover for 10. For recovery its active recovery – you’re gonna jog in place. And jog. 10 seconds. Nice n easy. Right to jump lunges when I tell you. 10 seconds, that’s all. 5 more seconds rest. Are you ready? Let’s go. Push yourself and begin. 20 seconds of jump lunges. Come on, push yourself. The faster you move those legs, the more calories you torch. Come on, come on. It’s twenty seconds. Gotta work hard. Work hard. Recover. Alright 10 seconds. Gonna jog in place for 10. Come on, come on. Push yourself, push yourself. Three… two… jogging in place. Now a special kind of mountain climber, (I call them the Lisa climbers) – one legged to each side. You’ll see, alternating one legged
mountain climbers ready let’s get down and go. So you’ll see they’re alternating, not easy. Bringing one leg to each side for 20 seconds. Come on, you can do it at home. Do it with them. Push yourself, nice and fast. 10 seconds you guys, 10 seconds. A little faster. Jog in place right after this for 10. Come on, come on. 3… 2… and jog. Alright we’re gonna jump up and tap their knees, both knees at the same time coming up. Not easy. It’s a short workout, but huge results though. 3… 2… let’s go both knees up, tap those hands. Not easy. Come on. You can double bounce, single bounce, whatever you can do – just push yourself. Let’s go. Come on. Nice. Work hard. Push yourself. If it doesn’t challenge you guys, it’s not changing you. Come on. A couple more. 3… 2… and good. Rest. Nice and easy. 10 seconds. Alright, catch your breath, we finish up yes, with the burpee. Fifth and final one. Then we get to do it all one more time. Alright, catch your breath and go. Burpees – twenty seconds. Come on. Work hard. Do great things for your body and you will get great things
in return. work hard. Work with them. Lisa, Ryan come on. They didn’t start this way. Everyone starts somewhere, just put the workout on. Do it with us, I promise you’ll change. Alright and jog in place. Round 2. Same
thing back to skaters. Skaters coming up. Skaters coming up. Are you ready? And go. Skaters 20 seconds. 20 seconds. Keep going at home, I know you’re tired. That’s when change happens – at the last couple reps, the last couple jumps. 10 more seconds. Alright. Good, good. Awesome. Jog in place. Great job. Keep moving. Recover. Let that heart rate come down a little bit and 10 seconds of rest. You’ve got it. Nice and easy. Going into jump lunges. Ready and begin. Jump lunges. Alternating. Nice job. You’ve got it. 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of work. five minutes total workout time. Come on. Great job. You might not gow as low this time, that’s ok. You’re going to get fatigued, I want you to keep your form though. Alright, coming up…five more seconds you’re gonna jog in place. Then we’ll go to the Lisa climbers coming up after our recovery. And recover. Ten seconds. I know it’s been a long time. You can do it. So again, the Lisa climbers – one leg to each side alternating in 3… 2… and go. Come on, home stretch. You’re almost there. Don’t quit on me. Don’t stop. Keep going.
Great job. Come on working the whole body you’re torching calories you’re burning fat. Ten more seconds. Ten more seconds, two more exercises, that’s all I ask. That’s it. Five more. 4… 3… 2.. right up. Catch your breath. You may just kinda tap your feet, whatever you can do – active recovery. Alright. Alright. Are you ready? The high knees. Tapping those knees and go. Let’s go. Last time. This is my favorite. This is my favorite, you can double bounce, you can single bounce. Thats how you’re going to manipulate the intensity. Come on. Push
yourself, you’re almost finished – less than 30 seconds total workout time. Come on, come on, Ryan. Come on Lisa. Push yourself. Push yourself at home. Don’t stop. Keep
working and recover. Final recovery. Final exercise. You’re almost done. You’ve done a phenomenal job. Be proud of yourself. You have 5 more seconds recovery. I want that final 20 seconds of burpees. Make them count. Ready and go. 20 seconds. Let’s go. This is where it counts – the final 20 seconds. Work. Push. Jump. Look at the height here. Come on. Jump at home. You have more in you. You are tougher you are stronger than you think. Final 5 seconds. Incredible job. Push, push. Three… two… unbelievable! And there you have it – the five-minute HIIT like a pro workout . Great job. Subscribe to get more fitness content
and workouts just like this. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions by Bowflex at – be fit for life.

57 thoughts on “5 Minute HIIT Workout – HIIT Like A Pro

  1. hi bowflex ive been doing this workout for the last 3 weeks. on my first 2 weeks i saw big results but on the 3rd week it did not give me much results. i think my body is used to the workout. what should i do? should i increase the time of my cardio workout or should i change my cardio workout routine?

  2. sir ,my diet is very less ,but I have a 10.5 hours gap between my breakfast and dinner due to my study routine ,Is it responsible for my slow metabolism…?

  3. can I do the burpees with no push up? cause I'm planning on doing this after my strength training so I don't think I can do burpees with push up after that @@

  4. Decent Tabatha, could be a bit more intense considering the title though. I'd prefer real split lunges with right angles and fast diagonal climbers or two-legged diagonal jumps instead of this mountain climber variant. A tougher burpee variant would also help, e.g. one leg or one arm.

  5. What's the right way to do jump lunges… Whenever I do them I get knee pain that refuses to go for months and I have to stop all my workouts

  6. I remember when I first started doing this, I did modified burpees and it was a hard workout. Now I do the full burpee with ought question.

  7. Hi coach. I'm someone who has never worked out seriously before and am trying to lose weight. Just wanna ask if i'll be fine doing this routine???

  8. Holy….wow bowflex that was a great workout. Thanks. Love your workouts with the adjustable weights too. I am out of shape and would like to lose 30 lbs. These short workouts are helping. This is week three and I just started to do cardio. Again thanks for the workout videos.

  9. OMG. thank you for this video. I can't get enough motivation to do longer videos. better 5 mins than nothing. even in such short time I get my heart rate elevated and that is the point.thanks again xxxxxx

  10. I did it today at the gym and I was out of breath after 2 minutes. Somehow I forced my way through to the end of the workout. Guess I looked really funny doing it (execution of the workout was really poor). Luckily, I made sure I was alone in the room while doing it =P

  11. I have diatasis recti but not sure I can do the burpee or mountain climber. Can i just to the other 3 exercises 3 times and get the same results or do you have other hitt routines that are safer for someone like me?

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